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Pi Network mainnet migration date



Pi Network mainnet migration date

You might be wondering when Pi Network mainnet migration date is. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Pi Network Project.

Table of Contents


Pioneers around the world have been waiting for the actual migration to mainnet.  This is the time when pioneers of the Pi network can actually utilize the Pi coin as planned and designed.

Although, many have stopped mining, and even some have gone a step further to delete the app. Despite this, the number of pioneers has risen to over 35 million people actively mining. 

This article is divided into the following topics:

  1. What is Pi?
  2. Is Pi free money?
  3. How does the Pi web work?
  4. How can you earn more Pi per hour?
  5. Does my app also mine Pi coins when I close or leave the app?
  6. How to download Pi app?
  7. What are security circles and what are they good for?
  8. Is Pi legit or a scam?
  9. Can you mine on more than one device?
  10. Is the Pi app actually something like a cryptocurrency wallet?
  11. How can I withdraw my Pi coins? 
  12. How do I migrate my Pi balance to my mainnet wallet?
  13. When is Pi network mainnet migration date?

What is Pi?

Pi is a cryptocurrency network/digital currency project which goal/objective is to make and keep cryptocurrency mining attainable and available.

What is Pi?

Is Pi free money?

Pi is not free money. But if you think about it, it is actually free money to some extent. You can compare it for example, with Bitcoin was in its early days where it was possible to mine Bitcoin on crappy computers and where the cost of electricity did not outweigh the value of coins that you generated.  In fact, because the mining difficulty was lower and so on, you could mine a bunch of coins with almost no effort. So back then you also got Bitcoin almost for free compared to the electricity that you paid, which would nowadays be worth millions of dollars and when we look at this, we can see that Pi is at a similar state.

If you look at Pi as something that is free money, and once it can actually be exchanged, you just start selling your points, it will instantly crash the value of pi because any currency out there doesn’t matter if it’s Bitcoin or US dollar or euro.

All of those currencies only have a value because there is supply and demand. There are people paying with currency, people that want to exchange it for other currencies and so on.

If everybody just wants to get rid of their Pi coins what will happen is that Pi would become useless instantly the moment it is traded. 

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It is important that you look at Pi as something long-term.

Again, similar to Bitcoin, imagine your mind in the early days and you had 10,000 bitcoins or and the moment Bitcoin actually had a financial value and you instantly sold them, you would have maybe get $1 or $2 for all your coins in today. You would really regret that decision because you gave away millions just because you lack the patience to wait for Bitcoin to establish itself on the market. We can apply the same thing to Pi, if everybody as soon as Pi which is phase three starts to dump their Pi to get euro/dollar or whatever other currency they want to have or an alternative cryptocurrency for that matter, then pi will instantly lose in value because nobody wants to buy Pi, but everybody just wants to get rid of it, and it may even be the problem that you try to sell it but nobody will be willing to buy it because nobody believes in the project. 

It’s important that when you sign up for Pi, you are aware you can get free Pi coins right now for the foreseeable future and those Pi coins will eventually also most likely have value again. If you just want to have Pi to sell it for a few cents or maybe a handful of dollars, you’re not going to do yourself a favor because again you may only get a handful of dollars and you’re not going to do the Pi community a favor because you will participate in ruining the value of Pi for a very, very long time. So again, It is important to understand theoretically that Pi is something like free money right now, but you have to look at it long-term while you get pi coins now for free. 

How does the Pi web work? 

People know from Bitcoin mining that people mined on their computers so they have special hardware for mining and so on. And all of that actually creates a load on the devices so it takes power from your computer to generate or mine bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies.

However, the Pi app doesn’t use any kind of additional electricity or data on your mobile phone and even if you close your Pi app, you’re still mining and that’s why some people mistakenly claim that a Pi would be a scam, but it works somehow differently.

The fact is all you have to do to receive Pi is to open your Pi up once a day and push a button and as a result, your account will be credited with a certain number of Pi per hour for those 24 hours.  The Pi coins are not actually mined like Bitcoins which are basically generated by solving complex mathematical calculations, they already exist in some way, and you get them credited for being an active user. The goal behind this is to create an active user base.

Ideally, you don’t just open the Pi app and push the button and close it. But also you check the announcements here and there you may be active in the chat and connect with other people and so on so that there is actually an active community of millions of users.  today Pi achieved phase three, where it will be tradable.


