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Reconnect with yourself – Best Motivational Article ever!



Reconnect with yourself

You might probably be looking for answers to the following:

  • How to reconnect with yourself daily?
  • How to reconnect with yourself again?
  • How to emotionally reconnect with yourself?
  • How to reconnect with yourself after trauma?
  • Reddit pages to reconnect with yourself
  • Quotes to reconnect with yourself

Remember the time you wanted more.

Remember the time when there were people in your life that did not believe in you.

Remeber the time when you honestly gave up on the possibilities of the uniqueness that you had inside.

Remember there was a time when you complained so much, but yet did so little that comes to appoint in your life that you must recognize and that there’s a little bit more that has to be done than just complaining about it.

So many people are suffering from so many things in this world at this moment but yet you are complaining, so many people in this world right now wish they could trade places with you but yet you are still complaining. You don’t have that right to give up, you don’t have that right to just throw in the towel and say that it is over for you.

Reconnect with yourself

You have to realize that you don’t have any other opportunities waiting for you if you are not willing to work for the first opportunity that has been given to you. You dont have a lot of time left, so there’s no reason to complain. You are not even in the position to complain. You have to figure out that there has to be another about you and you have to understand that there’s something even greater and more challenging waiting for you.

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If you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone, if you are not willing to understand that the principles and the possibilities that you have within yourself then everything that you are thriving for, everything that you are hungry for will soon come to an end.

I’m not here to preach to you about this, I’m here to let you know that there are things that are going on around you right now that are far greater than you are complaining. You complaining so much but yet you show no action. If you could trade places with someone right now and the person that you are trading places with may have just a little bit tougher than you have it going on in your life now.

How to reconnect with yourself after trauma?

How to reconnect with yourself after trauma?

Dear readers, you have to understand that the reason you are existing in this world right now is because you have things that must be done and only certain people who are qualified can take it ot the level it needs to be taken to.

There should never be a limitation to whereever it is that you seeking and how far you are willing to travel and how far you are willing to go.

Sometimes people tend to get a little lazy, sometimes people like to put themselves in this little bitty box and just say that they are okay with where they are, They are there can never be an okay to anything when it comes to life, there should never be a complacent mindset.

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How do we evolve? How do you evolve? How do you grow? One thing about success there are going to be many struggles, there are going to be many challenges, and there going to be many challenges, and there are going to be many things that you may not even understand, but you got to go back to where it started.

Remember, when you want it more because you cannot satisft your hunger with negative energy. Being negative doesn’t help you to grow, being doubtful doesn’t give you the power that you need. You have to come to a point in your life that you must realize that there are things that are going on that is testing you.

Emotionally reconnect with yourself

Emotionally reconnect with yourself

You may be in a position where you feel that you are broken or you are feeling that you are going to be broken, well I’m here to let you know that you are built to last, I’m here to let you know that you don’t have the right to complain anymore. I’m here to let you know that you got to keep on living and living on strong.

I dare you to take a trip to your local hospital and if you have an opportunity to walk down those corridorsand witness so many different people, different age groups, different ethnicities., and each one of this individuals are fighting something. They are dealing with some type of sickness and some of these sicknesses; they may not be able to recover from.

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I dare you to walk down the neighborhood where there are many people that are homeless and have no place to go, no food to eat, barely even have clothes on their backs. I dare you to realize that maybe you just don’t have it so bad after all, maybe it is time for you to realize and recognize that your troubles are not that bad.

Maybe it is time that you realize that you need to get away from the drama that is in your life, maybe it is time for you to stop chasing misery and start chasing your dreams. Reconnect with yourself because this is not the time for you to be wasted. put yourself back and start pushing yourself forward.

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Download ‘Reconnect with yourself’ E-book

“Reconnecting With Yourself: A Guide To Finding A Truer You” is an excellent self-improvement book written by Yvonne Glasgow.  Use the download button below to get your copy from Amazon.

Share this article to anyone who is trying to reconnect with theirselves! Thanks for reading.

