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Blog Review – Legit or a Scam?



Is Swapnex Legit or a Scam?

I have explained the following questions in this article:

  • What is Swapnex?
  • Swapnex Registration
  • Swapnex login
  • Swapnex Compensation Plan
  • Swapnex Referral Commission
  • Swapnex monthly Bonus
  • Swapnex Leadership Bonus
  • Swapnex Products
  • Swapnex Domain information
  • Who is the owner of Swapnex?
  • Is Swapnex legit?
  • Is Swapnex a scam?

Today, we are going to review, What it’s all about, and whether it’s legit or a scam. Let’s get right into it.

What is Swapnex?

“Swapnex allows traders to sell and buy crypto within seconds at several currency exchanges concurrently”.

“Access Binance, Coinbase, Bithumb, Kraken and other world’s biggest exchanges via one platform’. Website

Swapnex claims to be a cryptocurrency arbitrage AI bot trading platform where you rely on them to trade and generate profit for you.

In one of our articles; What is Crypto Arbitrage? – A comprehensive guide, we explained what arbitrage is all about. Arbitrage is the opportunity to spot and make profit from marginal differences in prices across different exchanges; for instance, you can find a particular coin at $6.992 at Binance and the same coin might be available for $6.970 at Kraken.

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That means you can buy from Binance and sell at Kraken for a profit of $0.022 per coin. This is what arbitrage is all about. You should also take note that the different exchanges might also charge you deposit/withdrawal fees which will deplete some of your profits.

How does Swapnex work?

Swapnex invests in cryptocurrency (AI Arbitrage) on the promise of a passive return.

Swapnex Registration

To register on swapnex; go to solicits investments in Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Swapnex Login

You can only access the login feature after you must have registered.

Swapnex Compensation Plan

Swapnex compensation plans are as follows:

  • Start – $200 (30 to 90 days lock)
  • Personal – $500 (120 days lock)
  • Professional – $1500 (180 to 360 days lock)

While we quoted the amounts in USD here, Swapnex solicits investments in cryptocurrency.

Swapnex Referral Commission

Swapnex pays referral bonus via a uni-level compensation structure. A uni-level structure places an affiliate at the top of a uni-level team, with every personal affiliate placed directly under them (level 1).

If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original uni-level team.

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If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliate, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth.

  • Level 1: 10%
  • Level 2: 2%
  • Level 3: 1%
  • Level 4: 0.5%
  • Level 5: 0.5%

Swapnex monthly Bonus

The monthly bonus is calculated on “total profit” paid to personally recruited affiliates.

Swapnex Leadership Bonus

The Leadership bonus is a monthly bonus given to investors whose downlines reach some investment milestones.

  • Generate $1000 in downline investment and receive $10
  • Generate $2000 in downline investment and receive $20
  • Generate $5000 in downline investment and receive $50
  • Generate $10000 in downline investment and receive $100
  • Generate $50000 in downline investment and receive $500
  • Generate $500000 in downline investment and receive $5000

Swapnex Products

There is no legitimate product or service on Swapnex, they pay members from existing members investment.

Swapnex Domain information page

From the Swapnex domain information, Swapnex was registered on Namecheap server. We can agree that Swapnex domain was registered on the 17th of December, 2020, the doman will expire on the 4th of April, 2026.

No information about the domain registrar was revealed.

Who is the owner of Swapnex?

Swapnex is impersonating “Rupert Godman” who they addressed on their youtube channel created on the 2nd of August, 2021 as “Marcus Huber”. After diligent research, we found out that the CEO presented is not real and Swapnex is hiding some information from the public.

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We conclude that the owner is obviously a European scammer.


Red flag(s) for Swapnex

  • Obvious Ponzi scheme format
  • We have received plenty of reports from investors
  • No active social presence
  • The platform is not transparent enough
  • No physical proof of the company’s address

Green flag(s) for Swapnex

  • Partially paying
  • Good Website quality

Average Trust score


Average weighted score: 45%


Is Swapnex legit? is not a legitimate Arbitrage AI trading platform, you have to be very careful with it. It has almost the same pattern as COPTS Arbitrage AI trading platform.

Is Swapnex a scam?

Due to the obvious Red flags we’ve discovered in, we have no option but to conclude that it is a scam, if you must invest in it; invest with carefulness.

Thank you for reading our honest review on If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them below in the comment section.

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Fastest way to learn coding



Fastest way to learn coding

As a new programmer, the first decision you need to make is which programming language to learn.

Let’s talk about what a beginner wants from a language.

