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Short selling and how to implement shorting within a strategy



Short selling and how to implement shorting within a strategy

Short selling in finance refers to the activity whereby a trader sells an asset that he does not own, which involves the short seller borrowing the asset and selling it in anticipation of a lower price in the Future. Once the price falls, the short seller buys the asset at a lower price and returns it to the lender, profiting from the difference between the sale and purchase price. 

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Short selling is also known as Shorting, is a trading strategy that traders use to take advantage of a bearish market. When you short, you sell a borrowed asset in the hope that its price will fall and you can buy it back later at a profit. To sell shares, a trader initiates a position by borrowing shares from a broker before immediately selling the position in the market to other buyers. To close the trade, the short seller must buy back the stock – ideally at a lower price – to repay the money lent to the broker. If the stock price falls, as the trader would expect, then the trader will record the difference in price minus fees and interest as profit. 

Short selling, as this strategy is sometimes called, is a way for traders to bet on falling prices or to protect a position. Although it seems simple, short selling is fraught with risks. If the stock price goes up instead of falling, the short seller loses money. Most short stories are about stocks, but you can short many other financial markets, for example like forex, indices and cryptocurrencies where it has become popular to sell Bitcoin. 

Why sell short?

The main advantage of short selling is that it increases the number of trading opportunities. 

The two most common reasons for short selling include: 

  • Speculation 

Investors predict stock prices in the market. They use different strategies and technical indicators to evaluate the market scenario. They predict whether the price will rise or fall based on the same level. If the price is expected to fall, the investor first sells the stock by borrowing from a broker. They then buy the same number of shares and return them to the lender, enjoying a profit in the form of the difference between the (high) selling price and the cost (low) cost of the shares. However, if speculation goes the other way, investors will incur huge losses when they initially sell at a high price and then buy at an even higher price. 

  • Hedging 
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Investors choose to sell short to avoid downside risk. As soon as they feel the expected price drop, they first sell the stocks and then buy them from the people who lend them the securities to sell short. 

Although the purpose of speculation and hedging is the same, the difference lies in the intentions of investors behind short selling. 

How does short-selling work, and what does short-selling mean? 

Short selling is a trading strategy aimed at profiting when stock prices fall. While this sounds pretty simple in theory, traders should proceed with caution. It is difficult to pinpoint profit opportunities when asset prices are falling and therefore short selling is generally a short-term strategy mostly favored by day traders. It forces traders to view individual securities or markets differently from traditional “buy and hold” investors. Short sellers should feel free to cast an already pessimistic – or bearish – outlook against the prevailing uptrend in the market.

It is often suitable for contrarian investing, as short sellers focus on strategies that most market participants disagree with. When researching potential candidates for short selling, traders often focus on fundamental analysis of a company’s finances to identify possible sources of weakness for upcoming stock, technical analysis of historical trading patterns of stocks or the formation of thematic weakness that will affect the equity sector. 

Some traders will short a stock, while others will short the entire market through trading strategies involving exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

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The following steps can help a trader to sell short: 

1. Following market trends 

When selling short, a trader must monitor market trends. In short, a bear market is an opportunistic market for short selling. A downtrending market is also a good time to sell short. If there is an uptrend, the trader should refrain from short selling as this indicates that the stock price will continue to rise for some time before correcting to its normal cycle. 

2. Pullback timing 

Timing is very important for stock traders. A retracement is a short situation in which the exact opposite of the uptrend takes place. A retracement is stagnation where the price increase stops at a certain point. This trend has two outcomes: an increase in price or a price reversal. Traders can choose to buy back the security at the pullback level or can also take profits if the price drops. 

3. Risk Awareness 

Short sellers should also be aware of the mathematical risks involved. The trader has to lose most of his investment, but he can also make a significant profit if the stock price falls. At the same time, if the price goes up, the trader not only loses the invested amount but also suffers a heavy loss. 

4. Greed 

Short selling is a very risky proposition that requires careful analysis and timing. Short selling only works in certain trends and does not last long. The market will also go back to the uptrend and will never be in the same position again. So, traders should not be greedy, always sell short, and should also hold long-term stock positions to make a profit. When trying to sell short, the trader should not make emotional decisions and should have a detailed plan to make a profit by shorting the borrowed stock. 