How can you earn more Pi per hour?

First of all, when you are mining,  you receive 0.20 Pi per hour, so 4.8 Pi per day, it doesn’t stop there.  After three days of mining, they don’t have to be consecutive but once you’ve completed three days of mining, you can set up a so-called security circle and in your security circle for the first five people that you add there, your mining rate will also increase by 0.04 pi per hour.

So if you add five people it will actually increase by 0.20 Pi per hour, doubling your initial mining rate and on top of that for every member that you invite to Pi when they are also actively mining, they also push the button once a day, your mining rate increases by an additional 0.09 Pi per hour.

Now there is no limit as to how much Pi per hour you can earn.  You can simply invite more people and it is recommended that everyone at least tells their closest friends and family about Pi because there is zero risk to signing up and there is no investment required.

Does my app also mine Pi coins when I close or leave the app?

Yes, because pi doesn’t actually mine on your phone.  You get the coins credited and all you have to do is push the button once a day and they will then be credited over the next 24 hours into your Pi account. 

How to download Pi app?

Click on the link below to download either the iOs or Android Os version

Pi app download URL:

What are security circles and what are they good for?

One benefit of the security circle is that you can mine more coins. However, that’s not the real purpose of security circles.

The real purpose is actually that you should only add users there that you trust,  people that you know personally, people that you know are human and people that you know are unlikely to try to scam or defraud other people.

Pi will use the security circles basically as a verification system to judge which users are legitimate and which users may be scammers. That means that you should only add users that you personally know to your security circle. know right now if you don’t have five users invited that you personally know and trust,  then simply add any user that you can add to your security circle because right now Pi is not live, Pi is still in phase number three, which means currently there is no real-world application to who you add to that security circle. Currently, the only difference that it makes is how many Pi per hour you get. 

Is Pi legit or a scam?

Once Pi passes this current phase, Pi will be a full cryptocurrency that can be traded on exchanges.

Mining or the free mining will stop and people will not receive free coins anymore, which will cause a limited supply and will ensure that based on supply and demand, there will be a real value for the coin again once phase free is achieved.

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Can you mine on more than one device?

This will actually not work in reality, because each user has to go through a KYC process which stands for ‘know your customer’ and prove that one is a unique human individual. 

So at the end of the day, in the present phase three, KYC is being sent to users gradually for identity verification, and there will only be one user or one Pi account per actual human being. There is no point in creating accounts on multiple devices.

Is the Pi app actually something like a cryptocurrency wallet?

Yes it is but currently Pi is not a full grown or fully built cryptocurrency.

But once phase three is concluded the Pi app will actually serve as the cryptocurrency wallet for your Pi coins and you will then be able to use it to send and receive coins and exchange them on certain exchanges. 

How can I withdraw my Pi coins?

The Pi withdrawal is currently available for Pioneers who have passed their KYC identity verification, you can currently be able to exchange your Pi coins for goods and servicces in some local communities.

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How do I migrate my Pi balance to my mainnet wallet?

Assuming that you’ve already completed all previous steps of the mainnet checklist, how long does it take for you to receive your balance depends on how many other pioneers are currently in the migration queue.  Don’t worry if it takes more than just a few days.

You would then receive your verified Pi coins under consideration of your initial lockup settings in your Pi wallet,  and unless you opted for a 100% lockup, you will see two entries, one reflecting your locked up balance and the other reflecting the number of your Pi coins that will turn into your available balance after 14 days. When you click on one of those entries. you can also see exactly when the balance will become available. 

When is Pi mainnet migration date?

The much-anticipated date for Pi migration is September 28, 2022


At the moment,  what you have is an opportunity to generate free coins and you should not look at it as free money because if all you’re doing is signing up to generate a couple 100 or maybe a couple of 1000 Pi coins to instantly sell them, you will not get a lot of money on the day Pi launches and you will harm the whole Pi economy.

If enough people will instantly try to sell their Pi coins, there will not be enough people willing to buy and therefore the value of Pi will instantly crash.

PS: This is in no way financial or professional advice of any kind. You should always do your own research, consult certified professionals draw your own conclusions and make your own decisions.

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How to find new altcoins before they explode



How to find new altcoins before they explode

In this article, I’m going to show you step by step how you can find new altcoins before they explode and actually get an edge that most people don’t have.

