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How to detect a ponzi scam investment – Best tips you will ever find on the internet



How to detect a ponzi scam investment - Best tips you will ever find on the internet

You may have heard the name or you may know a little about it, but do you know how to detect a Ponzi scheme?

A Ponzi is a fraudulent investment scheme that promises guaranteed returns from their own money rather than profits from a legitimate business venture. Ponzi schemes are perfect for a con artist because they can easily be set up. All they need is to look official, a little advertising, and lots of people who are willing to part with their money.

Ponzi con artist

Here’s the pitch: “invest right now for big returns in only six months, it’s guaranteed and risk-free, don’t worry we will take care of all the paperwork and this is perfectly legal. But, don’t tell anyone you are investing with us.”

Round 1: The con artist pockets the investors’ money

Round 2: The circle of investors grows. The con artist uses some other new money to pay earlier investors.

Round 3: Earlier investors are believers now, so they recruit family and friends to join in, and at the request of the con artist reinvest their profit. Again, some of the new money is paid to earlier investors to whet their appetite. Eventually, a con artist can bring in other new investors to make good on promises he’s already made to earlier investors. The scheme collapses and the con artist takes off, and most investors lose everything.


A Ponzi scheme is an investment arrangement in which investors are promised low risk and high returns. Here’s the catch:

  • These investments are fraudulent.
  • They are not actual investments.
  • They eventually collapse
  • Investors lose a lot of money.

Like I said before, you’ve probably heard a lot about finance terms being thrown around, one of the most common things you’ve been hearing is the term Ponzi scheme.

The origin of the term Ponzi scheme comes from an Italian immigrant; Charles Ponzi who immigrated to the United States in the 1880s, he was a businessman who later duped a lot of people into buying postal reply coupons. When the scheme collapsed, Ponzi had carried out one of the largest frauds in US history.

Ponzi investment scams

How does it work? How to spot one? How does a bitcoin investment scam work? How to stay away from investment frauds? We will all discuss these in this article. Sit back and read!!!

How does a Ponzi scheme work?

So how does a Ponzi scheme work? Well, let’s start with an example, let’s take an investment of six blocks, and let’s say each block is worth $1 so in total that’s an investment valued at $6, anyway, the client goes to what he thinks is a qualified investor, in reality, this investor is a Ponzi schemer and he says I have $6, the investor says “if you give your $6; I will give you $9 of return”, so the naive client gives his $6 to the investor. When the client is ready for his money, the investor give it back to him in full or with $3 of return that he promised.

The satisfied client goes tell his friends about this wonderful investment experience in his friends give their investments to the Ponzi schemer. Sure enough, when his friends ask for their money, the Ponzi schemer is able to produce it with high returns that he has promised. The problem with Ponzi schemes is that despite the great returns, the looking behind the returns is what actually matters.

How a ponzi scheme work

The truth about them (and now, this is a secret about Ponzi schemes) is that they are not about investing, rather, it is a distribution or a redistribution of money from new investors to old investors.

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In fact, this is a simplified example of how a Ponzi scheme works; in reality, it’s much more complicated and there’s lot more money being used. The key to understand is not that this example is simple but this reflects that the money is shifted from newer investors to older investors, thus, the cycle continues because satified clients are thrilled with their returns.

The ponzi earns a good reputation and that’s how ponzi schemes are able to sustain themselves by taking money from much larger pool of newer investors and giving it to the smaller pool of old investors. The pattern continues until the Ponzi schemer stops getting new investors or these investors aren’t large enough to sustain the demands of the older investors, this often happens during an economic downturn or something goes awry in the fund, the result when all is exposed is that the entire scheme collapses.

The reality behind Ponzi schemes is that they can never last. Watch the video below to understand that Ponzi is all about redistribution.

How to spot investment fraud?

I will share with you how to spot investment fraud. Investment fraudsters: These are individuals that take advantage of other individuals, sometimes in the form of a Ponzi scheme they just steal the money, sometimes they overcharge in terms of fees, or sometimes they are not just clear about conflicts of interest. We need to be wary of potential investment fraud, here are some red flags:

  • Is the individual registered with the proper authorities?