  • The language should be easy and intuitive to write and should not require learning any complex syntax. It should be as close as possible to writing in English.
  • The programming language should be versatile and have many applications. As a beginner, you don’t want to learn a new programming language for every new project you want to build. In other words, the language should have great returns for the time you invest in learning.
  • The programming language should be fast to write you shouldn’t have to waste time spelling out the declaration of a new variable or simple iteration through a list. In other words, it should be concise and get the job done in minimum lines of code. Some of you might have already guessed it.

Python is a language that solves all these problems, almost as easy as writing in English. It has so many different applications like web development, data science and automation. Python is extremely fast to write when compared with other popular languages, that’s because it requires less lines of code for the same amount of code. 

learn python faster

As an example;  here is the same code written in Java versus Python. For me, personally, I started out with learning Java. I used to do all my coding interviews in Java. Recently, I switched to using Python and it improved my interview performance by at least two times because it’s so fast to write.

Having said that, Java and other popular languages have their own advantages, and you will have to learn another language at some point in your career, but I do believe that Python would be the best language to start with. now that we know we should learn Python. 

Let’s talk about how to do it. 

This is where most new programmers make the first major mistake that slows them down. The mistake most beginners make is that they learn by watching others code. Let me explain this by telling you how most people learn programming. 

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Most newbies will go to a course site to order like Udemy and look up Python courses. Then they pick one of these 20 plus hours courses thinking that these courses are long and detailed and hence good for them, and then they never end up finishing the course. 

That’s because 20 hours of content is not the same as 20 hours of creating content. Some people will go to YouTube and watch someone else code without writing any code themselves, and watching these tutorials gives them a false sense of progress. That’s because coding in your head is very different from executing the code and debugging the error. 

So what is the right way to do it?

The answer is very simple; you should learn by coding yourself. You can go to this free website called, on this website, Just focus on the basic lessons for Python and don’t worry about data science tutorials or any other advanced tutorials. This is because even if you learn advanced concepts right now, you will not be able to remember them until you have actually applied them on a real-world problem. 

You can always come back to learn advanced concepts in the future when you need them for your projects. You look at a lesson, each lesson first explains the basic concept and then asks you to apply these concepts to a problem, feel free to play with the sample code.

Think about other problems you can solve with the concepts you just learned and try to solve them in the exercise portion. Once you are done with the basics, you are good to move on to the next steps.

Think about other problems you can solve with the concepts you just learned and try to solve them in the exercise portion. Once you are done with the basics, you are good to move on to the next steps.

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You will need something called Integrated Development Environment to build these projects. IDE in simplest terms is an application where you can write and run your code. There are several popular IDEs for Python. This tutorial uses VS code, so you might want to download VS code and set it up for Python before starting on this tutorial. Once you have completed this tutorial you are ready to work on your own projects. Working on building your own projects will help you in multiple ways:

  • It will introduce you to how software engineers work in the real world. You will write code that will fail and you will debug it and repeat it over and over again. This is exactly what a day in the life of a software engineer looks like.
  • You’ll build a portfolio of projects by doing this. You can host your code on GitHub and put the link in your resume and this will help you attract recruiters and get your resume shortlisted.
  • Building your own projects will give you confidence that you’re ready to tackle new challenges as a software engineer.

What kind of projects should you work on?

You can think of any projects that you find interesting, but here are some examples I found: you can build a web crawler for an alarm clock or maybe an app that keeps your Wikipedia article of the day.

Some example projects that I built a spam filter, an algorithmic trading engine, and an e-commerce website. Now you have a great resume and you’re confident about your programming skills.

Let’s start applying for software engineer positions

This is actually the second major mistake new programmers make. In an ideal world having good programming skills and a great resume is all you should need to become a software engineer. But unfortunately for us, tech companies like to play games with us in the interviews. They ask you specific kinds of programming questions in the interviews, if you don’t prepare for these questions, you might not get the expected results. So let’s see how to prepare for the interviews. 

All the interviews are based on this one course that is taught to all computer science graduates. This course is called data structures and algorithms. Fortunately for us, Google has created this course and made it available for free on Udacity. The best part is that this course is starting Python. 

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You have all the foundational knowledge you need to tackle the interviews in order to sharpen your interview skills further, we need to practice some questions that have been asked by tech companies in the past for that, you should use this website called leak code. On leak code. You will get interview-style questions you can write your code and test your solution right there on the website. 

The code is great for beginners because all the questions are tagged easy, medium, or hard based on difficulty level. If you get a premium subscription to the website, you can also filter questions by the tech company that asks them in the past interviews you should start with easy questions and keep working on them until you can solve them in 45 minutes. Once that happens, you can move on to the medium questions and you start solving mediums in 45 minutes. 