Finally, some traders use short selling as a precautionary measure to minimize damage to an existing long position in the event of a price drop. While the steps involved in short-selling stocks are the same, the goal is somewhat different. Short selling as part of a hedging strategy will help protect some gains or minimize losses, depending on whether the price is rising or falling. 

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How to short a stock 

Although you can buy a stock with just a few clicks, there are several steps involved when shorting a stock. And most investors can’t wake up one morning and decide to start shorting stocks. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to short stocks: 

Create a margin account with your broker. Short selling requires the use of a margin account, which allows you to borrow money to buy securities. 

Ahead of starting margin trading, you must meet the minimum requirements set by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, also known as FINRA. It should be noted that federal law generally requires short sellers to have an initial amount equal to 150% of the value of the shares they are shorting in a margin account, with a maintenance requirement typically 30%. 

Once you’ve been given permission by your broker to short a stock, you’ll need to identify the opportunity by researching the stock and because of the potential for loss, it’s very important to come up with a solid argument for why the stock price will fall – and one based on a thorough analysis of the company and its stock. 

Develop a short-term trading plan. Before undertaking any aspect of trading, you must have a plan in place to enter the trade and, equally importantly, exit the trade with a profit, taking into account the fees and interest charged on the deposited amount. get a loan. Since shorting is based on the idea that the price will fall, you also need a contingency plan to minimize losses if the stock price rises. 


Once the above steps have been completed, it’s time for you to place some money after the bet. Using stop orders for trades can make it easier to execute trades as planned without letting emotions dictate your decisions. 

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Apps you need for your Whatsapp TV business



Apps you need for your Whatsapp TV business


WhatsApp Business/TV/Media creates value by entertaining or educating their audience through their WhatsApp status by regularly posting memes, relationship posts, marketing tips, and valuable videos and content gotten from the internet; recreated by them or content created solely by them.

This cannot be done by the mere WhatsApp application, rather it can only be done by some specific applications which are required to be downloaded and utilized by WhatsApp Businesses/Media/TVs.

These apps are necessary for content creation and information marketing. They are also used to add business tags to the content created.

Note: Always add your trademark or tag to all your content.

This article is explained under the following topics:

  • Why a WhatsApp business/TV needs some essential apps to function
  • Apps you need for your WhatsApp Business/TV/Media 

Why a WhatsApp business/TV needs some essential apps to function

These apps are needed to make their business strive, save time, money, energy and also and enhance creativity.

Apps you need for your WhatsApp Business/TV/Media

WhatsApp tool

This is an app that is available on google playstore. With this app, you can send messages to different contacts at the same time. You can send as many as 500 contacts messages at the same time and can also download status videos and images to your phone.

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WhatsApp bulk sender

You can use this app to save all group contacts and message all of them at the same time in a very short period of time and it does not take time.


This is an awesome app that helps to schedule whatsApp messages to your audience in groups and on status, acting like a virtual assistant and putting your communication on autopilot.

Whatsapp autoresponder

You can set auto-reply messages for your audience coming to make inquiries from you on WhatsApp. You can also teach in more than 20 WhatsApp groups at the same time using this app.

Google contact

With this app, you can organize your contacts using labels and these labels can be exported as excel, while you can import them to other social media WhatsApp messaging apps to use them to create bulk SMS contacts.

Google contacts help you save your contacts to Gmail so that if anything happens to your phone, you will not lose your audience contacts.


Is an android video editor app in which primary functions like trimming, cutting, adding themes, music, etc. can be easily performed, beautifying your video.


This is an image and video editing app suitable for WhatsApp businesses/TVs/Media. InShot has the following features:

  • Image editing
  • Video splitting
  • Video trimming
  • Merges video clips
  • Import photos and images
  • Applying various filter effects
  • Adds music or sound effects
  • Adds voice-over effects
  • Adds animations, stickers, or text to videos

How to use InShot:

  1. Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play. 
  2. Import and edit videos and images.
  3. Add sound effects, voice-over effects, or music to it.
  4. Add text to your edited image or video.
  5. Add custom animations and stickers to your videos.
  6. Choose a suitable video resolution (480p, 720p, or even 1080p).
  7. Save and share on social media channels.
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This is a photo and video editor app basically for graphic designs, where you can design social media posts, videos, flyers, photo collages, etc. and this app has a lot of professional templates to help you edit your photos.