As investment advisor, they need to be registered with the Security and Exchange Commission in the US or other regulatory authorities in other countries or with the individual state. If they are a broker, they should be registered with a broker-dealer, you can check up on investment advisors or brokers by going to, there you can search for individual advisors or firms or you can go to if it’s a broker you can see enforcement actions or client complaints.

We need to understand who these individuals are, if they are selling securities they should be registered with some entity; be it the SEC, the State, or with FINRA.

  • Is the investment security or company registered?

Secondly, what we should look at is the particular investment opportunity, is it a registered security or a registered investment company? Such as a mutual fund or ETF or closed-end fund. Not all securities are registered and if it’s not registered we should be wary and read through the documentation they are offering.

  • Can you explain what the investment is and what will determine its success?

Before we invest we need to be able to understand what the investment is? What does the investment is? What does the adviser, the individual, or the manager, have to do in order for this investment to be successful. We need to understand those return drivers and be able to explain them. If we can’t explain the investment then we shouldn’t invest.

  • Are the promised returns reasonable and is the performance track record verified or is it hypothetical?

What about the performance, is it the individual promising performance that seems unrealistic like 15% – 20% type returns? Is there a performance track record and if there is, has that record been audited or verified by a third party in an outside accounting firm as an institutional investment adviser?

We should also in terms of performance understand if it is hypothetical? or if the numbers are made up or backtested or is it real? It is very different investing live money than it is doing a hypothetical backtest

  • Are the fees accurate and reasonable?

We should also look at the fees, and how much does this investment cost because that will come out of gross return, you should occasionally check the fees that is coming out of your account and make sure they are the amount that was promised.

 Spot Ponzi schemes

These are some of the things that we should look for as individuals before investing in any company.

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How to spot a Ponzi scheme?

To spot a Ponzi scheme you have to watch for these signs when:

  • The investment described as guaranteed and risk-free. Financial statements and documents are either questionable or non-existent.
  • The answers to your questions do not make any sense.
  • Checks are made payable to the individual not the company.
  • A big talker insists that you must buy now.
  • It sounds too good to be true
spot a ponzi scheme

If you see any of these signs don’t commit your money, walk away, better yet, run away. Before you promise your hard-earned money to any investment, please verify before you buy, or better yet, contact us for verification via e-mail at

The fast and easy way to spot an investment scam

It is always disheartening and at the same time it is frustrating, this section will teach you the fastest and easiest ways to spot investment scams and it’s actually just 5 words. These 5 words are; Guaranteed Returns In Ridiculous Rates. There are two concepts that one needs to understand, let’s look at each one of them:

1. Guaranteed Returns

Every investment guarantee is only as good as its guarantor. If you spot some company or person who promises you 10% returns per month even if they say it’s guaranteed, that guarantee is only as good as that person’s word and their ability to meet up with that promise.

So, you have to ask the question; how can they promise that kind of return? In terms of investment guarantees, the government has the strongest one, because of the fact that they can literally print more money to make good on their promises.

Next on the list of strong investment guarantees would be coming from the conglomerates and large businesses for instance you can trust Reliance Industries. Jollibee, Tesla and others because they literally have businesses all over. The weakest form of guarantee is one coming from an individual.

2. Ridiculous Returns

To understand what ridiculous is, let’s first establish what is reasonable. If it’s too good to be true chances are that it’s a scam but with the lack of financial education many people don’t know what is too good, so let’s elaborate on that.

Going back to the example of government investment; when the government offers investment they do so in the form of treasury bills, T-bills for short. Basically, this is the government borrowing money from the people and in exchange promises in return, that is the safest return you can get at any point in time. This rate changes over time with the economy.

The fast and easy way to spot an investment scam

If we look at one of the biggest scams like the Kapa ministry, they promise a 30% per month return for life. 30% per month x 12 = 360% per year, how crazy is that? If we look at other scams like Aman futures, they promised 80% in 20 days!

4 common investment scams and how to avoid them

Scams are nothing new, so long as there’s the money there have been those out there trying to snatch them. Some of this scams might seem ridiculous but honestly they are terrible things that can hurt people after all many don’t fully understand the world of investment.

