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Hybitrage Business Review – Is Hybitrage a scam or legit?



Hybitrage Business Review

This article will be split into the following topics:

  • What is Hybitrage?
  • How does Hybitrage work?
  • How to earn on Hybitrage
  • When can you trade on Hybitrage
  • How to withdraw on Hybitrage
  • How to can you trade on Hybitrage WhatsApp group?
  • When can you withdraw?
  • Who is the founder of Hybitrage?
  • Hybitrage Domain creation details
  • Is Hybitrage still paying?
  • Is Hybitrage legit or a scam?

Table of Contents

What is Hybitrage?

Hybitrage is a private arbitrage platform that allows members to buy currencies such as USD, EUR, and GBP at bank rates and sell at the black market rate on their platform. 

They claim to source for USD and GBP at standard market rates from private bodies and sell to third parties at black market rates.

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The only thing is that you will be charged for any transaction that you do (charges will be deducted for each transaction).

How does Hybitrage work?

  1. Register and create an account on
  2. Start: Input your username and password and confirm your password.
  3. Profile: Input your first name, last name, email address, and phone number.
  4. Banking: Select the bank account number and account name.
  5. A verification email will be sent to your email for you to verify and unlock your account, KYC verification will then follow.
  6.  Buy and sell on the platform: You can start to buy and sell once you have created an account.

How to earn on Hybitrage

You can earn via:

  • Arbitrage
  • Referral


You can earn by buying and selling currencies on the platform.

To buy any currency into your wallet, log in and click on “fund wallet” After that, you can contact any reseller at a better rate.

To sell, go to your dashboard and click on “sell on the black market”; you will be asked to enter the amount you intend to sell and click on “exchange now” Your account will be credited in naira within 8 hours.

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You can make money by referring people to join the investment, earning a 10% bonus.

When can you trade on Hybitrage?

You can trade only on Mondays and Thursdays through the platform on the WhatsApp group.

How to withdraw on Hybitrage?

Login into your account, click on withdraw and enter the amount of money you want for withdrawal from the platform, and then it will be sent to your Nigeria bank account within 48 hours.

How do you trade on the WhatsApp group?

When a seller posts on the group, go to the seller’s DM and drop your ID number and the amount of USD you want to buy.

Note: If the USD has not been reflected, don’t pay the buyer.

Once a buyer drops his ID:

  • Copy the ID
  • Go to the app, click on the three-line bar, and click on “confirm the user” to continue.
  • Scroll down and paste the ID at the space provided, and tap on verifying the user.
  • Check the buyer’s details, if they correspond with the details provided for you.
  • You will see his account details; copy the account details and send him the money.
  • When you successfully send the money, inform him and send him evidence, such as screenshots.
  • Once he approves it, the money will be on your balance.
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When can you withdraw?

Withdrawals are placed/available only on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Who is the founder of Hybitrage?

It is claimed to be owned by Idowu Emmanuel, an underground business expert with vast experience in multi-currency arbitrage methods (written on their site like this).

Domain details

  • Creation date: 2022-06-02
  • Updated date: 2022-06-02

Is Hybitrage still paying?

Yes, they are still paying.

Is Hybitrage legit or a scam?

Yes, it is a scam because there is no such trading at the official rate on a private platform. It takes time before they will run away with people’s money.

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COTPS Arbitrage Trading Bot scam exposed



COTPS AI Bot scam exposed

COTPS (Crypto OTC Trading Platform); is it a scam or the best thing ever? Let’s jump into this independent review.

I have explained the following in this article:

  • What is COTPS?
  • COTPS Registration
  • COTPS login
  • COTPS Domain information
  • Who is the owner of COTPS?
  • Is COTPS legit?
  • Is COTPS a scam?

What I am going to put out in this article is going to be totally independent and I am going to state 10 reasons that hint at and strongly suggest that COTPS Arbitrage trading bot is a scam.

COTPS is a Ponzi scheme and if you get involved you are very likely to lose your money, the worst outcome is that you will be contributing money to scammers/fraudsters which means you are funding illegal criminal activities.

What is COTPS?