You can start applying for software engineering jobs. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the job right away than most people. It will be a process full of disappointment and rejections and this is where the main code and the biggest mistake of all, they quit.

 The main reason people give up early is that they overthink and complicate the interview process. After a few rejections, they replay the interview over and over again in their head to figure out why they failed and take every rejection personally. To avoid this, stay inside your circle of control and try to influence the outcome of your interviews but never get tangled in the things that you can’t control.

In other words, do your best to craft the interviews but try to be detached from the outcome of the interviews fewer to learn about how I became a software engineer without a computer science degree. 

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Secrets of the millionaire mind: Mastering the inner game of wealth (December)



Secrets of the millionaire mind


The concept of money is one that has survived all times in human history. Everyone wants money but many never get it no matter how hard they try; some do get it but are never able to keep it while very few people actually make it – a lot of it in fact.

This last group are those who have combined what Eker termed the Toolbox (Inner game) with the Tools (outer game). In this Summary, you’ll get the synopsis of what financial blueprints are; how they were created, how to change them, and seventeen solid wealth files to manifest the millionaire in you.


“Anyone who says money isn’t important doesn’t have any”

“Most people are so stuck in their egos that everything revolves around me, me, and more me. But if you want to be rich in the truest sense of the word, it can’t only be about you. It has to include adding value to other people’s lives”.

“If your motivation for acquiring money or success comes from a non-supportive root such as fear, anger, or the need to “prove” yourself, your money will never bring you happiness.”

“…to get rich, there’s a good chance many, many, many people must trust you, and there’s a good chance that for that many people to trust you, you have to be quite trustworthy.”

About the Book

The 200-page book describes the inner dimension of money-making. It evangelizes the need to look within while solving issues with finance.

secret of the millionaire mind.jpg


Financial Blueprint

Harv. introduces the term financial blueprint which is a combination of your thoughts, feelings, and actions in the arena of money. You know what? You got that blueprint from past conditioning and experiences with money and “rich people”.

More often than not, “spending” money you don’t have comes from “expending” emotions you do have. This syndrome is commonly known as retail therapy. Overspending and the need for immediate gratification have little to do with the actual item you’re buying, and everything to do with lack of fulfillment in your life. Of course, if overspending isn’t coming from your immediate emotions, it arises from your money blueprint.

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There are four realms of existence: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. When people suffer finance-related issues they quickly go physical- the investments, the businesses, the paychecks, and whatnot; unfortunately no lasting remedy can be found in the physical because it is only a reflection of your blueprint.

Writing Your Own Blueprint

In rewriting your financial blueprint foremost is awareness. Acknowledgment of the presence of a problem is the beginner step in troubleshooting. You have to accept the presence of inappropriate thoughts.

Understanding the Sources: most of these thoughts were imported and foreign to you therefore, one needs to investigate their sources.

Disassociation: You can possibly relinquish inappropriate thoughts and view them as what they are – foreign. They are files of information that were stored in your mind long ago but no longer hold true for you. Be ready to trash them.

Declaration: is a statement of intention. It is to state aloud your intentions to adopt new thoughts and let go of old ones. Rather than affirmations where goals are pronounced like they have already happened, declarations are more powerful because our small minds can buy better into an intention than occurrence.

A statement of declaration follows each principle stated throughout the book.

Wealth Files

1. Rich People Believe “I Create My Life.”  Poor People Believe “Life Happens To Me.”

Rich people understand the importance of money and the place it has in the society. On the other hand, poor people validate their financial ineptness by using irrelevant comparisons.

Rich people take responsibility for their financial lives but poor people take on the victim role by blaming and complaining about how crappy things are until they become super crap magnets themselves.

2. Rich People Play The Money Game To Win.  Poor People Play The Money Game To Not Lose.

The goal of truly rich people is to have massive wealth and abundance. Not just some money, but lots of money. The poor people’s goal? To have enough to pay the bills.

3. Rich People Are Committed To Being Rich.  Poor People Want To Be Rich.

The reason most people don’t get what they want is that they neither know what they want nor want it enough.

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4. Rich People Think Big. Poor People Think Small.

Most people choose to play small. First, for fear of failure and even surprisingly fear of success. Second, people play small because they feel small and unworthy. They don’t feel they’re good enough or important enough to make a real difference in people’s lives.

5. Rich People Focus On Opportunities.  Poor People Focus On Obstacles.

Forget positive thinking, we’re talking of habitual perspective on the world. Poor people always see what will go wrong. Poor people focus on what they don’t want since the universal law states that what you focus on expands; they get more of what they don’t want.

