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Top 4 Web Development Trends



Trends in Web development

Web design trends, just like technology, is constantly evolving and changing. Website features and elements that were once the innovation, are now overdone, tired, and clichéd in the past couple of years. The one thing you don’t want to happen is to put your customers off, simply because you have a website that looks dated, using old web standards.

So what are the website trends for this year, and the years to follow? In a market as competitive as this one, it’s very important that you learn to spot where the tide is going to come up, that way you can adapt when required. Below are 4 web trends for this year, and maybe the next decade

Web Development Trends

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a trend that started a while back. The main idea behind AMP is to improve the speed at which pages load up, which in turn should decrease bounce rate. AMP and PWA technology, have many similarities. The main difference however is that with AMP, the pages are accelerated using an open-source plugin.

An AMP is a page that has been optimized to load very quickly, with the most basic, yet convenient of designs. Typically with only basic web features, compared to what you get with your standard page. These AMP pages are all mobile-friendly of course, and the content is usually very readable.

With web development trends shifting more towards AMP development, we can see that the internet is going in the direction of the user first. Although 5G internet technology is already here, with many brands choosing to go with their own applications, so as to enhance the experience of their users, the availability of AMP plugins gives these companies the opportunity to save a great deal of money on UX, while reaching a large user base regardless of their internet speed. With this in mind, we can predict that in the future, you’ll be seeing much smaller, niche products competing with the largest products in the market.

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2. Smart Content Load

A large number of webmasters out there may be guilty of having a website that is heavy on the resources, with many third-party integrations and graphical assets that slow the website down considerably. The good news is that there are methods that one can use such as a smart website design, one that only downloads content when it’s visible on the screen.

Infinite scroll and lazy loading have been around for many years now. You’ll find the biggest social networks using them, as they have been doing for years, especially when you consider infinite scroll. This approach is especially popular for websites that consist of just one or a single page.

It’s important that webmasters think about different technological approaches as they could ultimately help their website outperform their competitors in the long run. Such features are capable of enhancing user

experience, for those who arrive on the website, which could have positive effects on your overall site rankings and conversion rates.

When you use lazy load, it ensures that the web browser, whether it be Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome, will only download the images that the end-user can see on the screen. This in turn conserves server resources, and time, that would otherwise be spent loading content off-screen that you are unable to see.

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A majority of visitors that arrive on your site, will never navigate to the bottom of it. So why waste server resources and response time loading that content. The best approach to take is to load content as and when it becomes visible on the page.

3. Voice Search Optimization

When we look years into the future, we see that web development appears to be going more in the direction of voice, rather than simple text, and this is not solely because of home assistant tools such as Amazon’s Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. In 2021 alone, close to 50% of all IoT devices are able to hear and execute user voice commands. And they are also able to differentiate between different voices so that they can provide a personality AI-based experience for each and every individual.

Voice search is a technology that was implemented more than 10 years ago, but is one of the more prominent technologies, despite it. We can expect in the next couple of years, for people to prefer to speak commands rather than type them into their devices, as their home appliances become more intelligent. It’s for this reason why so many companies are now looking over the various ways that they can optimize both their digital and physical products for both voice commands and voice search. In the next couple of years, we can expect close to 60% of households to have some form of voice assistance.

When it comes to web development, we see voice optimization for regular applications and websites and voice-activated and self-standing devices. When we strengthen this with voice search optimization and AI, it becomes beneficial to both the webmaster and the user. The primary reason is that it saves time, and also because it allows the user to order more, while online. The second reason is that it allows for multitasking. The third reason is that it increases customer loyalty, as it makes it much easier for them to deal with routine. Lastly, voice usage is also another excellent source of behavior analytics.

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4. Chabot Become More Advanced

Chatbots is one of a few features that has increased significantly in popularity over the past couple of years and will continue to increase as we enter the next couple of years. As both machine learning and artificial intelligence become more advanced, we can expect these chatbots to also become standard protocol for basic customer requests.

As an example, if a customer was to visit your site, looking for a phone number, if you have a chatbot on your website, and it’s able to provide an answer for this query, it could provide the end-user with this information. The end result is a more positive user experience, which means more business, but also a reduction in company fees, where they would otherwise have to employ someone to do such a task.

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Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website

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  1. Mam Israel

    August 27, 2021 at 11:01 am

    This is helpful boss, and likewise DARK MODE STANDARDISATION
    In recent years, dark websites have gained popularity. 2021 will see a surge in websites and apps offering dark mode user interfaces. for instance
    Facebook and WhatsApp have already implemented this feature. These apps provide an easy option to toggle between the two modes, depending on the reader’s preference and today many Apps has implemented this future too.