The two things to keep in mind are (1) investing in cryptocurrency can be very risky. (2) It’s a very volatile market, do not invest more than you can afford to lose. 

Let’s head straight to answer the questions below:

  • What is the trust swap Launchpad?
  • How can I participate in a launchpad project? 
  • Token lock features of Trust swap Launchpad

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What is the Trustswap Launchpad?

Trustswap Launchpad is a full-service launch platform where stakeholders can gain early access and participate in the most promising blockchain projects. And the whole goal here with trust swap is to add as much transparency as much trust to the launchpad process as possible.

The Launchpad toolkit uses trust swaps advanced smart locks technology, therefore their technology provides customizable and fully audited services that can securely lock tokens for teams developers and slash or early stakes. But all of these things combined is the reason we’re seeing more and more projects choose to launch their token off of trust swap. Smart locks technology ensures the integrity and trustworthiness of Launchpad projects towards the goal which is achieved by enabling the locking of liquidity, which makes it convenient for projects to avoid rug pools as well as token dose.

Trustswap Launchpad

Trust swap is the only Launchpad that offers guaranteed allocations and operates on every single blockchain if you’re staking a swap and anybody staking at least 4000 swapped tokens gets a full 24 hours to fill out their allocation form. Obviously, the more you stake, the higher your allocation will be. Trust swap does have a guaranteed allocation, and also a vetting team consisting of a panel of blockchain experts, which spends weeks evaluating each Launchpad project before approving the launch. So based on their discretion, only the most quality projects get in and those projects disclose their vesting schedule of their token allocations, consequently enhancing trust and integrity.

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These features are powered by trust swap proprietary smart Lock technology. with this launch bed, there is no gas wars, which cannot be said for the other launch pads out there. And gas Wars is when you pay more fees to have your transaction go through first, maybe you will try and get your allocation first, which in essence pushes out the poor people who can’t afford it and only makes the rich get richer with trust swaps Launchpad that’s not possible.

How can I participate in a launchpad project? 

  1. Make sure you own a wallet that is interacting with the Ethereum blockchain, i.e Metamask. In addition, your wallet should hold some Eth and swap tokens to start.
  2. Navigate through our launch pad dashboard and connect your wallet we recommend Metamask.
  3. Select stake. Then just follow the steps outlined in the staking portal. And once the next project chooses to launch, be sure to fill out the application form within the 24-hour launch window and wait for a confirmation email, which you should receive within 72 hours and includes payment details.  And anybody committing the minimum amount for guaranteed allocations and passing the KYC verification is able to participate in the Launchpad; the more swap tokens staker stakes, the higher the allocation received for a launchpad project.

This is not for just Ethereum This is multi chain B trust swap Launchpad allows the launch of tokens into multiple chains Ethereum, finance, marching, avalanche, etc. As a result, it enables easy integration into crypto exchanges, and the wider Defi ecosystem.

Check out some of the past projects that launched off trust swap. We can see most recently Oculus, the initial price was five cents, all-time high was at $1.93. And right now it’s sitting at $1.91. obviously, that might level off in the future, but it’s a big success. 

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We also have Moby pay, which went up at most to its all-time high a 2,900% increase leveled off to a very humble 1,800% increase. And we can go down the list we also have chain games, glitch, finance, sell frame, etc.

Well nowadays almost everybody can create a token and launch it on a decentralized exchange like UNISWAP. Such tokens are often risky because of liquidity pools, poor contract code, exit scams, and mass token dumps by external investors due to unfavorable or nonexisting vesting schedules.

Trust swap wanted to create a solution that is able to tackle these fundamental issues in the crypto space. And smart launch is the name of that solution.

The smart launch is a security ecosystem that is provided for free to the community and consists of four key surfaces, token locks liquidity locks, lasting as a service and meant for the first three. The three locking services run based on trust swaps proprietary time-locked smart contract, designed to set customized token lock parameters. No longer would an individual have to guess you can verify you can know exactly what’s happening. Right now there’s over $3 billion in total locked token value in team finance over 160 million liquidity locked, and over 11,400 projects are locked with trust swap. just perusing the list here. We can see how many tokens in this case it’s 50% of the team’s allocation.

The next unlock for that team is 10 months away. It’s not only the Eth blockchain, but binance smart chain as well. You set the parameters you customize, or the team customizes the experience. And by the way, not all of these are businesses. 