To succeed financially, you have to do something, buy something, or start something. And when you do, whether it is luck, the universe or a higher power supporting you in its miraculous ways for having the courage and commitment to go for it? Who cares what it is!

6.  Rich People Admire Other Rich And Successful People. Poor People Resent Rich and Successful People.

7. Rich People Associate with Positive, Successful People. Poor People Associate with Negative Or Unsuccessful People.

Understanding the power of association!

8. Rich People Are Willing To Promote Themselves And Their Value. Poor People Think Negatively About Selling And Promotion.

It all boils down to believing in oneself. A chronic symptom of poverty is lack of confidence in one’s abilities.

9. Rich People Are Bigger Than Their Problems.  Poor People Are Smaller Than Their Problems.

The secret to success is not to try to avoid problems but to grow yourself so that you are bigger than any problem. If you have a big problem in your life, all it means is that you are being a small person!

10. Rich People Are Excellent Receivers.  Poor People Are Poor Receivers.

If you say you’re worthy, you are.  If you say you’re not worthy, you’re not.  Either way you will live into your story.

11. Rich People Choose To Get Paid Based On Results. Poor People Choose To Get Paid Based On Time. Never Have A Ceiling On Your Income.

“You’ll never get rich working on a straight salary for someone else. If you’re going to get a job, make sure you get paid by percentage. Otherwise, go work for yourself!”  Now that’s sage advice!”

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12. Rich People Think “Both.” Poor People Think “Either/Or.”

Rich people believe “You can have your cake and eat it too.”  Middle-class people believe “Cake is too rich, so I’ll only have a little piece.”  Poor people don’t believe they deserve cake, so they order a doughnut, focus on the hole, and wonder why they have nothing.

13. Rich People Focus On Their Net Worth.  Poor People Focus On Their Working Income.

The true measure of wealth is net worth, not working income.

14. Rich People Manage Their Money Well.  Poor People Mismanage Their Money Well.

The habit of managing your money is more important than the amount. Until you show you can handle what you’ve got, you won’t get any more!   Either you control money, or it will control you.

15. Rich People Have Their Money Work Hard For Them. Poor People Work Hard For Their Money

No question, working hard is important, but working hard alone will never make you rich. You don’t have to be perfect to get rich.

16. Rich People Act In Spite Of Fear.  Poor People Let Fear Stop Them.

Action is the “bridge” between the inner world and the outer world. It is not necessary to try to get rid of fear in order to succeed. If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.

17. Rich People Constantly Learn and Grow. Poor People Think They Already Know.

You can be right or you can be rich, but you can’t be both.

Who Would I Recommend Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind To?

  • To those who want to build sustainable wealth
  • To him/her that believes in the importance of money and is ready to grow.

Why I Recommend Secrets of A Millionaire Mind

  • Do you also wonder why rich people never marry the poor? I used to but not anymore. From Herv, I realized that poverty is rather a state of mind than a financial state; at least at the start. Birds of a feather flock together and rich minds vibe with likes.
  • It offers a major mind shift with regards to money-making.

Download Secrets of the millionaire mind (Mastering the inner game of wealth) E-Book.

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Top Crypto Niches for Blogging & Youtube



Crypto Niches for Blogging and Youtube

Crypto niches are the future of blogging because now the world is more interested in cryptocurrencies.

Today, if you want to start a blog or a youtube channel; the most profitable niches are finance, trading, investing, and crypto niches. These are the most profitable on the market but they are also the most competitive, this is why we put up the list of finest crypto niches to start this year.

The goal of this article is to break the crypto niche into a number of ever-green crypto sub-niches that will help you succeed by reducing competition. You’ve come to the perfect place, if you are seeking the most profitable and top crypto sub-niches.


If you are a beginner; picking this sort of niches might be difficult and there’s a lot of competition for sure, which means revenue will be limited. This is the reason why I compiled this list and you came here to know about these niches, the best part is; here’s a list of crypto sub-niches to work in this year along with their level of competition and how to attract initial traffic to blogs.

Without any ado, let’s get into our niche list for this year.

First, let’s know what is crypto niche before going to our list.

What is crypto niche?

As you all know, “niche” in the digital world means topic and crypto is the short form for cryptocurrencies, so the topic you can cover in cryptocurrency on your blog or website and if you want to produce video content for your audience; you can easily create video contents for youtube or other social media platforms.

Let’s know some niches you can work on for good profit.

