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Before writing a guest post for us, please read our guest post acceptance guidelines which will help you understand our requirements more so that the chances for your content to get rejected would be less likely. 

What we look for?

  • We like relevant, well-researched, in-depth, and well-written articles (preferably 1500+ words) with actionable guides.
  • Your post should be 100% original and unpublished. Once it’s live on our site, you can republish it on your own blog or other websites – just add a short disclaimer at the end to state that it first appeared on the DavidGenix blog, with a link back to the original post.
  • Any claims you make must be backed by links to research or case studies. Just steer clear of citing our competitors, and using any irrelevant promotional links to websites.
  • We prefer submissions as Google documents so that editors can easily provide feedback and guidance directly within your draft.
  • Formatting subheadings: Give proper titles; H2 and H3 tags as required.
  • Author: You can include a personal photo and the author’s short bio.

What guest posts do we accept?

  • Your posts should be at least 1500 words long, but there is no maximum word count as long as relevance is maintained.
  • It is expected of you to take regular breaks as needed without disrupting the flow of the text, making it easier to read.
  • All content must be completely unique.
  • We don’t want to waste our audience’s time by repurposing content that has already been published elsewhere.
  • Try to include statistics, outbound links, graphics, List, and Bullets in your content. 
  • Maximum One Dofollow link is allowed.

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Guest posts we don’t accept

  • We don’t accept thin contents
  • A topic that is irrelevant
  • We will reject your Article when you do not follow the directions outlined in this page
  • Too much Promotion: If you’re interested in writing for us, keep in mind that guest posting is a means for you to showcase your knowledge and competence in the topic to our readers. It is not a place to promote services, offers, or businesses excessively. Please keep in mind that our viewers are looking for How-to guides, and relevant tips.
  • Copied Content: On our website, we do not accept copied or plagiarized content. 
  • Misleading information: In your article, you should not include any false facts or data. You must include relevant citations, credits, and a quote from the article’s source of information. Always endeavor to use trustworthy information from reputable websites or sources and give credit where credit is due.
  • Use of Images: We do not allow you to add any pictures or images to your work before submitting it because of copyright issues. If it is necessary, we will add it from our end.

Topics we cover

Generally, the posts that we accept for guest post, falls under the following niche:

  • Technology Education
  • Affiliate marketing/Network marketing guide
  • Blockchain technology
  • Trends around the crypto space. 
  • Online Investments reviews
  • Financial motivation

How to format your post

Follow our articles formatting guide, and proof-read your post before sending it to us.

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