Steps on how to use canva

  • Create an account on
  • Select the design type of your choice or choose your design custom size.
  • Design from scratch or choose a design template.
  • Edit the design.
  • Download your design when you are done.


This is one of the best video editing apps that enables the drag-n-drop technique in order to import different media files with ease. KineMaster provides certain levels of control when editing to create quality videos. Different transitions can be added in between video fragments, or insert blocks of text or subtitles.

KineMaster has the following features:

  • Several video layers, stickers, text, and images.
  • Keyframe animation tool to add motion to layers.
  • Voiceovers, voice changers, sound effects, and background music.
  • Create beautiful effects with a blending mode.


This is an advanced photo editing application designed to be operated via touch first, offering a near-desktop experience in terms of editing.

Snapseed features include:

  • Enhance structure and sharpening.
  • Advanced color curves.
  • Advanced white balance controls.
  • Crop and rotation with guides.
  • Perspective changes.
  • Expanding feature.
  • Brush and selective edits.
  • Healing feature.
  • Double exposure feature.
  • Text support feature.
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How to use Snapseed:

  • Download the Snapseed app and open it on your device.
  • Open Snapseed and give the app permission to access your photos.
  • Tap the plus (+) sign to open your photo library within the Snapseed app.
  • Scroll through your photos and choose one to edit. The photo will open on your screen with an editing menu below.

Sticker maker

Sticker maker is an app needed for WhatsApp TVs in order to create and send personalized stickers on WhatsApp. 


This app crops and shortens images to fit your social media profiles and also supports manual adjustment of size and rotation while uploading or sending it on WhatsApp. 

The WhatsCrop app automatically adjusts the image size to be the maximum size without losing any part.


Direct chat app allows users to create chat heads for any app or messenger, providing users with a convenient conversation experience without interrupting their current tasks on their devices.


WtsAppy is the essential Android app needed for WhatsApp users who like to save time and dive into WhatsApp chat without saving a number to the contacts.

Go to call logs and select an unsaved number, then click on share “Share to WtsAppy” to start chatting with any unsaved number directly from call logs or directly copy/paste the number into WtsAppy App.


In order to run a successful WhatsApp business/media, the apps listed above are important to have in order to be able to leverage the business, giving your audience the appropriate and required values.

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What they don’t teach you in business schools: Kickstarting your career right



What they don't teach you in business schools


You’ve graduated — now what? Business is such a broad topic that you’re not entirely sure what path to pursue, what’s your ideal job, or if you’re going to be able to live up to society’s expectations. Eventually, you find yourself fine-tuning your CV, applying to several positions, and taking your first interviews.

You get plenty of “nos”, you have emotional ups and downs, you learn to deal with rejection, move on to the next interviews and finally get your first job offer. Now it gets real—how can you maximize your odds of success?

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Kickstarting your career right

Forget about salary, there are 3 things that really matter in your first 5 working years. Do this right and build the foundation for a successful career.

1. Specialize in a function or a sector, depending on your ambitions. 

Coming out of a business school, it’s fairly easy to fall under the “generalist” umbrella and do a bit of everything. In fact, should you aim to become an entrepreneur, grow your business, and aspire to high management positions, it’s great to be knowledgeable about many things. However, for the common mortal, being a generalist can be a very dangerous trap.

Specializing in the right function will help to increase your market value. Become an expert in a field that has enough market demand and won’t become obsolete any time soon (i.e. not easily automated with technology). Your employer will have more trouble replacing you and other employers will chase you.

It will cost your employer more to find and coach talent for that function than to increase your salary. Keep an eye on other job openings for the same function and level of experience, know your market value, and leverage good personal momentums to negotiate better conditions.

Cross-sector employers whose experts have left will need to find a skilled and experienced workforce to keep up with the quality standards they’re used to. This is particularly true in functions related to critical business processes. They know the cost of finding and coaching talent from scratch and they won’t be shy to offer attractive packages to experienced externals who can bring fresh ideas from other organizations.