Top 5 Crypto niches for Blogging and Youtube

5. Cryptocurrency marketing agency

If you want to create a marketing agency; you can advertise, build, or trade-in cryptocurrency because individuals are looking for ways to promote their cryptocurrency projects, people are asking these sorts of questions on google and other search engines as you can see on the image below.

5. Cryptocurrency marketing agency top search

Launching a crypto agency would be the perfect solution, many of you are familiar with what a marketing agency performs but for those who aren’t, here’s what they do; if you have a product or service that solves a problem for people, you’ll need a marketing agency to promote it since you’ll present it to the rest of the world.

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Your sole responsibility is to give the greatest product or service to your audience and the marketing agency will assist you in producing strong sales for your product, as I previously stated; crypto is entirely dependent on blockchain technology. As a crypto marketing agency, your job is to create blogs, websites and execute marketing campaigns for the companies that hired you to do so, don’t waste your time, now is the best time to establish a crypto marketing business because there is less competition in this particular field.

Do you want to also know the Best Crypto Marketing Agencies 2022?

4. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)

You can work on NFTs because they got popular in 2022, NFT stands for Non-fungible Token, These NFTs are sweeping the globe at breakneck speed as the number of digital art lovers and artists grows by the day. This popularity of NFTs has resulted in the growth of a large community that buys and sells these NFTs on various blogs, social media platforms, and forums online.

From the creation to the sale of these NFTs, there’s a large gap where you may start a blog detailing all the latest developments in the NFT sector.

Check our previous article; Free guide on how to create NFT and sell them on opensea.


NFT is a macro-niche that may be sub-divided into NFT sub-niches. If you want to know more about NFT sub-niches, please leave a comment below, so that I can gather information and prepare the finest list for you.

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If you think of starting a crypto blog, NFTs are the greatest way to keep up with what’s going on in the sector. My advice is to develop a blog, where you can keep your readers up to date on when NFTs are best to buy, how to sell NFT and other such topics.

Do you want to also earn massively from NFTs? check: How to find NFTs before they blow up? – A Comprehensive guide

3. Blogs based on Blockchain Technology

The number three on our list are blogs based on blockchain technology i.e blockchain blogs.

According to projections; the value of blockchain is expected to reach $67.4 billion by 2026. The security of blockchain technology is one of the reasons why corporations are adopting it, many organizations are contemplating using this technology to trade cryptocurrencies but, it has already been used by a number of sectors for improved operations and security.

I am confident that by the end of the year, the number of blockchain technology use cases will have increased and this is the reason why you should work on this sub-niche because blockchain is a future-proof technology and its use cases are increasing at a rapid pace. You can create a blog or a youtube channel where you can discuss basic to advance concepts in blockchain, you may start a blockchain technology blog to give excellent resources for both beginners and advanced users interested in staying current with the blockchain business.

2. Crypto Gaming

A blog or youtube channel for crypto gaming is the best option. The gaming niche in crypto is one of the best niches with a global audience, but before we go into details about this niche, let me clarify what crypto gaming is:

Crypto gaming is the blockchain where you earn rewards, expenses, or crypto tokens in one game and use them in other games to make the gaming industry more powerful. Players may also make money by participating in crypto games, this is known as a play-to-earn approach and it allows gamers to make money in a number of ways. This is why I included crypto gaming in the list so you can learn about the potential if you are a player or enjoy playing games.

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If you enjoy playing video games, this is the ideal way to earn money while doing so. A crypto niche blog or youtube channel may earn anywhere from 15 to 50 CPC, which can help you generate a lot of money as an entrepreneur.

My advice is for you to build a youtube channel first and then connect your blog to it, since you will receive more views on youtube if you get started as soon as possible.

Check and bookmark our cryptocurrency category page for gaming opportunities.

1. Crypto news blog

The number 1 crypto sub-niche is crypto news blog. Creating a blog or a youtube channel on crypto news is the ideal niche to work in the crypto market, here you may discuss all the most recent or old news articles from across the world.

You may create a platform, a blog, or a youtube channel where you can aggregate cryptocurrency and blockchain news as well as live coin values commentary, exchange reviews, and more. According to my research; more than 450,000 monthly searches are there on search engines for the term ‘crypto news’ and this means people are searching to know more about cryptocurrencies and their values.


This is a hidden opportunity to start a blog or a youtube channel in this niche and my advice is to build authority as a crypto sub-niche blogger or YouTuber.

Thank you for reading this article, comment below if you have any questions.

Notice: We put a lot of hard work and research before writing this article, if you must copy make sure you link back with a do-follow link.
You will be reported to DMCA and other relevant authorities if you copy this article and ignore to link back to the original source.

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