    • David Genix

      August 27, 2021 at 2:19 pm

      Thank you very much for your feedback.

  2. Alexandr

    September 1, 2021 at 8:30 pm

    How he makes $300 per day

  3. zovrelioptor

    October 12, 2021 at 12:11 pm

    This is a very good tips especially to those new to blogosphere, brief and accurate information… Thanks for sharing this one. A must read article.

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Web Technology

Some of the most in-demand jobs/roles in 2022



Some of the most in-demand jobs/roles in 2022

In today’s article, I am going to be talking about in-demand jobs/roles in 2022.

I recently came across a statistic that interviewed a variety of individuals pursuing different careers, among them were people working at bars, restaurants and nightclubs, almost every one of them had a university degree yet, they all ended up working odd jobs that did not relate to what they studied on school, I believe the data collected is a representation of the majority.

Most people pursue courses that are either too competitive or have limited market demand, meaning you can study a course that is overwhelmed with qualified individuals, and as a result end up being employed in a different field.

Most in-demand jobs/roles in 2022

1. Programming

Computer programmers are those who test, design, debug, and troubleshoot basic services across different organizations and sectors thereby creating codes for computer programs and software. They are professionals who are known to update existing and functional codes and make corrections to any line of code found faulty. 

As a computer programmer, you can expand your workability to various government sectors, private sectors, Infotech, and medical fields and also work independently or deliver your services as a contract worker. 

With the advanced technology in the 21st century, computer programmers must be equipped with a certain knowledge of basic codes which will allow the computer to function optimally and to provide the result to solve core problems for which it’s been built and these codes are written only in programming language. 


In addition, these sets of skills are needed to become an excellent computer programmer:

– Problem Solving Skills

As a computer programmer, this is one of the core values to be exhibited if you want to excel in what you do. Focusing on learning how to code is great but focusing on solving basic problems in the industry or wherever you find yourself is very crucial and this skill must not be ignored because the main goal is to solve issues by creating solutions. 

– Multitasking 

As a computer programmer, this is a very vital skill to consider which may range from attending to multiple tasks at a time or working on a larger project that needs to be attended to bit by bit. Getting a sheet and listing out your priorities will be the easiest way to accomplish all your goals in just a little while. 

– Attention to every detail 

As one of the prerequisites to being successful in this field of study, giving careful attention to every detail will make you stand out among peers and other colleagues. As a programmer working with codes and programming language, giving attention to every bit while working produces quality job done thereby facilitating efficiency.

Watch the video below to know more about programming:

2. Project managers

Project manager is one who engages in the planning and execution of a project within a set limit while running to see that particular project become successful. As a project manager, it’s your top responsibility to take the lead, define target goals and ensure that a particular project reaches its finishing point. 

The role of a project manager is high in demand in every sector and industry and equipping yourself with the necessary skill will open a doorway for you to succeed. 

Project management

Quickly, the following skills are needed to become an excellent project manager:

– Communication Skill

With great communication skills, a project manager will be able to deliver messages to his team members and also clients and this is one of the skills needed to effectively reach a certain goal, share ideas and solve challenges that are vital for the growth and expansion of an industry and one way to build this skill is by listening and asking the right questions. 

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– Leadership Skill

To become a great project management leader, you need to define the goal of the project clearly and communicate the same to your team in order to overcome the hurdles and challenges that may be met on the way to delivering an excellent job and this can also help to ignite the inspiration of your team members to contribute greatly to the success of such project. 

One easy way to develop this skill is by learning from other leaders. 

– Organizational Skill 

This skill is very important when it comes to multitasking and prioritizing projects and tasks for future purposes. Organizational skill is one of the easiest and most vital skills to be learned in order to become a project manager. 

One of the ways to develop this skill is by having a to-do list of activities day in and day out, writing out what needs to be done now and later. The organization is a wide term and as a project manager, you’re not alone with activities other team members rely on you also to deliver the right job and at the right time. 

Watch the video below to learn more about project management:

3. Business Analyst

Business Analysts are those who are on the lookout to improve and to strengthen business processes and procedures. They use data to form business goals, and insights, and provide changes to businesses whenever there is an issue in any part of the organization. 