The essense of these scams is nothing new and by learning the basis you can surely avoid falling victim in the future. So today, we are going to cover 5 common investment scams that you will likely run into at one point or another if you haven’t already.

1. Advance fee scam

This involves the scam where they try to convince the victim to send the money, the scammer might pretend to be a trader. In other circumstances, these scams are bit more targeted, they go after people who have recently lost money on a specific investment then promise some sort of refund or recupping of this loss so long as the person first pays a processing fee or tax.

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2. Boiler room scam

Now, the term “boiler room” is simply a business term referencing casinos that use unfair or dishonest sale practices. Referencing kind of business that has been tucked away into the boiling room of a corporate building.

The boiling room scam usually involves usually involves a fake company and servicing of potential imvestors by phone. The sales person will either convince you to invest in their own company or some other private firm usually communicating some sense of urgency or huge potential profit.

In reality, they operate no business but the scammers will often go to great links to convince you of their legitimacy for example, they actually rent out a temporary office space or even set up a professional looking website that they can redirect their skeptical clients to, the moment investors wire in money to the company however, they close up shop and the funds are never seen again.

3. The pump and dump scheme

This one is harder to identify as they don’t involve scammers directly stealing your money, but it’s a big problem that can still make you lose a lot of cash. In this scam, fradusters will first purchase a sizeable amount of a given investment, fruadsters will usually focus on a small public company or a recently released cryptocurrency that is likely traded.

It can be pictured as a highly paying investment and their idea is to go round and market the investment to potential investors, they may for example pose as an analyst with insider information that promises big returns on investment or they may simply circulate social media post that they have a heart-tip about this company. Well this may not sound inherently bad, these individuals don’t tell you that they own a sizeable portion of the company and ocassionaly the information they share is completely or partially fabricated just to pump up the price of the security with inflated demand, if they are succesful, the fradusters will then sell or dump their position at a higher price.

This often leads to declining of investment prices with huge losses on investors side.

Read How to spot fake/scam crypto projects to avoid falling for these pump and dump schemes.

4. Investment seminar scam

The investment seminar scam is know these days as the fake guru. In this scam, self-proclaimed millionaires will come forward that they have discovered the secret to making money in the stock, crypto or forex market until they got where they are today.

It is hard to deny their wealth because in their advertisements they find private jets, living in giant mansions and driving Lamborghinis. Here is the thing, they are selling a course or a seminar or a textbook that teaches everything they know but the price tag is usually pretty pricey, many will be convinced that it’s worth buying.

Many of these will indeed provide a course but will rarely offer a concrete strategy for making money aside from some motivational speeches or madeup theories that barely have any substance, there’s not much behind these programs.

Investment scams


Thank you for reading!!! Kindly share with friends to avoid them from falling from these scams.

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You will be reported to DMCA and other relevant authorities if you copy this article and ignore to link back to the original source.

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How to find NFTs before they blow up? – A Comprehensive guide



How to find NFTs before they blow up

People are making tons of money flipping NFTs, it’s one of the hottest attracting people in the crypto space right now.

Opensea trading volume has absolutely exploded and some users are making insane amounts overnight by getting in projects early before they blow up and trading them on secondary markets, but how do you do this?

In this article, I’m going to show you step by step how you can find NFTs before they blow up and actually get an edge that most people don’t have.

Find NFT projects before other people

Table of Contents


NFTs are absolutely blowing up and people are making tons of money off this trend right now but how exactly are they doing it and what can you do step by step to try to follow this? Well, the strategy is basically this: you find new NFTs projects before other people, and then get on them before they blow up.

Of course, not every NFT is going to blow up overnight some of them go to zero but part of it is finding the project and then filtering through them and spreading your bets accordingly and getting in on these projects early, and then the price appreciates on secondary markets and then be able to sell the NFTs on a secondary market like

If you don’t know how to create and sell an NFT, refer back to our article: Free guide on how to create NFT and sell them on opensea.

How to get NFT projects?

There are two different ways to do this; you can get in on NFTs whenever they mint, so one really common way is that whenever new products launch, they have a website where they have some smart contracts, and they let you get a metamask wallet and go mint NFTs right at the start or you know if you miss the mint then you can find entities that are trading; you know early on opensea or a similar NFT market place and buy them before the price goes up.