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Short selling and how to implement shorting within a strategy



Short selling and how to implement shorting within a strategy

Short selling in finance refers to the activity whereby a trader sells an asset that he does not own, which involves the short seller borrowing the asset and selling it in anticipation of a lower price in the Future. Once the price falls, the short seller buys the asset at a lower price and returns it to the lender, profiting from the difference between the sale and purchase price. 

Table of Contents


Short selling is also known as Shorting, is a trading strategy that traders use to take advantage of a bearish market. When you short, you sell a borrowed asset in the hope that its price will fall and you can buy it back later at a profit. To sell shares, a trader initiates a position by borrowing shares from a broker before immediately selling the position in the market to other buyers. To close the trade, the short seller must buy back the stock – ideally at a lower price – to repay the money lent to the broker. If the stock price falls, as the trader would expect, then the trader will record the difference in price minus fees and interest as profit. 

Short selling, as this strategy is sometimes called, is a way for traders to bet on falling prices or to protect a position. Although it seems simple, short selling is fraught with risks. If the stock price goes up instead of falling, the short seller loses money. Most short stories are about stocks, but you can short many other financial markets, for example like forex, indices and cryptocurrencies where it has become popular to sell Bitcoin. 

Why sell short?

The main advantage of short selling is that it increases the number of trading opportunities. 

The two most common reasons for short selling include: 

  • Speculation 

Investors predict stock prices in the market. They use different strategies and technical indicators to evaluate the market scenario. They predict whether the price will rise or fall based on the same level. If the price is expected to fall, the investor first sells the stock by borrowing from a broker. They then buy the same number of shares and return them to the lender, enjoying a profit in the form of the difference between the (high) selling price and the cost (low) cost of the shares. However, if speculation goes the other way, investors will incur huge losses when they initially sell at a high price and then buy at an even higher price. 

  • Hedging 
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Investors choose to sell short to avoid downside risk. As soon as they feel the expected price drop, they first sell the stocks and then buy them from the people who lend them the securities to sell short. 

Although the purpose of speculation and hedging is the same, the difference lies in the intentions of investors behind short selling. 

How does short-selling work, and what does short-selling mean? 

Short selling is a trading strategy aimed at profiting when stock prices fall. While this sounds pretty simple in theory, traders should proceed with caution. It is difficult to pinpoint profit opportunities when asset prices are falling and therefore short selling is generally a short-term strategy mostly favored by day traders. It forces traders to view individual securities or markets differently from traditional “buy and hold” investors. Short sellers should feel free to cast an already pessimistic – or bearish – outlook against the prevailing uptrend in the market.

It is often suitable for contrarian investing, as short sellers focus on strategies that most market participants disagree with. When researching potential candidates for short selling, traders often focus on fundamental analysis of a company’s finances to identify possible sources of weakness for upcoming stock, technical analysis of historical trading patterns of stocks or the formation of thematic weakness that will affect the equity sector. 

Some traders will short a stock, while others will short the entire market through trading strategies involving exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

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The following steps can help a trader to sell short: 

1. Following market trends 

When selling short, a trader must monitor market trends. In short, a bear market is an opportunistic market for short selling. A downtrending market is also a good time to sell short. If there is an uptrend, the trader should refrain from short selling as this indicates that the stock price will continue to rise for some time before correcting to its normal cycle. 

2. Pullback timing 

Timing is very important for stock traders. A retracement is a short situation in which the exact opposite of the uptrend takes place. A retracement is stagnation where the price increase stops at a certain point. This trend has two outcomes: an increase in price or a price reversal. Traders can choose to buy back the security at the pullback level or can also take profits if the price drops. 

3. Risk Awareness 

Short sellers should also be aware of the mathematical risks involved. The trader has to lose most of his investment, but he can also make a significant profit if the stock price falls. At the same time, if the price goes up, the trader not only loses the invested amount but also suffers a heavy loss. 

4. Greed 

Short selling is a very risky proposition that requires careful analysis and timing. Short selling only works in certain trends and does not last long. The market will also go back to the uptrend and will never be in the same position again. So, traders should not be greedy, always sell short, and should also hold long-term stock positions to make a profit. When trying to sell short, the trader should not make emotional decisions and should have a detailed plan to make a profit by shorting the borrowed stock. 