“COTPS is a blockchain OTC and cryptocurrency exchange platform, it is currently the world’s largest OTC exchange”.

COTPS website

How does COTPS work?

Crypto OTCs or COTPS as it is called is a platform that claims to help investors buy cryptocurrencies at a lower rate from certain exchanges and sell to other exchangers at a higher rate, this is the concept of Crypto Arbitrage. we call these platforms Arbitrage AI bot trading.

“The cryptocurrency we sell on the COTPS platform is USDT (Tether). COTPS has an Artificial intelligence system that scans the international markets to identify buyers in other countries whose bid price for USDT is higher. COTPS then sells our USDT to these buyers at a higher price and buys back the USDT at a lower/standard price and sends our capital and proportion of our profits to us within 2 hours”.

These are the lies they tell gullible investors, we will expose them in this article.

COTPS Registration

To register on COTPS; go to COTPS solicits investments in Tether.


You can only access the login feature after you must have registered.

10 Reasons why COTP is a scam?

1. First of all; on the main website, i.e the they have pictures of the team, they’ve got Jane Jenny who is the CEO, Van Fleet who is the CIO, and Lisa who is the COO are all google stock images. A simple google image search will reveal to you that they are just google stock images copied by the scammers behind COTPS.

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The question now is why are they lying on their official site? this is what criminals do.

2. The second red flag is the video on the site with Darius. The video doesn’t actually make sense in English language, it is just a series of nonsense, highly technical financial related words but when you actually listen to it you will agree to the fact that it doesn’t even make sense.

3. Another red flag though a smaller red flag is that they wrote on their website that they are providing excellent customer service and user experience but yet on their website there’s no contact information. They didn’t even list their email address or physical house/office address, no chat form or anything on their main website which is another red flag.

You will find it very difficult to track them down or speak to them, that is simply because they are criminals and they don’t want you to speak to them.

4. The fourth red flag is that they say their current team consists of 116 employees, you will think with a company this big and registered in America, they will have some of these employees listed on LinkedIn, but if you do a search on LinkedIn you will not find a single employee from COTPS.

5. The fifth red flag will be a favorite with a lot of promoters of COTP, they will say but look we’re registered with MSB and, but when you go to and input the registrant number and search, indeed we found Crypto OTC Trading Platform Limited.

However, the name of the person who was listed as the company owner is Feng Yan and if you search for “Feng Yan” with “Crypto OTCs trading” on google you will realize that the person doesn’t exist, it is a fake name. The address given on is a virtual address. there’s no company in that address in America, It is a fake address.

6. Not only are they using a virtual address with a fake name of registration, you will also see that actually said in the MSB registrant search that “The inclusion of a business on the MSB Registrant Search Web page is not a recommendation, certification of legitimacy, or endorsement of the business by any government agency”.


To those people promoting COTPS on the basis that they are registered with the MSB and is therefore legitimate, even says this is not a certification of legitimacy. It is a pointless argument to use MSB registration to prove that they’ve got a legitimate company.

7. The COTPS business fails a very simple logic test and it is a Ponzi logic test. If COTPS really could produce 3% per day, then anyone who has that bot, that technology they wouldn’t offer that for other people, you just use it for yourself if you actually look and see what you would generate even with a small capital.

COTPS compound interest calculator

Take a look at the image above, and have a look at what I could make with an initial deposit of $200 for just 1 year, you will actually end up with $915,701.49. This fails the test of logic.

8. There is no physical proof of actual trading, there are a lot of people promoting COPTS saying they are trading Arbitrage but there’s no evidence that this works whatever and that will be very easy to provide as financial auditors would insist on auditors’ account to prove that those sorts of returns are real.

The numbers on the website screen don’t mean anything as anyone could put those numbers, again this is a big red flag.

9. They said that COTPS has been trading since 2019 but if we go to any Wayback machine e.g and search any of their websites.

Let’s go back to June 12, 2021 just 10 months ago, we can see a web shot which confirmed that the website was for sale it wasn’t even COTPS’.

The idea that they been trading since 2019 doesn’t make any sense.