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In a nutshell, specializing in a function will enable you to increase your market value and your bargaining power with your existing and external (cross-sector!) employers.

Specializing in a sector can be highly valuable as well. However, this might take longer to be monetized and might not be the best move in the beginning of your career. It depends on your ambitions. Let’s look at the pros and cons.


If you’re in a business development position this can be extremely fruitful. Why? You will develop a valuable network of contacts from customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues that can help you make different moves within the sector — to competitors, suppliers, or other players within the ecosystem (in the internal market, or even abroad).

If you’re in a marketing position, you will understand very well the market, the personas that buy this type of products and services, what ticks them, how to please them, how to acquire them as customers, retain them, as well as up-and, cross-sell them. This can be very valuable.

If you’re in a strategic position, you will have a very good helicopter view of market trends, challenges, opportunities, barriers, competition, and positioning. You will know what has worked/hasn’t worked when launching new products and services, when tapping into new markets, when creating new departments, teams, etc. You will have many learnings, and a personal view on several topics, and your experience will be highly valued by management teams in the sector – especially if you’ve done this type of work for different companies.

If the sector is not in a good shape, not growing, or even getting obsolete, your experience won’t be as valuable when you decide to move to different sectors. In those cases, it’s useful to be very good at a function.

If you don’t aspire to management positions, it might be a waste of time to become an expert in a given sector, as those positions are usually where you can more easily monetize your experience. Unless you’re very good in a function within a given sector. In that case, particularly if that function is technical, the odds are that your profile is scarce and your salary is high. However, you might be stuck to that company and that function for a long time (depending on your contractual non-compete clauses). It really depends on your ambitions.

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Your network and expertise might become constrained to a given sector, making your decision to move somewhere else more difficult. But that’s the sunk cost trap — don’t fall for that. If your sector is in decline, better move on to healthier sectors, even if that means starting from scratch.

2. Build and nurture a strong network.

Never underestimate the power of a strong network. Why? Networks are valuable sources of knowledge that you can always learn from, their career moves might inspire your future career moves, also they need trustworthy and loyal people to work in their teams (you!).

They might become your future customers, partners, or suppliers, they can connect you with someone you need to connect with. Never take your network for granted.

Know who you can really count on during tough times, don’t take the lack of answers personally, everyone is busy. Be patient and give your network compelling reasons to answer you back.

Give content to your network. Give them good reasons to think about you. Be proactive in contacting them (without asking them for favors but rather providing them with information that might be relevant for them).

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3. Control what you can control.

During the first 5 years, your career path will start to unfold, you will learn a lot on the job, and there will be many uncertainties as well as things you won’t be able to control — a boss you don’t like, a boring project, lazy team mates, unfair lack of promotions, you name it. However, there are 3 things you can control that will massively improve your odds of success in any organization.

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A) How engaged you are

Always be proactive and understand the bigger picture when performing your projects and tasks.

Be curious, ask questions and show interest in company-wide initiatives, the work of your colleagues, the overarching company goals, etc. Offer help to your colleagues and take initiative in leading different projects. Take notes, listen, and contribute timely with your ideas.

B) How open you are

Be approachable, show receptiveness to feedback and give constructive feedback to your peers — pick the right words, know what style to apply to each person, and you shall earn their respect.

Be respectful but straightforward. Say what you’ve got to say. Don’t be just a Yes Man. Challenge the status quo but don’t be just a negative person — bring solutions.

Sharing is caring. Share your learnings, your thoughts, your ideas. Help your peers. Embrace collaboration.

Be open to new challenges, new initiatives, and new lines of thought. Understand that the world is changing and you also need to change with it. Be adaptive, resilient and you shall survive.

C) How educated you are

Seek knowledge 24/7. Learn from your colleagues, your boss, and your company’s leaders.

“Google it,” read newspapers, magazines, and articles. Listen to podcasts. Read books. Write your own notes. Never settle for average.

Share your knowledge with your peers and leverage it to contribute with new ideas in brainstorming sessions and workshops.