Finally, some traders use short selling as a precautionary measure to minimize damage to an existing long position in the event of a price drop. While the steps involved in short-selling stocks are the same, the goal is somewhat different. Short selling as part of a hedging strategy will help protect some gains or minimize losses, depending on whether the price is rising or falling. 

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How to short a stock 

Although you can buy a stock with just a few clicks, there are several steps involved when shorting a stock. And most investors can’t wake up one morning and decide to start shorting stocks. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to short stocks: 

Create a margin account with your broker. Short selling requires the use of a margin account, which allows you to borrow money to buy securities. 

Ahead of starting margin trading, you must meet the minimum requirements set by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, also known as FINRA. It should be noted that federal law generally requires short sellers to have an initial amount equal to 150% of the value of the shares they are shorting in a margin account, with a maintenance requirement typically 30%. 

Once you’ve been given permission by your broker to short a stock, you’ll need to identify the opportunity by researching the stock and because of the potential for loss, it’s very important to come up with a solid argument for why the stock price will fall – and one based on a thorough analysis of the company and its stock. 

Develop a short-term trading plan. Before undertaking any aspect of trading, you must have a plan in place to enter the trade and, equally importantly, exit the trade with a profit, taking into account the fees and interest charged on the deposited amount. get a loan. Since shorting is based on the idea that the price will fall, you also need a contingency plan to minimize losses if the stock price rises. 


Once the above steps have been completed, it’s time for you to place some money after the bet. Using stop orders for trades can make it easier to execute trades as planned without letting emotions dictate your decisions. 

Was this article helpful? let’s know in the comments.

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Financial Motivation

How to overcome debt no matter how much you have



How to overcome debt no matter how much you have

It is never the end of the road when it boils down to debt, debt settlement, or getting out of debt. You might have tried out so many plans and strategies over time all may seem not to work out because of your earnings or how much you have. 

Table of Contents


Overcoming debt can be tackled by taking smart decisions and with all the right strategies put in place, you would be walking out of debts with all ease and within a short minimum bear time thus reducing how much you owe. 

This article will explore you to working towards your debt and commanding it to varnish from the entrance of your house with immediate effect. Just kidding!!! 

Regardless of what you have, there is always an option to win over debts, so get started by reading through in order to become debt free forever.

Estimate your total debt

This is a go-to point and also a starter to overcoming your debt, you need to remember that to solve a problem you need to get down to the root cause. Many tend to look away from this but one way to know exactly what step to take is to have a sum of what you owe. This will help you have a goal of the exact amount that must be cleared off within a possible time frame. 

Start by collecting all the names of the people you owe, call your bank and ask them the sum of everything and finally get down to the total of the debts. 

By doing this, you are creating a strategy and having a single list to overcome those bulky loads of debts. Make orderliness your backup by customizing your list starting with the names, the type of debt owed, the interest rate on each, the payment terms and duration, and also the minimum monthly payment. 

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Make a list of how to start paying your debt

When it comes to making a list of priorities for your debt this is called the Avalanche method. With debts that are concerned with a high-interest rate that has accrued themselves over time, this fallback method is for you. The avalanche method helps you to pay off your interest rates thereby putting the most expensive ones at the top of the list and thus continuing downward to the least of the interest rates that need to be attended to. 

In addition, some may take pleasure in starting with smaller debts and then proceed to the next which looks higher. This is known as the Debt snowball method but here is the takeaway; do what motivates you. You have two methods to choose from: either starting with the debt of high-interest rate and journeying downward or picking up the smallest interest rate and going higher.

Stay out of accruing more debt

If you want to overcome your debt, do not add to the list of debt active because when you do there won’t be a possibility of getting out of it no matter the duration. 

Take away tip here: Stop accruing more debts to yourself!!!

You might be faced with the temptation to take on more debts but do not oblige as this has just one result; doing you more harm than good. Also by considering the amount you have, stay off the track of accruing more debts and put the situation under a halt. 