10. The last red flag is related to the 7th red flag which is the ‘simple logic test’. Let’s say they were a legitimate company and they’ve been trading since 2019, let’s assume you started with $10,000 and you didn’t recruit anyone into their Ponzi scheme, if we decide to look at this result for over 3 years, because that’s now 3 years since 2019 and we calculate how much money it is we can see that it is, we can see that it is 137 trillion dollars.

COTPS compound interest calculator 2

So how on earth would they today be asking for people to deposit 9 dollars to join their Ponzi scheme, again COTPS is a huge scam.

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COTPS Domain information

From the COTPS domain information; COTPS was registered on GoDaddy server. We can agree that the COTPS domain was registered on the 14th of March, 2019, and it was updated on the 8th of February, 2022 (This was when the scheme was launched), the domain will expire on the 14th of March, 2028.

No information about the domain registrar was disclosed.

COTPS information

Who is the owner of COTPS?

There is no information on their website revealing the identities of the scammers behind COTPS, this alone is a huge red flag.

Conclusion and is a scam. Do not give out your hard-earned money to criminals.

Red flag(s) for COTPS

  • They told a lot of lies e.g Website has been existing since 2019; COTPS website was used for something different prior to the date the website was updated in February 2022.
  • Same platform with two different websites with two different interfaces.
  • Photos put on the platform are stock images of people gotten from the internet.
  • COTPS registration documents are all false.

Green flag(s) for COTPS

  • No green flag available for this scam site

Average Trust score


Average weighted score: 18%


Is COTPS legit?

COTPS is not a legitimate Arbitrage AI trading platform, you have to be very careful with it. It has almost the same pattern as Arbitrage AI trading platform.

Is COTPS a scam?

Due to the obvious Red flags we’ve exposed in COTPS, we have no option but to conclude that it is a scam, do not invest in it.

Thank you for reading our honest review on  COTPS, If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them below in the comment section.

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Insme Review (Don’t invest until you read this) –



insme image - David Genix

Report By David Genix, updated on January 16th, 2021

Disclaimer: It is with utmost sincerity that our cyber security team came up with a concept as this owing to the high rate of scam/fishy activities and our potential as who we are to continually expose hidden details of an investment platform and guide people who are passionate investors and help them channel their money into the right places.

You are at liberty to accept or reject his review based on your perspective on the platform. You are encouraged to share your views in the comment section below.

insme image

Are you currently searching if Insme is legit or a scam? Do you want to invest in Insme? If yes, learn more about Insme by reading this article carefully.

We have been receiving the following questions on Insme:

  1. Is Isme legit?
  2. Can I invest in Insme?
  3. Who is the founder of Insme?
  4. Will I lose my money if I invest in Insme?
  5. Must I refer to earn with Insme?
  6. How does Insme work?

We have treated all the above questions below, Read carefully.

What is Insme?

“Insme is an Authorized Affiliate Platform of InsHeart in Nigeria. In 2015, with the strong support of IG, dozens of most popular European and American Internet celebrities has jointly founded Insheart, an international online interactive community for IG users.”

“After the formation, InsHeart us focusing on bringing global IG users together, enhance communications with each other and give the best advice to IG so that they may also continue to improve.”

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“During October of 2020, InsHeart has opened its platform for the people in Nigeria by apointing InsMe. The member of Insme can now earn extra income by helping the promote the ads of IG through InsHeart.”

The above statements were found on their websites and it gives a nice detail about this platform. This is an income program where you do some tasks and get paid. On this Platform, IG (instagram) is the social media mostly used.

Some persons might be interested in knowing about their domain information. Below is a brief information about their domain creation.

The domain name ( was created on 6th of October, 2020 which is at this time of writing this review 3 months old. their hosting is on Go daddy the registrar (Insme) information is hidden.

How does it work?

InsMe has two different business models. This first is that InsMe members can get rewards by just clicking like on the influential marketing contents in IG.

For the second, InsMe aggressively augments promotion of internet celebrities who have talent but are still anonymous due to the lack of network resources.

When you do these tasks you get a reward depending on the package you are in.

InsMe has 9 different packages, one is free, and the other (8) are subscription-based. The bigger the plan, the bigger your earning on this platform.