Some tasks carried out by Business Analyst include:

  • Budgeting and performing financial analysis
  • Using Excel to analyze data and charts
  • Basic understanding of business strategies, goals, and objectives 
  • Gathering charts and tables for data visualization 
Business analyst

To become a Business Analysts, these are some skills to consider getting:

– Microsoft Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet application package and one of the most used analytical tool for business analysis. To discover business trends in the market, a business analyst must be equipped with the basic knowledge of this application package because it goes a long way to expose what’s working and what’s not in the market. 

Excel is very easy and simple to learn. It helps business analysts to take the right steps and decisions in business. 

– Decision Making 

As a business analyst, taking major decisions for businesses rest on your shoulders as this is one of your duty to move an organization and industry forward. Your decisions is what will make the organization excel in the midst of trial and challenges. To have better decision making you need to develop an accurate measurement of your set goals and consider the outcomes and their corresponding implications. 

– Problem Solving 

To succeed as a business analyst, thinking deeply about a solution to problems must be your day-to-day approach. To solve any business problem, you must first:

  • Identify the problem 
  • Look into the problem closely in order to find an effective solution  Get a solution
  • Solve the problem and prevent such from arising in subsequent times 

4. Data analysts

A data analyst is a professional who interprets, develops, implements data analysis, data systems, and analyzes results using effective strategies for a statistical quality. As a data analyst, you will be hired to turn data into information, information into business insights, and these business insights into business decisions. 

Data analyst

Skills required to become the highly sort after data analyst include:

– Visualization of Data

As the word implies, a data analyst must be equipped greatly to visualize data, interpret and present the data into a readable format to the team or clients as this will ensure a better understanding of the data set. To become number one in this skill, you must dig deep into its arsenal. 

– Python 

Python is a programming language that can be used on servers in order to create web applications. 

– SQL 

SQL which also means Structured Query Language, SQL is a programming language that is used to manage databases and perform various operations of data in them. 

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If you are looking to start a career in Data science click here.

5. Web developer

A web developer is someone who develops websites for clients, designs an attractive user interface, writes and reviews codes for sites, tests web applications, and also collating content into websites. 

Web development on the other hand simply refers to the process of creating, building, and maintaining websites and this skill is on the increase day after day and with that said there are three core types of web developers viz:

  • Front-end developer: function to developing and creating the visual aspects of a website that the user sees and interact with. 
  • Back-end developer: function to writing website codes and structures. 
  • Full stack developer: function to building a complete website as a result of the knowledge of both the front end and back end developer. 
Web developer

Choosing a career path in this line, you must have the following skills:

– Coding

Programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and etc. These are major programming languages to be learned In order to become a web developer, they are languages needed to create web pages, layouts, web colors, fonts, and styles. HTML means Hypertext Markup Language and CSS {Cascading Style Sheet}. 

– Debugging and Testing

This is a must skill to have as a web developer, the ability to debug websites and make them free from bugs, and fix major errors to allow sites to work efficiently. Testing and debugging may be time-consuming but the skill is worth it. Debugging your own code is very important for you as a web developer. 

– User Interface 

There is a goal of building and creating a website and if these goals aren’t met the users won’t interact effectively with the site. Always keep this in mind as a web developer when building a website for Clients and or people or even when working as a Freelancer. The ability to make a Website appealing and user-friendly is very vital. 

6. Cyber security analyst

Looking to protect computer networks from attacks? Then opt-in to becoming a cyber security analyst. As a cyber security analyst, your duty focus on defending computer data from cyber threats and attacks. Other tasks include protecting computer hardware, software, and other computer networks from unauthorized access and authorities working behind the scene as thefts. 

A cyber security analyst functions to protect computer data from theft. 

Cyber security

To pursue a career in becoming a cyber security analyst, you should consider learning the following skills:

– Communication 

Communication is very vital when it comes down to becoming a cyber sec analyst. From writing reports to relating with individuals, team members and clients, communicating effectively must be your bedrock. 

– Critical Thinking 

To be a better critical thinker in the game, you must ask the right questions and also develop means to solve them. 

– Data Security 

Protecting industry and client’s data is very important as a cyber security analyst. This ranges from encryption to access management and finally the Internet protocols {IPs}. 

7. Cloud architect

From having a foundation in computer operating systems, programming languages, effective networking, and finally security, you are on a path to becoming one of the top cloud architects of all time. 

Cloud architect is someone who designs and develops cloud computing systems and solutions. One of the few roles and or responsibilities carried out by a cloud architect include: maintaining privacy in the cloud and ensuring that industry data are well secured also developing cloud development applications. 