Token lock features

Token locks allow project team members such as founders and token developers to set up token lock parameters. Projects can lock a percentage of their pre mined token supply, or team owned tokens into our time locked, decentralized, smart contract vault. tokens cannot be accessed by the project until the end of the locked periods. This way the community and the investors are assured that the team will not mass dump tokens during the contract period causing a so-called Exit scam.

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These projects cannot pull the liquidity from the indexes and dump those tokens on the HODLERS causing the token price to drop to near zero. And these vesting schedules are public and include a transparent view of release dates and amounts to investors as proof of trust insecurity. 

Investing: This is when either teams or early investors can get their allocation little by little over time instead of all at once.  This will assist in preventing mass token dumps by investors by ICO  ideal participants as well.

Mint: This is where individuals or companies can literally mint to their own tokens. Create your own coin on BSC, Ethereum, and on Polygon with no coding required and you can literally make any type of token you want;  an inflationary one, a deflationary one, rebase staking more, and this all fits into the launchpad ecosystem.

From idea phase to launch, a team would go through their token locks and liquidity locks, they would smart mint their own token and a launch on the launch pad with mint because the code is audited. Projects can significantly decrease development and audit costs and remove code-based risks such as secret minting features,  backdoors code vulnerabilities, attack vectors, and bad actor developers. You add all these things together, and the integration of these four Services offers a secure and safe environment to investors community HODLER stakers and team members by preventing team token dumps liquidity pools, and Rogue and risky minting. 

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How to find NFTs before they blow up? – A Comprehensive guide



How to find NFTs before they blow up

People are making tons of money flipping NFTs, it’s one of the hottest attracting people in the crypto space right now.

Opensea trading volume has absolutely exploded and some users are making insane amounts overnight by getting in projects early before they blow up and trading them on secondary markets, but how do you do this?

In this article, I’m going to show you step by step how you can find NFTs before they blow up and actually get an edge that most people don’t have.

Find NFT projects before other people

Table of Contents


NFTs are absolutely blowing up and people are making tons of money off this trend right now but how exactly are they doing it and what can you do step by step to try to follow this? Well, the strategy is basically this: you find new NFTs projects before other people, and then get on them before they blow up.

Of course, not every NFT is going to blow up overnight some of them go to zero but part of it is finding the project and then filtering through them and spreading your bets accordingly and getting in on these projects early, and then the price appreciates on secondary markets and then be able to sell the NFTs on a secondary market like

If you don’t know how to create and sell an NFT, refer back to our article: Free guide on how to create NFT and sell them on opensea.

How to get NFT projects?

There are two different ways to do this; you can get in on NFTs whenever they mint, so one really common way is that whenever new products launch, they have a website where they have some smart contracts, and they let you get a metamask wallet and go mint NFTs right at the start or you know if you miss the mint then you can find entities that are trading; you know early on opensea or a similar NFT market place and buy them before the price goes up.

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But how do you do that, like how do you even find new projects? Well, a lot of people actually do this the wrong way, they spend all day on Discord servers or they look at Twitter all day they try to find new stuff but there are a bunch of problems with this:

  1. It takes too much time, you have to look at all this stuff, there’s way too much noise in these Discord groups and on social media. This massive problem of influencers often times getting opportunities before other people and then talking about them so they’re getting in a way before you, and then if you are following social media you’re late.
  2. There’s also this problem of you not necessarily knowing what they are holding, they might just say they bought something but you don’t know if they actually did and sometimes they’ll just buy stuff and never tell you about it.

So anyway, all this is what most people do and frankly, it’s the wrong way, let me tell you the right way to do this and how you can get an edge in this entire process of getting into NFT projects early.

Step 1

One of the coolest things about NFTs is that they trade on a blockchain and all the information for blockchains is totally public, you can know about every NFT that is out there, you can know about every single wallet that trades NFTs anytime an NFT moves on an exchange like

But there’s also this massive problem which is; there are millions of transactions per day on the Ethereum blockchain alone, this is the primary chain where people are trading high-value NFTs and doing mints and even that’s like way too much noise but you can actually get an edge on this because you can take all this information and generate actionable insights in real-time about the wallets they are buying, holding and selling anytime new NFT drops are happening.

