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What Crypto does Facebook Metaverse Use?



What Crypto does Facebook Metaverse Use


The social media platform that allows people to connect through its app and website is Facebook which was founded in 2004. Facebook has always been a part of many people’s lives. 

The market value of the company is currently $500 billion or more. The company’s main goal is to give people a platform to share and interact with others while also assisting them in staying in touch with their friends and family.

Facebook has created a virtual reality universe where you can take on any identity and interact with people who share your interests in order to accomplish this.

It was a game-changer when Facebook unveiled its Metaverse in March 2016. 

You can create your own digital space and connect with others in it, but with only a few easy clicks. You can still have fun, interact with people, and conduct all of your online activities in the Metaverse. 

Since there are no restrictions on the magnitude of your world, it is even simpler to create your universe. In your Metaverse, anything is possible to construct, from a single house to a city.

You can connect with people you know on Facebook and communicate with people around the world by sharing your thoughts, opinions, and feelings. 

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You can make new friends, form communities, and even launch your own business in the Metaverse, a virtual world that exists inside of the Facebook website. The ability to design one’s virtual persona to depict yourself is just one of the many features that Facebook offers its users.

Facebook Metaverse

Following the failure of Facebook’s cryptocurrency Diem, “Zuck Bucks” is the newest cryptocurrency scheme to emerge on Meta.

Meta is looking into how digital currencies might help draw users to its metaverse forum and keep them there by developing a digital token that can only be used on Meta’s platforms to combat declining revenue as users migrate to newer rivals like TikTok.

The Financial Times reports that the Meta team has already given the new digital currency a name: Zuck Bucks, after the group’s unique CEO.

Zuck Bucks are not likely to be blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, in contrast to Diem, the failed cryptocurrency that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, attempted to introduce in 2019. 

The Zuck Bucks would instead be directly managed by Meta, more like the in-game currency pairs used in Fortnite and sports on the Roblox platform, the FT reports, citing sources familiar with the project.

Despite being initially successful, Facebook discontinued the service four years later because of overseas growth and the associated costs of currency conversions.

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The company’s more recent cryptocurrency efforts also failed after regulators blocked the platform’s attempt to introduce a stablecoin pegged to the dollar.

What is Facebook Metaverse all about

In 2019, Facebook unveiled Libra, a cryptocurrency that would be backed by several official currencies. However, the move was immediately criticized by politicians and central bankers who claimed it would undermine the value of current currencies. 

Facebook changed its name to Libra as Diem in late 2020 and pinned the virtual currency to the US dollar after a number of its partners pulled out of the project. 

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Regulator concerns were not calmed by the rebranding, and Diem was shut down in January.

The company’s need for additional revenue sources appears to be the driving force behind Meta’s continued interest in cryptocurrencies. 

Since the company disclosed on February 2 that its spending on the metaverse had reduced its fourth-quarter profit, Meta shares have lost 30% of their value. 

More on Facebook Metaverse

Additionally, the business disclosed lower revenue expectations as a result of heightened competition from new platforms like TikTok.

Although there are currently no signs that Zuck Bucks will be the source of Meta’s income, businesses like Roblox make money from in-app currencies by marketing them directly to users. 

To sustain its $118 billion ad business, Meta may also be expecting that digital tokens will entice users to stick around on its platform.

Additionally, Meta is looking into ways to enable users to create their non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are digital assets like artwork whose ownership is governed by the blockchain.

According to the FT, the company is also thinking about how to permit Facebook groups to use NFTs as a requirement for membership. According to internal memos, Meta is looking into ways to monetize NFTs through “fees and/or ads.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Facebook Metaverse

How much does Facebook Metaverse currently cost?

  • Facebook Metaverse currently costs NGN 0.00000030.

Which other resources are comparable to Facebook Metaverse?

  • Ethereum 2, Ethereum, Tether, and numerous other assets have market caps that are comparable to those of Facebook Metaverse.

A metaverse has what purpose?

  • Experts predict that the metaverse will advance virtual reality by enabling users to float into the virtual world and perform tasks like hosting events and even getting married using digital avatars.
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What is the price of Facebook Metaverse?

  • $ 10 billion 
  • The $10 billion invested in the metaverse is more than five times what Facebook paid in 2014 to acquire Oculus VR and ten times what it paid in 2012 to acquire Instagram.

How widespread is Facebook Metaverse usage?

  • 81 million users in 2021. In 2022, there will be 1.07 billion users.1.40 billion users by 2023. 1.73 billion users in 2024.

Is it possible to earn cash in the metaverse?

  • Purchasing virtual land and later reselling it for a profit is the most common way to make money in the metaverse. 
  • Imagine investing in real estate in a thriving neighborhood and then watching the community grow before selling your land for a profit.

What financial losses did Facebook suffer from Metaverse?