Cloud architect

To buttress further in becoming a Cloud analyst, you should get these vital skills:

– Programming Languages 

Getting to learn basic programming languages such as python, CSS and Javascript can help you understand problems and develop the right way to solve same. 

– Cloud-Based Security 

Your major role as a cloud architect includes securing data using firewalls and VPNs. 

– Foundational Business Skills

Having the necessary foundational business skills such as reading financial statements will go a long way to helping you provide solutions to business-related questions and solving crucial problems. 

Watch the video below to know more about about Cloud architecture:

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8. Digital marketer

One of the IN-DEMAND technological skills is digital marketing. Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses the Internet to connect with customers and clients. Digital marketing uses the Internet, smartphones, technological devices, and computers for the purpose of reaching a wider audience in order to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and promotes goods and services. 

Some types of digital marketing include: Search engine optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and etc. 

Digital marketer

To become a top dog in digital marketing, you need to learn the following skills:

– SEO skills

Having SEO skills will enable you to build and optimize websites in order for them to rank high on search engines. The necessary SEO skills will ensure that you drive and increase traffic to clients’ sites. Providing rich content and keywords for a web will help to target the right audience and narrow it down to customers who are searching for the exact keywords. 

– Listening skills

One major way to provide a lasting solution to an audience is by listening to their exact problem. Go on to social media and every angle where your target audience lay their complaints and jot down these questions In order to gain insights on how to meet their demands about a particular product, item, brand and etc. 

– Social Media skills

Social Media has gone all the way to reach out to a lot of people in the world and one way to engage effectively on this platform is to create engaging content for an audience, and build a list of people who are interested in your services and products. As a digital marketer, you can leverage on the advantages social media platforms offer to market your products and reach target audience. 

9. Graphic designing

Graphic designer is someone who has basic knowledge of design principles, architects, layouts, textures, lines, shapes, and dominance. Graphics designers assemble images and typography to convey messages to audiences. 

Graphic designing

To Build a career in graphic design, you must have the following skills:

– Typography Skills

This is one of the major skills to learn in order to become an excellent graphic designer. The ability to create images and visuals that are appealing to the audience is a must-do as this is what will grab the attention of the audience and express specific images to them. 

– Creativity 

Building up ideas will help you capture people’s attention and this is necessary in order to communicate effectively with readers doing this requires a lot of critical thinking. The term idea refers to researching, developing, evaluating, and applying the right principles of designs into images. 

– Branding 

As a graphic designer, working as a Freelancer or working for an organization, one of your responsibility is to bring that particular brand to reality and ways to doing this is through logos, colors, fonts, illustrations and etc. Providing content to a particular target audience will make a client’s business go far to flourishing. 

10. Software developer

Looking to becoming a creator who works behind the scenes to develop software programs that allow users to perform different computer tasks, then a career in software development will make it a reality for you. 

Software developers are those who develop and test software in order to meet people’s needs.

software developer

Here are some of the skills that can help you become a successful software developer:

– Problem Solving Skills 

As a software developer, one of your duty lies in identifying and solving problems that may happen during any process. 

– Focus

To become a successful software developer, you must not get drowned in distraction at any point in time, focus will help you fly higher in this career. 

– Communication Skill

This skill is necessary because it will help you to coordinate and know exactly the right approach to working with team leaders in order to achieve a common end goal. As a software developer, you are not alone. Working with other staff members will allow jobs to be done the right way and save time and energy. 

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And that’s all for a wrap. 

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How much can I make as a blockchain developer?



Blockchain developer job


Blockchain is by far one of the best industries for developers in 2022. It’s one of the highest-paying fields. Becoming a blockchain developer is one of the fastest ways to change your career. You can earn a six-figure salary, whether you’re an experienced developer already or just starting out because the demand is absolutely insane. 

What exactly is a blockchain developer job?

Let’s talk about this blockchain developer job that’s paying over $130,000 a year. You can see $130,000 – $190,000 a year for somebody with just one full year of experience. So if you want to land one of these jobs and have a huge announcement to make, of course, you need the skills to pay the bills in order to get something like this. 

How much does blockchain developer jobs pay?

All right. So let’s jump back into this let’s look at this blockchain job paying $130,000 to $190,000 per year and break down what the requirements are if you want to get a job like this, and you know what you need to know and how to actually go through that process. 

So let’s look at the job description; this is a fully remote job. If you want to work from wherever you want, you can. One of the big benefits of the blockchain industry is you can work remotely so they’re looking for a blockchain engineer who assists with research design, development, and deployment of cutting-edge blockchain solutions. So they’re going to basically work on development, writing code, and documenting functionality. So they’ll be developing secure smart contract protocols. 