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There’s an application that will alert you not only for NFTs but also for cryptocurrency tokens and anything you can find on blockchain. It’s a massive game-changer.

Let’s jump into it, let’s talk about how to get an edge on NFT projects early, one of the easiest ways to do this is to look at what other people are doing as a starting point for filtering through all the opportunities on chain. NFT projects

Like I was saying before, there are tons of NFT influencers out there who are buying new collections, they’re minting them and selling them on opensea. Let’s start up with the first thing like what if you could find about anytime one of these influencers mints an NFT or trades an NFT? Well, I think you get an alert about it that in real-time.

Step 2

You can create an alert inside the application that lets you put an arbitrary name and you can put the addresses of the people you want to track even multiple people and you can set minimum amount of dollar you want for that transfer and once you save the alert you’ll find out about this stuff in real-time. You’ll see a digest of all the transactions that they get and then you can click on any of the links on display and start looking into those projects to see if that’s something you want to take action on.

Whenever you get one of these alerts you can just look at it on chain, you can actually look at the transaction here and see what it was. You’ll see if it is basically minting of a new NFT.

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This one way you can discover new projects by tracking what other people are doing in real-time and get notified about them.

Link to the Track application:

Step 3

You can also look at projects that are trending like new projects that hit the chain, that starts saying a significant amount of activity and know about those as well, that’s another way to find NFT projects basically as soon as they launch.

I am going to show you the way to do that inside the application.

Track NFT transactions

As you can see in the image above, there are tons of transactions like millions of transactions. I will look at their website and see who else is getting in on this project that I wanted to do so right now based on this I can look at the other tools because we track significant actors in the space and see what are they doing and currently I don’t see that anybody from that segment is actually depositing, maybe this project would pass on for the time being.

I can also look at other trending projects and see that we have one where a significant number of people from our segments are interacting with it and I can see what token it is.


Most people are going about this the wrong way they’re spending all this time on Discord, they’re are spending all this time on Twitter and still can’t cut through the noise, that is why this article is very important.

Thank you for reading, kindly share with friends, thanks!

Notice: We put a lot of hard work and research before writing this article, if you must copy make sure you link back with a do-follow link.
You will be reported to DMCA and other relevant authorities if you copy this article and ignore to link back to the original source.

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Metafi Review – Don’t join until you read this!



Metafi Review

Is a scam or the best that will make you an absolute fortune, let’s jump in and find out.

You are wanting to know if Metafi Yielders is a safe safe place to put your money or not. Let me give you a little bit of background, for four years now I’ve been involved in investing with stock market with private companies, with cryptocurrencies and so on.


I’m not coming here from an affiliate perspective with Metafi Yielders. I’m coming here independently to give you some solid information that you can evaluate for yourself whether Metafi Yielders is a safe place to put your money.

If you are in a rush, jump through to the Red flag section using the table of content because I started with the soft warning flags first of all through to the seventh which is be a no-brainer for you to realize that Metafi Yielders is actually ponzi scheme and therefore a fraudulent scheme and the most likely scenario is that you are going to lose your entire money that you put into Metafi yielders.

What is Metafi Yielders?

Metafi Yielders is a cryptocurrency lending platform that you want to use to make money. Simply put, you deposit your cryptocurrency on the platform, choose a plan, and the company pays you a daily return of 1% to 3.3% on your investment.

Metafi Yielders website

“Profits Without Risk on the Crypto you Invest, stake, or transfer”.

“Investment team and a simple and secure platform to give you the most reliable returns on your investment.”

How does metafi Yielders work?

Metafi Yielders claim to pay investors from 1% to 3.3% every 30 business days. I claims to make you money by investing, staking and transferring, you are required to choose a plan and get started.

Metafi Yielders contact

Metafi Yielders provided the following contact details:

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Physical Office Address: 16 Jones Street, BLACKTOWN NSW 2148


Facebook group:

Discord group:

Telegram group:

Are these details true? Keep reading we will find out soonest.

Metafi Yielders Domain information

Metafi Yielders is registered on GoDaddy server, the domain was registered on the 16th of March, 2022 and it will expire on the 16th of March, 2027.

Metafi Yielders details

The details of the domain registrar were hidden by

Who is the owner of Metafi Yielders?

According to Metafi Yielders official youtube channel, the owner goes by the name Mr. Michael Daher. We will find out below.