Have your business on top of your mind when learning new things. Think creatively — how can those learnings apply to your company? Think outside of the box.

To sum it up, kickstarting a career will rarely be smooth and it’s an ongoing learning process. However, I’ve learned that the above-mentioned 3 points can substantially maximize your odds of success. Keep those in mind and the rest will come naturally.

Specialize in function or a sector.

Build and nurture a strong network.

Control what you can control — be engaged, open, and educated.

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How to use Tiktok to grow your business – A complete guide



How to use Tiktok to grow your business - A complete guide

Want to know how to use TikTok for your business and tips to increase your TikTok success? 

In April 2022, Statista shows that more than half of the world uses social networks. The site also shows an upward trend in average daily social media time spent. Their data indicate that moderate social media use has increased steadily over the past decade, from 90 minutes to about 150 minutes per capita. 

From a business perspective, the staggering numbers of social media users show us that social media is a great breeding ground. Every business can reach its potential audience in this huge swimming pool. So any company that aims to grow in the short and long term ignores the vitality of the company’s existence, and its notoriety on social media platforms is making an important mistake.

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You may have heard about TikTok from teens and at first sight, you might think that TikTok belongs to young teenagers and has nothing to do with business. and it’s just for show and fun! But the truth is, it has more uses than just spending time and having fun scrolling through the app. 

This guide will show you everything you need to know to create a TikTok account and start using it to grow your business.

What is TikTok? 

TikTok is a great social media video app for creating and editing short videos. It differs from Instagram in that users can only share videos, and it differs from YouTube in that the clips are usually short (15-60 seconds). What makes it stand out and attractive is the number of video editing features: filters, stickers, augmented reality, music, and other adjustments. It’s a self-expression app, driven by creativity and community, with 500 million monthly active users from around the world.

Tiktok logo

For example, one of the capabilities offered by TikTok for marketing purposes might include the use of the “TikTok Takeover” function. This way, you are sure that your brand will be seen by more people without spending a lot of time and effort on content creation!

  • Almost 90% of TikTok users are under the age of 50.
  • Present your product creatively in your video, in good lighting.
  • Stay up to date with TikTok trends so you can join in too, such as “Verify Small Business Owners” and more. 
  • Engage your audience through comments and create a strong bond between you and them. 
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Encourage your audience to also create content that responds to your content to showcase your brand in some way. 

Social media has provided a platform for business owners and entrepreneurs to advertise their business and reach their target audience and one of the social media platforms has exploded recently TikTok. Previously, the platform was dominated by teenagers, but recently it has attracted the attention of young people, making it a prime target for any brand looking to increase profits. 

Type of advertisement on Tiktok

 TopView Ads 

TopView Ads ensures your audience doesn’t miss a thing by appearing first on their “For You” feed. Their format is very similar to in-feed ads. TopView ads maximize your brand visibility. 

Brand Takeover Ads 

Brand takeovers allow a brand to take control of the app for a day. To reach a larger audience and drive sales, consider a brand takeover on TikTok. Brand takeover ads play onscreen for a few seconds and then turn into in-app video ads. They are also displayed on the “page for you” as videos. 

The most common format for brand takeovers on TikTok is a full-screen ad that links to a landing page or hashtag challenge. This type of ad is a very effective way to engage customers and create great brand awareness.

However, this is not the only type of advertising you can use to reach large numbers.

In Feed Ads 

If you love full-screen Instagram ads and think its approach fits your brand, TikTok’s native in-feed ads could be the choice suitable for you. You will be able to add a link to your website in these ads. Of course, like all ads, native in-feed ads have a “skip” feature for users who aren’t interested. 

With this type of ad, you have several design options. You’ll be able to measure the engagement you’re getting with this ad type as well as the total number of views, watch time, clicks, and impressions. Native ads in your feed can be between 5 and 15 seconds long. The video must be in portrait format and it will show up on the “For You” page of a TikTok user. 

There are call-to-action options like visits to your website and app downloads. 

Branding Effects 

Branding Effects are similar to branded hashtag challenges in encouraging user-generated content. Brands can create shareable brand filters, effects, and stickers that the public can use with Brand Effects. 