Exceed your minimum payment

This point is appearing on the list because it is one of the prerequisites to overcoming your loan more quicker than you expect. If this is right, then you might be thinking of the steps right?

By paying more than the minimum, you will be saved from the shell of paying high-interest rates that may accrue with time in order words this helps your interest rate on debt to be cut down and also the amount of time required to pay off the fees/debt will decrease and finally, you can take a breath.

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For example, if you have a debt of #300,000 with a 12% annual percentage rate (ARP), when you pay a sum of #5,300 approximately in a month it will cost you #144,850 total interest and this will take up to 7 years to be paid off. But if you increase the monthly payment to #7,900 every month your interest rate will go down to a minimal sum of #79,207.23 and thus will take up to 4 years to clear the debt. 

Create an Emergency fund

In life, there are uncertainties and different things that happen unexpectedly which can range from sudden pay cut to losing a job, pandemic, paying hospital bills, school fees, and so on. Emergency funds are funds that are created to tackle these uncertainties thus meeting every requirement needed to clear off the debts that may show forth as the journey through life. 

While the common trend is 3 to 6 months, make it a point of duty to stick to the process so it can be your resort later. 

Read more about Emergency funds here.

Cut down extravagant lifestyle

You don’t need this or what more, this causes more damage than repair. This is also one of the strategies for overcoming the accumulation of debt. 

A form of irresponsible spending on things that aren’t valuable no matter how much you have will always end you up in the hole of debt. In addition, bad habits can also contribute greatly; if what you love doing is gambling, a big loss can lead you to a big debt and finally into a big mess.

Living below your means and spending less money on watches, clothing, accessories, utilities, and subscription can help you get out of debt quickly. On a final note here lies the kind of house or apartment you live in, before delving into this try to look at what you have and don’t go beyond your means.

At all times, “Put in your horns” where necessary. 

Discuss with your bank how to reduce your interest rate

Pick your phone and explain to your bank why you would like to fall back on a lower interest rate. To do this start by pointing out your history with the company and mention your good credit and on-time payment history so far and if it seems things are not working out initially be patient and call again some other time; make sure to stay diligent and try all possible best to speak with someone in higher authority in the bank. 

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If the bank refuses to lower your interest rate after so much deliberation and discussion, try opting in for another benefit that could make you remain as their customer thus they possibly might offer you a bonus point or additional incentives. 

Have a WHY

Having a reason why you need to overcome your debt no matter how much you have can be your driving need and zeal to clear those debts which you have accrued one way or the other. 

Having a list of debt may be mind-boggling most times but reflecting on the reason why you need to overcome it as soon as possible will enable you to take a stance toward walking out of the debt. 


On a final note, no matter how much your earnings are or even how much you have, there is always a way to overcome your debt without accruing more debts and or more interest rates. Overcoming debts doesn’t have to be improbable instead follow every piece of point listed above and strive towards getting out of debt and building financial wellness for yourself and your family. It’s never too late to take action. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation can be defined as the process where an individual adds up debts from different creditors and take out a single loan to pay them all possible at a reduced interest rate and a lower monthly payment. 

What is Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement can be defined as the process of negotiating with your creditors to settle a specific debt for less than what is owed.

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5 things you will never regret doing



5 things you will never regret doing

Below is a list of 5 things you will never regret doing, number 4 is very important. Kindly drop a comment below if there are other options you will like us to add.

Table of Contents

5 things you will never regret doing

1. Going to the Gym

Exercise is very vital to health and generally to the whole body system ranging from good heart health, increasing muscle mass, and reducing the risk of certain health conditions which can be detrimental to helping you manage your weight, improving your mood, and making you look younger and active. Isn’t that interesting? 

Going to the Gym

Your role is to focus and enjoy all these benefits for yourself. You can go to the gym and carry out some physical exercise which includes the use of cardiovascular equipment such as climbing stairs, rowing machines and spin bikes. Others can include strength training to keep the bones healthy and focusing on body workouts. 