  • $30.8 billion
  • The parent company of Facebook, Meta, has disclosed a $2.8 billion loss on its metaverse project, Reality Labs. 

What does Mark Zuckerberg use Metaverse for?

  • A major step will be taken by Mark Zuckerberg’s company to make its interactive virtual metaverse avatars more realistic: giving them legs.

Is Facebook transitioning to the metaverse?

  • In addition to changing Facebook’s name to Meta, Zuckerberg promised to invest billions of dollars in the project. 
  • According to employees, Reality Labs is currently leading the company’s transition to the metaverse.

Who owns the metaverse?

  • The quick response is both no one and everyone. The longer, more comprehensive response is that the common owners of the metaverse are the tool creators, software developers, world builders, artists, 3D modelers, game developers, users, and investors.

What is the top metaverse cryptocurrency?

  • The following characteristics of IBAT make it the top metaverse cryptocurrency in 2022: Token shareholders should indeed stake coins for just a specific amount of time to be eligible for interest payments.

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List of Whatsapp TVs/media in Nigeria



List of Whatsapp TVs-media in Nigeria


We have many popular WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria, among these WhatsApp TVs, there are top WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria that stand out among the rest.

WhatsApp TV marketing is one of the most popular means of getting your product sold. Not just that, there are many things people use it for. A large number of people are making a whopping amount of cash from it.

This article is divided into the following topics and subtopics:

  • What is a WhatsApp TV?
  • Why should I transact with WhatsApp TVs?
  • List of large WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria
  • What is a Whatsapp TV niche?
  • How to get started on GenixBooster?

What is a WhatsApp TV?

Whatsapp TV is a WhatsApp account used for posting content for viewers. It helps to entertain people via the status feature. If you’ve ever thought of making money with your social media account, creating a WhatsApp TV is one of the ways to achieve that.

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There is no doubt that Whatsapp is one of the best social media platforms. It has more than 2 billion users across the globe and has proven to be one of the best apps to make money online.

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Why should I transact with WhatsApp TVs?

Over the years, WhatsApp TVs have aided peer-to-peer transactions among individuals. Having access to invest in Whatsapp contact is as good as investing in a business. Still, the rate of fraud by WhatsApp TV is high, suggesting that WhatsApp users should be careful when dealing with these TVs.

Issues of scams and other fraudulent activities have been highly regulated by Genixbooster. Over the years testimonials have shown that Genixbooster has made the WhatsApp TV ecosystem secure for people to transact without fear.

Genix Booster is a website that is popularly known to grow WhatsApp businesses by helping business owners to increase their sales.

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Now as a business person, think of what 1000, 5000, 15000 or more contacts can do for you, yes you’re right! It means a wider customer range and then more sales for you.

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List of large WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria

The following are list of large WhatsApp TVs that have proven to be legit and are certified by Genixbooster. Among the largest WhatsApp TVs are:

Check other WhatsApp TVs from

What is a Whatsapp TV niche?

The WhatsApp TV marketplace is a broad place where you find a variety of products and services, a niche is what distinguishes different parts of the market.

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A niche is a specialized segment of the market that deals with a particular kind of product or service.  A niche in business helps you to identify what your potential audience needs and helps you to come up with products and services that will meet the needs of your audience.

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How to get started on

Very easy, visit and sign up with your correct details.


Starting a Whatsapp TV is one of the smartest ways to start making money online and growing your community. However, with Genixbooster, your journey has been simplified.

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How to make money online with zero capital



How to make money online with zero capital

If you are looking for the easy ways to making money online but with zero capital then this is a must-read article for you. With the advent of the Internet, there are a lot of things you could do or get yourself engage in from the comfort of your home without investing a dime. 

Making money online is as easy as cracking a shell. Follow up with this article and gather those bucks today into your account and wallet. 

1. Selling Information Products 

This is one of the fastest ways to make money online without spending a penny. You can go ahead and create Ebook, short reads, online courses ranging from weight loss, belly burner tips, Relationship related topics and etc. 

Watch the video below to know more about information marketing:

Every day, people are sourcing for information by browsing through Google, YouTube, and other search engines just to get answers to their questions. This is where you play the role by appearing behind the scene and providing the with answers they need and in the end get paid for this. 

To be successful in the informational products marketing, you need to find out what people are searching for and not necessarily what you love because they are the ones with questions and not you. Therefore, do some thorough search on the web e.g: ‘how to lose weight in 3 weeks, a person with questions on how to lose weight or shed some pounds will be more interested to read the article and he or she won’t be bothered about paying to get such info. 

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Inclusively, people don’t just want information they crave for tips and strategies to making their life better. They want guidance. And that’s what the best information products provide, whether it’s a video, an ebook, an audio etc. So get into play now and gather ideas by searching and get those infos ready. 

For ebooks, magazines, and similar products, you can create them in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and then save them as a PDF. For the cover, you can go ahead and use some free tools like,,, etc. 