Branded Hashtag Challenge 

To create a successful Branded Hashtag Challenge on a video-sharing site, you need to understand the fundamentals of the platform. You need to create a fun and unique hashtag challenge for maximum success. While you might not have thought of doing it yourself, the best hashtag challenges for brands are user and cause-related. 

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In addition, the brand must be able to make the challenge natural and not too promotional. In addition to increasing brand visibility, hashtag challenges can also help promote your content to the community. Brands can increase hashtag reach by engaging with established creators. 

Increasing engagement helps algorithms decide if the content is worth pushing. 

To find influencers who can increase the reach of your videos, you can check out TRIBE. Here you will find influential creators who will gladly promote your brand. In this type of challenge, users have to complete specific tasks and tag videos with a branded hashtag. We recommend using hashtags #brand to reward influencers who promote your brand to make it more appealing. You can then measure the success of your campaign. 

To promote your branded hashtag challenge on TikTok, you can use different techniques. First, you can use paid advertising. They are the cheapest way to promote your brand on the platform. They also allow you to set a budget. You can use it to create ad campaigns or ad groups. The more people you get into the challenge, the more people will see your content. 

As with any social media platform, advertising can help you reach a wide range of users on the platform.TikTok also offers precise targeting so you can make sure your ads reach exactly the users who are interested in what you have to offer. 

Brand Call-to-Action 

Before creating a TikTok marketing campaign, you need to know your target audience. Research your social media audience and identify subgroups of users with similar interests. Once you know the type of content your target audience likes, you can brainstorm content ideas that will appeal to them. 

Remember that TikTok users are generally young and tech-savvy. Make your TikTok ads light and fun while showcasing your brand and its values. Also, make sure your ad is up to date as viewers may skip your video if it’s not relevant to current trends and fads. Stay ahead of the competition by tracking trends and keeping your campaigns relevant to your audience. Include captions, as they will make your content more accessible. 

You can also use in-app ads to insert your video content directly into the user’s FYP. This type of advertising is cheaper than other TikTok advertising products. Make sure your TikTok ads contain a compelling call-to-action that inspires users to take action. 

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Why use Tiktok for your business?

Here are the benefits you need when using TikTok for your business: 

1. Increase brand awareness 

Similarly, TikTok offers opportunities to increase brand awareness. An important method of increasing brand awareness on the platform is through the use of hashtags, which allow content creators to keep up with popular trends and draw significant traction from their posts. surname. Like Twitter and other social media platforms, TikTok allows users to browse videos based on trending topics and hashtags. This means that, by tailoring your content to popular trends, you can dramatically increase the number of views your videos get. 

2. Partnering with Influencers 

In regards to building brand awareness, there are many opportunities to work with influencers to promote your brand, products or services. Reaching influencers with a large audience can help your business reach a much larger audience. TikTok has really helped streamline this process for businesses by creating a TikTok Creator Marketplace with analytics to help businesses find the right influencers for them. 

3. Leverage user-generated content 

A great feature of TikTok is that it allows users to reuse content posted by other creators, using ‘duets’ and ‘duets’ features. sew’. This means that companies can effectively launch campaigns based on the backing of other creators at a relatively low cost. 

4. Reach Your Target Market Faster 

While a presence on any popular social media platform can be a great way to engage customers, TikTok user engagement trends show it’s the best value-for-money app for businesses. The app has 50 million daily active users in the US, with users spending an average of 33 minutes per day. This puts it just behind Facebook in terms of daily engagement. This effectively means you can reach a larger audience much faster by creating a presence on the platform. 

How to create a usiness account on Tiktok

  • Download and open the TikTok app. 
  • Create a new personal account. 
  • You can use your email or sign in with your Google, Twitter, or Facebook account. 
  • Tap Me in the lower-right corner, then tap Edit Profile. Here you can add profile pictures and profiles, as well as links to other social accounts. 
  • To switch to a business account, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner, then tap Manage Accounts. 
  • Tap Switch to Pro account and choose between Business or Creator. 
  • Now choose the category that best describes your brand and press Next. 
  • Finally, add a website and email address to your profile. 

That’s it, You’ve just created a TikTok business account.

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