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So let’s look at the requirements:

  • One plus years solidity and smart contract development experience, so one plus your backing development experience, and then you know, experience with the popular things like Bitcoin, Etherium, and Defi and so that’s what you need. If you want to get this job. You need to be able to create smart contracts and solidity programming language, you need some back-end development experience, and then you need you to know, one year of working experience with either those things or all of those things in order to be qualified.

So let me tell you how I would approach getting this job from wherever your background is, let’s say that you’re a complete beginner programmer with no prior programming experience. Well, you’re probably not going to be able to just go out and land this job unless you’re really good. You might be able to as see beginners get high salaries out the gate. Because, you know, just with some experience, you could get up to that, you know, six-figure level and become qualified for this job. So how would you do that? Well, I would look at a different job like this one. 

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For instance, let’s say this is a junior solidity engineer, okay, so on the same website on, this is 898 to $125,000 per year, and the biggest responsibility here is that you just are able to develop a solidity, so what you could do is you could go get a solidity developer job that’s going to give you that year of experience that works in a place like that, okay? And then, you know, you could get this extra backhand experience while you’re working a regular job and then use that to leverage a better job at a place like this.

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 That’s the strategy that I would take and if you’re an experienced developer already, okay, and you have, you know, one year of backend experience plus, you know, they might take you assuming that you can prove that you’re good at solidity and that you’ve got that skill outside the workplace, and that you basically learn solidity on your own because you’ve already got that professional developer experience. 

What does blockchain developer job entail?

So I was just searching for blockchain developer jobs, and it remembers that I searched for these types of things, and so I just literally went to the homepage and it suggested this job for me, sometimes people will sponsor stuff, and sometimes a job posting websites have like algorithms that will show you recommended jobs based on your past search history. 

So I routinely go to these websites to keep a pulse on the market and search for you to solidity developer, Blockchain developer, different keywords, sometimes you just look up cryptocurrency and things will be like it’d be kind of mask is like back end developer or front end developer, but they’ll require like some smart contract experience and that’s where you can find those types of things and get creative and what you’re searching for and it will send you new things. 

You can also look at other popular crypto-specific job websites like They’ve got like solidity developer recommendations, they got specific blockchain developer filtering stuff, he goes look at other ones like cryptocurrency jobs is another one. There are plenty of job websites out there that have got these opportunities, so I’ll talk about some tips for applying for the jobs and landing them. 

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We’ve talked about you know, some ways where you can find them, you can look at the job posting websites, if you’re gonna go that route, you definitely want to apply to as many places as possible, especially if you’re a new developer or you’re a web developer trying to transition to web three never had a web 3.0 job before. Like ultimately, somebody’s going take a chance on you. So like, you want to try to up your chances by applying to as many places as possible. So how do you also increase the likelihood someone’s going to do that? So you definitely want to prequalify yourself before someone tries to interview you. 

Why would I do this with a resume? They try to just send out something that says “hey, here’s my work experience, here’s my educational experience”, even pictures of them. What you really want to have is a portfolio website that shows what you can do in that portfolio website. You, of course, want to create your own real-world project.


If you’re a web developer getting into web 3, or you’re just a brand new developer from scratch, you need to prove that you have the skills to pay the bills for somebody to take a chance on you and so like I was saying, like, it’s like how do you get that first job with that experience? Where you get that experience outside the workplace. 

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Fastest way to learn coding



Fastest way to learn coding

As a new programmer, the first decision you need to make is which programming language to learn.

Let’s talk about what a beginner wants from a language.

  • The language should be easy and intuitive to write and should not require learning any complex syntax. It should be as close as possible to writing in English.
  • The programming language should be versatile and have many applications. As a beginner, you don’t want to learn a new programming language for every new project you want to build. In other words, the language should have great returns for the time you invest in learning.
  • The programming language should be fast to write you shouldn’t have to waste time spelling out the declaration of a new variable or simple iteration through a list. In other words, it should be concise and get the job done in minimum lines of code. Some of you might have already guessed it.

Python is a language that solves all these problems, almost as easy as writing in English. It has so many different applications like web development, data science and automation. Python is extremely fast to write when compared with other popular languages, that’s because it requires less lines of code for the same amount of code. 

learn python faster

As an example;  here is the same code written in Java versus Python. For me, personally, I started out with learning Java. I used to do all my coding interviews in Java. Recently, I switched to using Python and it improved my interview performance by at least two times because it’s so fast to write.