There are different number of mission or task on the platform, the bigger the plan, the bigger the number of tasks also.

This platform has a commercial agreement with Instagram, 10% of the influential marketing expenses paid by the IG merchants will be allocated to their (InsMe) members as rewards.

InsMe members need only to accept and perform the given missions through InsMe platform to accumulate considerable rewards.

Since there are multiple plans, earning and number of mission on this platform will surely vary.

By signing up for the free membership, one can get up to 2 missions or tasks daily for the next 10 consecutive days after registration. Below is a summary of all the packages;

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Free Package

Subscription fee: Free
Mission daily: 2
Validity: 10 days.

First Package

Subscription fee: N1680
Mission daily: 3
Per Pay Mission: N28
Validity: 60 days.

Second Package

Subscription fee: N6888
Mission daily: 5
Per Pay Mission: N69
Validity: 60 days.

Third Package

Subscription fee: N62888
Mission daily: 25
Per Pay Mission: N125
Validity: 60 days.

Fourth Package

Subscription fee: N148888
Mission daily: 38
Per Pay Mission: N195
Validity: 60 days.

Fifth Package

Subscription fee: N298888
Mission daily: 70
Per Pay Mission: N213
Validity: 60 days.

Sixth Package

Subscription fee: N638888
Mission daily: 140
Per Pay Mission: N228
Validity: 60 days.

Seventh Package

Subscription fee: N1488888
Mission daily: 290
Per Pay Mission: N256
Validity: 60 days.

Eighth Package

Subscription fee: N2988888
Mission daily: 580
Per Pay Mission: N258
Validity: 60 days.

Ninth Package

Subscription fee: N6388888
Mission daily: 1238
Per Pay Mission: N283
Validity: 60 days.

Who can participate in Insme?

What criteria does one need to possess before one can be able to join? Basically, as long as a person is a Nigerian citizen with legal ID cards and bank accounts, they can simply sign up any package offered by InsMe.

At present, InsMe is only open to the Nigerian market, and the member registration is completely free.

The free member account may accept 2 missions daily for 10 consecutive days, and then the member is required to sign up the lowest package with InsMe to continuing obtain InsMe missions.

Affiliate Commission

As you keep doing your daily task on Instagram, you get paid up till 60 days. You can build your own team by successfully referring members.

As the leader of your personal team, you will be able to get extra Individual Team Reward from the total Mission Reward earned by each member of your personal group.

There are 6 levels of the Individual Team Reward.

The reward is 6% for the 1st level, 5% for the 2nd level, 4% for the 3rd level, 3% for the 4th level, 2% for the 5th level and 1% for the 6th level.

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For example, when your 1st level in your team is having 100 people, and the total Mission Reward earned reward is $1,000, then you are eligible to get an Individual Team Reward of $60 per month.

The same calculation goes to the 2nd and 3rd level.

How to withdraw?

Insme withdrawal is directly to your bank account

Insme contact details

No contact detail is provided on the Insme Platform.

Insme founder details

It is uncertain who the founder of this platform is at the moment as no information is provided on the site.

Is Insme legit or a scam?

As of the time of writing this review, Insme is paying perfectly and there has not been any issue reported to us about them. It is not a scam.

How to register on Insme?

For your Insme registration, follow this LINK.

Use the Referral code: KRQUSP

For more information, message Kice Tech on Whatsapp.


Red flag(s) for Insme

  • No information about the founder is given. A plaform that fails to put the name of the founder cannot be trusted 100%.
  • Poor customer support

Green flag(s) for Insme

  • They have been paying till date without any issues
  • They signed up for a 2 year domain. This does not stop a platform from crashing

Average Trust Score





Average Weighted Score: 50%


Thank you for reading our honest review on Insme. If you have any question or comment, you can leave it below in the comment section.

Remember to share with your friends on social media and also subscribe to this blog for more updates straight to your inbox.

Thank you once again for reading. Follow us our social media handles.

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Blog Review – Legit or a Scam?



Is Swapnex Legit or a Scam?