2. Dropshipping 

With dropshipping, you tend to collect customers’ orders from an online store and send them to the buyer directly. I’m dropshipping, all you have to do is to market the product. The drop shippers supply everything necessary from the product itself to the packaging and finally shipping. Get those items and deliver them to the buyer is everything you need to make money here. So simple right? 

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3. Becoming A Transcription Freelancer

As a result of an increment in the number of podcasts and video content, there is a high demand for transcribing audio into text format. As a transcriber you work at your own pace and it can be easily done by anyone who understands and can write in English. The job of a transcriber involves firstly to listen to an audio such as interviews, notes, and messages, and in turn convert this same into written documents. As a Transcriber, you must be highly skilled in grammar, spelling, strong concentration, effective time management, and punctuation with a proficient word-per-minute typing speed.

Final note on this: Transcription requires you to be committed Inorder to ensure you produce an excellent and a perfect job for Clients. 

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4. Become A Virtual Assistant 

As a virtual assistant, you earn some more bucks into your wallet through managing the social media pages of business owners, receive calls on their behalf, replying messages and business emails, administrative and technical work. 

Some skills required here can range from effective communication skills, preparing business reports and documents as well as thinking skill. If you believe you’re good to go in this then jump to platforms where clients are such as,, and also you can go ahead to promoting yourself on various social media platforms and then boom more money. Keep in mind that clients are everywhere and business owners are in search of Virtual Assistants. 

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5. Start a YouTube Channel 

Viola!! Have you ever thought of becoming a YouTuber??? Getting a YouTube channel doesn’t cost you a penny and funny enough it brings you some extra $$$. To start earning on this platform, you need to search for a niche that is selling well and these are opportunities to make more money. 

You don’t have to appear on your screen if you are the shy type of person, instead, you can partner with brands, promote them, or either sell merchandise or become an Affiliate marketer. If you love appearing on screen, then you can start with what you love doing e.g dancing, workout, or providing solutions to people’s problem,s and this way they will be interested to learn more and become a subscriber in the long run. 

Note: The ultimate key to making money on YouTube is to focus on a Niche. 

Watch this video below to get clue on how to start a youtube channel:


So there you go, some ways to earn more money online without any investment or any startup capital at all. 

Which money-making idea are you going to try first? Drop your answer in the comment section.

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7 Top money-making small business Ideas to start today



7 Money making small business ideas to start today

The internet has provided a space where ideas are turned into money and these are not any form of money-making businesses but a high-paying ones that can pave way to earning more online. 

Check out our 5 top money-making small business ideas below:

1. Graphic Designing 

Even if you have a degree or ample experience in design, it’s important to stay current on all the latest design programs and trends. If you need a refresher, graphic design courses at local colleges can help. Designers who also have animation and web development experience typically have the most opportunities.

Develop an attractive website that houses samples of your best work to show to prospective clients. Then network through business networking groups and in places where businesses look for graphic designers, such as Upwork and LinkedIn.

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2. Social Media Manager

Do you know the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social channels? Help businesses keep up with the latest trends and tricks for building and engaging audiences through social media. Then show your value by using analytics to gauge how well your social campaigns perform.

Watch the video below to learn more about social media management.

3. Freelance Writer or Editor

These professionals can stay at home and produce content for a variety of venues. All they need are writing skills, editing skills, a computer, and an internet connection. Then start accessing companies or individuals who have a need for the work they do.

Join Upwork or Fiverr today to start your freelancing journey.

4. Professional Blogger/Social Media Influencer

Thinking about starting a blog and turning it into a business venture? Blogs are a great method for how to make money in business. Professional bloggers earn money through selling advertising and affiliate marketing on their own blogs or by getting paid to blog for another company or organization. Popular topics for bloggers include travel, cooking, health, technology, and finance.

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5. Web Designer

Websites are necessary for selling products and services in our modern economy. This means that businesses especially need websites to sell products to their customers, as well as to communicate with them. Therefore, if you have website building skills, the market is booming with opportunity. All you have to do is get the word out about your website design services and begin. Building and optimizing your own website can be a good starting point.

6. Video Editor

When you’re struggling with what business to start, one good option is to use skills you already have. For instance, as more companies turn to video to communicate their messages to consumers, video editing skills become more valued. This skill can be used to assist businesses, or even to assist individuals, with making videos.

7. Invest in Real Estate

Renting real estate to tenants can bring in passive income without much effort. And today’s landlords don’t need to deal with the hassle of long leases and bad tenants.

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Ready to start a business? Making money starts with knowing what’s out there. The key to success as a business owner is finding the right job to fit your needs, skills and preferences. Once you do that, don’t be afraid to invest in your idea. With today’s digital environment syncing multiple streams of income in support of a single well-supported lifestyle is easier than you might think.

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