Having said that, Java and other popular languages have their own advantages, and you will have to learn another language at some point in your career, but I do believe that Python would be the best language to start with. now that we know we should learn Python. 

Table of Contents

Let’s talk about how to do it. 

This is where most new programmers make the first major mistake that slows them down. The mistake most beginners make is that they learn by watching others code. Let me explain this by telling you how most people learn programming. 

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Most newbies will go to a course site to order like Udemy and look up Python courses. Then they pick one of these 20 plus hours courses thinking that these courses are long and detailed and hence good for them, and then they never end up finishing the course. 

That’s because 20 hours of content is not the same as 20 hours of creating content. Some people will go to YouTube and watch someone else code without writing any code themselves, and watching these tutorials gives them a false sense of progress. That’s because coding in your head is very different from executing the code and debugging the error. 

So what is the right way to do it?

The answer is very simple; you should learn by coding yourself. You can go to this free website called, on this website, Just focus on the basic lessons for Python and don’t worry about data science tutorials or any other advanced tutorials. This is because even if you learn advanced concepts right now, you will not be able to remember them until you have actually applied them on a real-world problem. 

You can always come back to learn advanced concepts in the future when you need them for your projects. You look at a lesson, each lesson first explains the basic concept and then asks you to apply these concepts to a problem, feel free to play with the sample code.

Think about other problems you can solve with the concepts you just learned and try to solve them in the exercise portion. Once you are done with the basics, you are good to move on to the next steps.

Think about other problems you can solve with the concepts you just learned and try to solve them in the exercise portion. Once you are done with the basics, you are good to move on to the next steps.

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You will need something called Integrated Development Environment to build these projects. IDE in simplest terms is an application where you can write and run your code. There are several popular IDEs for Python. This tutorial uses VS code, so you might want to download VS code and set it up for Python before starting on this tutorial. Once you have completed this tutorial you are ready to work on your own projects. Working on building your own projects will help you in multiple ways:

  • It will introduce you to how software engineers work in the real world. You will write code that will fail and you will debug it and repeat it over and over again. This is exactly what a day in the life of a software engineer looks like.
  • You’ll build a portfolio of projects by doing this. You can host your code on GitHub and put the link in your resume and this will help you attract recruiters and get your resume shortlisted.
  • Building your own projects will give you confidence that you’re ready to tackle new challenges as a software engineer.

What kind of projects should you work on?

You can think of any projects that you find interesting, but here are some examples I found: you can build a web crawler for an alarm clock or maybe an app that keeps your Wikipedia article of the day.

Some example projects that I built a spam filter, an algorithmic trading engine, and an e-commerce website. Now you have a great resume and you’re confident about your programming skills.

Let’s start applying for software engineer positions

This is actually the second major mistake new programmers make. In an ideal world having good programming skills and a great resume is all you should need to become a software engineer. But unfortunately for us, tech companies like to play games with us in the interviews. They ask you specific kinds of programming questions in the interviews, if you don’t prepare for these questions, you might not get the expected results. So let’s see how to prepare for the interviews. 

All the interviews are based on this one course that is taught to all computer science graduates. This course is called data structures and algorithms. Fortunately for us, Google has created this course and made it available for free on Udacity. The best part is that this course is starting Python. 

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You have all the foundational knowledge you need to tackle the interviews in order to sharpen your interview skills further, we need to practice some questions that have been asked by tech companies in the past for that, you should use this website called leak code. On leak code. You will get interview-style questions you can write your code and test your solution right there on the website. 

The code is great for beginners because all the questions are tagged easy, medium, or hard based on difficulty level. If you get a premium subscription to the website, you can also filter questions by the tech company that asks them in the past interviews you should start with easy questions and keep working on them until you can solve them in 45 minutes. Once that happens, you can move on to the medium questions and you start solving mediums in 45 minutes. 

You can start applying for software engineering jobs. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the job right away than most people. It will be a process full of disappointment and rejections and this is where the main code and the biggest mistake of all, they quit.

 The main reason people give up early is that they overthink and complicate the interview process. After a few rejections, they replay the interview over and over again in their head to figure out why they failed and take every rejection personally. To avoid this, stay inside your circle of control and try to influence the outcome of your interviews but never get tangled in the things that you can’t control.

In other words, do your best to craft the interviews but try to be detached from the outcome of the interviews fewer to learn about how I became a software engineer without a computer science degree. 

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