Some of the benefits of going to the gym can include:

  • Strengthening the heart
  • Burning of calories 
  • Making you feel better
  • Helping you to control weight 
  • Fighting health conditions and detrimental diseases. 
  • Promoting better sleep and the list goes on and on…

Watch the video below to know more about the benefits of going to the gym

2. Spending time with your family

Family is always number one and they must not be replaced by anything, as an individual they must be your priority in everything and everyday life. Family bond is what can help us to scale through the hurdles of life, family should always be there to support and this can only happen when you spend more time with them. 

Spend time with family

Family is a special gift that must be cherished always because they are always there when we fall. 

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What then are the advantages of spending quality time with our families? 

  • It strengthens the family bond: By going for outdoor activities, gardening, sports activities, go hiking, and going to recreational centers during leisure can help build families closer thereby increasing the bond between them. You don’t have to acquire bigger money or capital before doing these sorts, in your little way make the bond grow stronger by doing some activities that can be fun-filled. 
  • It improves children’s physical, mental and academic performance: To improve the excellence of the physical, mental and academic performance of a child or subject, a child will need his or her parent. Spending quality time with your child will help the child to develop and this has a positive effect on the well-being, growth, and development by encouraging the child always, giving attention to their activities at school and outside school will boost the child’s performance sporadically. 
  • Reduction in violence: When parents have an intimate relationship with their ward, this will help reduce the rise of violence in society and the country at large. There are periods in the life of a child that is very crucial and without a proper check at this moment it can lead to violence and bring about nuisance in the public.  A conversation with someone who cares and can understand them can help calm them down and feel less frustrated and perturbed. 
  • Less chance of drug abuse and misuse of drugs: Teenage children who spend time with their parents are less likely to be engaged in the misuse of taking drugs and abusing these substances. The effect of these drugs can range from deteriorating mental, physical, and emotional health. Parents’ role can help reduce the abuse of these substances. 
  • Promotes happiness and greater confidence: Looking to boost the confidence of every member of your family then opt-in to spending quality time with them. Build self-esteem and make everyone in the family valuable. 
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3. Building your own business

Starting or running your own business will require you to go out of your comfort zone and try out something new. According to research conducted by Alliance, about 76% of people who took a decision to run their own business ended up being happy that they did. 

Start a business

There are many benefits attached to running your own business and these can include:

  • Financial Independence: Starting a business may look tough at first but it has several benefits than falling back on either salary or wages. With determination, hard work and perseverance the business will soon get off the ground and make you achieve the independence you’re sorting after moreover the ultimate goal of starting out the business is to achieve financial independence. 
  • You will be able to control your schedule and lifestyle: The sky is your starting point when you are your own boss, starting from having a flexible lifestyle, and creating time for yourself and loved ones. Despite the fact, that you still have much work to do nobody’s controlling you to make sure you do their job in their own time or their own way. 
  • Make you creative: Each day of your life brings you an exciting opportunity to engage your passion for what you love doing best. Knowing fully well you’ve decided to take your own future is exciting. Rather than following the trend of others, you can do something different or something new to spice up your business. What are you waiting for? 
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4. Not caring about what others think of you

Inasmuch as Human beings love to crave for Intimacy, connection, and relationships, what if caring about what think about you is pulling you back then it’s time you opt-out from that zone.

Not caring about what others think about you

Some tips to opt out include:

  • Try Affirmations
  • Don’t compare yourself with anyone 
  • Don’t tend to please everyone

5. Learning a new skill

In this present age and in a kind of environment where technology is advancing daily, having a skill will pave more way for you than a certificate. Most of the known affluent men and women in the world today developed a skill earlier and that has made them to become who they are. Do not boast on that 9-5 job that you have today engage yourself in a skill even if you don’t need it now. 

Learn a skill

Many lost their jobs in 2020 as a result of the effect of COVID and many couldn’t return to their job they lost it but those who had skills never felt rejected they built on what they have and they are happy such an opportunity came in order for them to discover their purpose and finally find happiness to do what they love. 

Life is all about learning new things and learning a skill will always give you an edge over situations, and challenges and distinguish you for success in any work you find yourself. 

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