7 Red flags of Metafi Yielders

Read this article carefully to educate yourself on how these scams work, I will run you through the seven warning signs (red flags) in Metafi Yielders that you should be aware of to keep your money safe.

Red flag 1

The first red flag we will look at is the video of the CEO below on an official Metafi Yielders Youtube video he stated at exactly 4:28 that Metafi Yielders has been working for 10 years.

Yet, their website was only registered on the 16th of March, 2022. This website is very new, either Michael is lying that they’ve not been doing it for 10 years or they decided that even with this incredible technology they wouldn’t bother registering a domain name until the 16th of March, 2022.

Red flag 2

Below is a youtube video where Mr. Michael is being interviewed and he explains that how many team members now have, again remember we’ve just seen that he said that they were going for 10 years and making potentially 3.3% per day on their yield farming, well if that is the case I guess you would expect to have quite a number of staff but let’s just see how many people they’ve got.

I’m shocked for real, did you just hear that? They are 7 people in the company including Mr. Michael.

Red flag 3

Look at where the actual hosting is located for the website, check the image below from

Where is Metafi Yielders located

We asked where Metafi Yielders is located and it’s actually in Belize City, now this isn’t a massive red flag but it is still a warning sign because Belize is one of those areas of the world where it’s very difficult if regulators want to step in close down a website, tax elites also go there all sorts of problems so Belize is a warning sign.

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Any company that is hosting in Belize, there are some pretty strong reasons to why they’ve chosen that location and usually those reasons would tend suggest that perharps they are operating illegally or outside the law and that’s why they want to remain difficult to close down when they host in a country like Belize.

Red flag 4

We’ve seen a lot of Videos from Mr. Michael The CEO or the self-proclaimed CEO and we’ve seen a long-term resident of Western Australia and yet they’ve chosen the company as 16 Jonesstreet blacktown, new southwales 2138.

That is the address on the official company website, if we do a simple google search on that website address we would see that this actually is a residential address not something you would expect. The image below is a bungalow Chalet type building not the sort of address you would expect for a legitimate corporate company that is going to be handling hundreds of millions of funds in cryptocurrency.

Metafi Yielders physical address

That address is nowhere near Perth Australia, it’s actually over in Sydney Australia and that gap between Perth and Sydney is huge and makes no logical sense whatsoever.

Red flag 5

Another red flag is that Metafi Yielders is already being promoted by people who are known to have promoted lots of scams in the past, you can make a search on youtube and see for yourself, look at these promoters past videos.

Red flag 6

Red flag number 6 is a major redflag, there are financial regulators around the world who are there to protect the consumers from scams, they’re not registered to be regulated with the SEC. We can tell from the traffic they’re receiving to their website. They’re are attracting huge American audience and anyone who is offering a financial investment scheme which would be securities in America, they are very strong.

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The CEO Michael openly admited that they don’t have any regulations and they wouldn’t get it either even though it is clearly an investment scheme. We can all see clearly that this is a ponzi scheme and nothing more than that.

Red flag 7

This is a logical red flag, the interest which Metafi Yielders offer does not stack up at all, let’s go to a compound calculator and actually run through some numbers, numbers which are realistic according to Metafi Yielders. Check the image below.

Compound calculation for Metafi Yielders

You can do this yourself by visiting and I’ve said we are going to start with an initial balance of 3.50. Now, that’s actually less tha you can put in with Metafi Yielders but I’ve chosen this number just to demonstrate the ludicrousy of what is going on here. So, if you could start with just 3.50 dollars and you have a daily interest rate of 3.3% you could compound that for 36 months that’s just 3 years and remember Metaphy had said they’ve been going on for 10 years now.

The compund calculation for 3.50 initial investment for 36 months is $257,297,352,437.72. That’s insane. This is actually the networth for the richest man on earth.


Protect your money from scammers like these at all cost, find legitimate platforms and processes where you can make perfect chance of good returns of your money.

Average Trust score


Average weighted score: 37%


Is Metafi Yielders legit?

Metafi Yielders is not a legitimate platform, stay away from this poor scam, you have to be very careful with it.

Is Metafi Yielders a scam?

Due to the obvious Red flags, we’ve exposed in Metafi Yielders, we have no option but to conclude that it is a scam, do not invest in it.

Thank you for reading our honest review on Metafi Yielders, If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them below in the comment section.

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