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But how do you do that, like how do you even find new projects? Well, a lot of people actually do this the wrong way, they spend all day on Discord servers or they look at Twitter all day they try to find new stuff but there are a bunch of problems with this:

  1. It takes too much time, you have to look at all this stuff, there’s way too much noise in these Discord groups and on social media. This massive problem of influencers often times getting opportunities before other people and then talking about them so they’re getting in a way before you, and then if you are following social media you’re late.
  2. There’s also this problem of you not necessarily knowing what they are holding, they might just say they bought something but you don’t know if they actually did and sometimes they’ll just buy stuff and never tell you about it.

So anyway, all this is what most people do and frankly, it’s the wrong way, let me tell you the right way to do this and how you can get an edge in this entire process of getting into NFT projects early.

Step 1

One of the coolest things about NFTs is that they trade on a blockchain and all the information for blockchains is totally public, you can know about every NFT that is out there, you can know about every single wallet that trades NFTs anytime an NFT moves on an exchange like

But there’s also this massive problem which is; there are millions of transactions per day on the Ethereum blockchain alone, this is the primary chain where people are trading high-value NFTs and doing mints and even that’s like way too much noise but you can actually get an edge on this because you can take all this information and generate actionable insights in real-time about the wallets they are buying, holding and selling anytime new NFT drops are happening.

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There’s an application that will alert you not only for NFTs but also for cryptocurrency tokens and anything you can find on blockchain. It’s a massive game-changer.

Let’s jump into it, let’s talk about how to get an edge on NFT projects early, one of the easiest ways to do this is to look at what other people are doing as a starting point for filtering through all the opportunities on chain. NFT projects

Like I was saying before, there are tons of NFT influencers out there who are buying new collections, they’re minting them and selling them on opensea. Let’s start up with the first thing like what if you could find about anytime one of these influencers mints an NFT or trades an NFT? Well, I think you get an alert about it that in real-time.

Step 2

You can create an alert inside the application that lets you put an arbitrary name and you can put the addresses of the people you want to track even multiple people and you can set minimum amount of dollar you want for that transfer and once you save the alert you’ll find out about this stuff in real-time. You’ll see a digest of all the transactions that they get and then you can click on any of the links on display and start looking into those projects to see if that’s something you want to take action on.

Whenever you get one of these alerts you can just look at it on chain, you can actually look at the transaction here and see what it was. You’ll see if it is basically minting of a new NFT.

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This one way you can discover new projects by tracking what other people are doing in real-time and get notified about them.

Link to the Track application:

Step 3

You can also look at projects that are trending like new projects that hit the chain, that starts saying a significant amount of activity and know about those as well, that’s another way to find NFT projects basically as soon as they launch.

I am going to show you the way to do that inside the application.

Track NFT transactions

As you can see in the image above, there are tons of transactions like millions of transactions. I will look at their website and see who else is getting in on this project that I wanted to do so right now based on this I can look at the other tools because we track significant actors in the space and see what are they doing and currently I don’t see that anybody from that segment is actually depositing, maybe this project would pass on for the time being.

I can also look at other trending projects and see that we have one where a significant number of people from our segments are interacting with it and I can see what token it is.


Most people are going about this the wrong way they’re spending all this time on Discord, they’re are spending all this time on Twitter and still can’t cut through the noise, that is why this article is very important.

Thank you for reading, kindly share with friends, thanks!

Notice: We put a lot of hard work and research before writing this article, if you must copy make sure you link back with a do-follow link.
You will be reported to DMCA and other relevant authorities if you copy this article and ignore to link back to the original source.

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Metafi Review – Don’t join until you read this!



Metafi Review

Is a scam or the best that will make you an absolute fortune, let’s jump in and find out.

You are wanting to know if Metafi Yielders is a safe safe place to put your money or not. Let me give you a little bit of background, for four years now I’ve been involved in investing with stock market with private companies, with cryptocurrencies and so on.


I’m not coming here from an affiliate perspective with Metafi Yielders. I’m coming here independently to give you some solid information that you can evaluate for yourself whether Metafi Yielders is a safe place to put your money.

