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Affiliate links are a system used by our marketing management to help you market a platform that has been verified by our team as legit to as many prospects are out there and also enable them to sign up using your affiliate link of which you get bonus compensation for every person that Activates packages on the platform.

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Why should you promote your Business using our Blog?

If you are a business owner, vendor, or a random affiliate marketer and you are tired of low sales/turn up and wants to boost up sales, then David Genix is the best option for you as our traffics are targeted and verified.

Why do I gain after subscribing to the promote Page ?

It opens up an opportunity for you by spreading much awareness about your platform. Let prospects sign up with your link and you get the necessary commission for each person when they activate packages.

We use a system of metrics to ascertain if your link is due for removal or renewal by actually calculating the number of persons that have signed up with your link so far and how many hours it has been placed on the website. We have temporary packages; depending 24 – 48 hrs and we have 72hrs+, depends on the amount you paid and the briefs of contracts agreed upon.

What if I pay for it and at the expiration of the contract I don’t get as much referrals as expected?

In that case, you might be required to OPT for renewal or subscribe for longer service as the advantage is higher.

You do so by filling a manual form which will be provided at the bottom of this page.

When filled, you are required to submit and you are expected to wait for feedback from us for confirmation if the link is actually available as lots of clients may also be applying for the same slots in recent times.

You get feedback from us on the next step to follow, if it’s available you are expected to pay the agreed price into the bank details in the email address and forward it to any representative of the platform on WhatsApp or to the official email of the website.

Promote Form

To promote your article, kindly reach us via or

Disclaimer: We do not accept a link if somebody else has already opted for it via our website and It is with appropriate sanctioning we bring to your notice that no refunds of fees after payment once the contract is expired your link may be taken off or renewed.