I have explained the following questions in this article:

  • What is Swapnex?
  • Swapnex Registration
  • Swapnex login
  • Swapnex Compensation Plan
  • Swapnex Referral Commission
  • Swapnex monthly Bonus
  • Swapnex Leadership Bonus
  • Swapnex Products
  • Swapnex Domain information
  • Who is the owner of Swapnex?
  • Is Swapnex legit?
  • Is Swapnex a scam?

Today, we are going to review, What it’s all about, and whether it’s legit or a scam. Let’s get right into it.

What is Swapnex?

“Swapnex allows traders to sell and buy crypto within seconds at several currency exchanges concurrently”.

“Access Binance, Coinbase, Bithumb, Kraken and other world’s biggest exchanges via one platform’. Website

Swapnex claims to be a cryptocurrency arbitrage AI bot trading platform where you rely on them to trade and generate profit for you.

In one of our articles; What is Crypto Arbitrage? – A comprehensive guide, we explained what arbitrage is all about. Arbitrage is the opportunity to spot and make profit from marginal differences in prices across different exchanges; for instance, you can find a particular coin at $6.992 at Binance and the same coin might be available for $6.970 at Kraken.

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That means you can buy from Binance and sell at Kraken for a profit of $0.022 per coin. This is what arbitrage is all about. You should also take note that the different exchanges might also charge you deposit/withdrawal fees which will deplete some of your profits.

How does Swapnex work?

Swapnex invests in cryptocurrency (AI Arbitrage) on the promise of a passive return.

Swapnex Registration

To register on swapnex; go to solicits investments in Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Swapnex Login

You can only access the login feature after you must have registered.

Swapnex Compensation Plan

Swapnex compensation plans are as follows:

  • Start – $200 (30 to 90 days lock)
  • Personal – $500 (120 days lock)
  • Professional – $1500 (180 to 360 days lock)

While we quoted the amounts in USD here, Swapnex solicits investments in cryptocurrency.

Swapnex Referral Commission

Swapnex pays referral bonus via a uni-level compensation structure. A uni-level structure places an affiliate at the top of a uni-level team, with every personal affiliate placed directly under them (level 1).

If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original uni-level team.

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If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliate, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth.

  • Level 1: 10%
  • Level 2: 2%
  • Level 3: 1%
  • Level 4: 0.5%
  • Level 5: 0.5%

Swapnex monthly Bonus

The monthly bonus is calculated on “total profit” paid to personally recruited affiliates.

Swapnex Leadership Bonus

The Leadership bonus is a monthly bonus given to investors whose downlines reach some investment milestones.

  • Generate $1000 in downline investment and receive $10
  • Generate $2000 in downline investment and receive $20
  • Generate $5000 in downline investment and receive $50
  • Generate $10000 in downline investment and receive $100
  • Generate $50000 in downline investment and receive $500
  • Generate $500000 in downline investment and receive $5000

Swapnex Products

There is no legitimate product or service on Swapnex, they pay members from existing members investment.

Swapnex Domain information page

From the Swapnex domain information, Swapnex was registered on Namecheap server. We can agree that Swapnex domain was registered on the 17th of December, 2020, the doman will expire on the 4th of April, 2026.

No information about the domain registrar was revealed.

Who is the owner of Swapnex?

Swapnex is impersonating “Rupert Godman” who they addressed on their youtube channel created on the 2nd of August, 2021 as “Marcus Huber”. After diligent research, we found out that the CEO presented is not real and Swapnex is hiding some information from the public.

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We conclude that the owner is obviously a European scammer.


Red flag(s) for Swapnex

  • Obvious Ponzi scheme format
  • We have received plenty of reports from investors
  • No active social presence
  • The platform is not transparent enough
  • No physical proof of the company’s address

Green flag(s) for Swapnex

  • Partially paying
  • Good Website quality

Average Trust score


Average weighted score: 45%


Is Swapnex legit? is not a legitimate Arbitrage AI trading platform, you have to be very careful with it. It has almost the same pattern as COPTS Arbitrage AI trading platform.

Is Swapnex a scam?

Due to the obvious Red flags we’ve discovered in, we have no option but to conclude that it is a scam, if you must invest in it; invest with carefulness.

Thank you for reading our honest review on If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them below in the comment section.

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