If you are in a rush, jump through to the Red flag section using the table of content because I started with the soft warning flags first of all through to the seventh which is be a no-brainer for you to realize that Metafi Yielders is actually ponzi scheme and therefore a fraudulent scheme and the most likely scenario is that you are going to lose your entire money that you put into Metafi yielders.

What is Metafi Yielders?

Metafi Yielders is a cryptocurrency lending platform that you want to use to make money. Simply put, you deposit your cryptocurrency on the platform, choose a plan, and the company pays you a daily return of 1% to 3.3% on your investment.

Metafi Yielders website

“Profits Without Risk on the Crypto you Invest, stake, or transfer”.

“Investment team and a simple and secure platform to give you the most reliable returns on your investment.”

How does metafi Yielders work?

Metafi Yielders claim to pay investors from 1% to 3.3% every 30 business days. I claims to make you money by investing, staking and transferring, you are required to choose a plan and get started.

Metafi Yielders contact

Metafi Yielders provided the following contact details:

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Physical Office Address: 16 Jones Street, BLACKTOWN NSW 2148


Facebook group:

Discord group:

Telegram group:

Are these details true? Keep reading we will find out soonest.

Metafi Yielders Domain information

Metafi Yielders is registered on GoDaddy server, the domain was registered on the 16th of March, 2022 and it will expire on the 16th of March, 2027.

Metafi Yielders details

The details of the domain registrar were hidden by

Who is the owner of Metafi Yielders?

According to Metafi Yielders official youtube channel, the owner goes by the name Mr. Michael Daher. We will find out below.

7 Red flags of Metafi Yielders

Read this article carefully to educate yourself on how these scams work, I will run you through the seven warning signs (red flags) in Metafi Yielders that you should be aware of to keep your money safe.

Red flag 1

The first red flag we will look at is the video of the CEO below on an official Metafi Yielders Youtube video he stated at exactly 4:28 that Metafi Yielders has been working for 10 years.

Yet, their website was only registered on the 16th of March, 2022. This website is very new, either Michael is lying that they’ve not been doing it for 10 years or they decided that even with this incredible technology they wouldn’t bother registering a domain name until the 16th of March, 2022.

Red flag 2

Below is a youtube video where Mr. Michael is being interviewed and he explains that how many team members now have, again remember we’ve just seen that he said that they were going for 10 years and making potentially 3.3% per day on their yield farming, well if that is the case I guess you would expect to have quite a number of staff but let’s just see how many people they’ve got.

I’m shocked for real, did you just hear that? They are 7 people in the company including Mr. Michael.

Red flag 3

Look at where the actual hosting is located for the website, check the image below from

Where is Metafi Yielders located

We asked where Metafi Yielders is located and it’s actually in Belize City, now this isn’t a massive red flag but it is still a warning sign because Belize is one of those areas of the world where it’s very difficult if regulators want to step in close down a website, tax elites also go there all sorts of problems so Belize is a warning sign.

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Any company that is hosting in Belize, there are some pretty strong reasons to why they’ve chosen that location and usually those reasons would tend suggest that perharps they are operating illegally or outside the law and that’s why they want to remain difficult to close down when they host in a country like Belize.

Red flag 4

We’ve seen a lot of Videos from Mr. Michael The CEO or the self-proclaimed CEO and we’ve seen a long-term resident of Western Australia and yet they’ve chosen the company as 16 Jonesstreet blacktown, new southwales 2138.

That is the address on the official company website, if we do a simple google search on that website address we would see that this actually is a residential address not something you would expect. The image below is a bungalow Chalet type building not the sort of address you would expect for a legitimate corporate company that is going to be handling hundreds of millions of funds in cryptocurrency.

Metafi Yielders physical address

That address is nowhere near Perth Australia, it’s actually over in Sydney Australia and that gap between Perth and Sydney is huge and makes no logical sense whatsoever.

Red flag 5

Another red flag is that Metafi Yielders is already being promoted by people who are known to have promoted lots of scams in the past, you can make a search on youtube and see for yourself, look at these promoters past videos.

Red flag 6

Red flag number 6 is a major redflag, there are financial regulators around the world who are there to protect the consumers from scams, they’re not registered to be regulated with the SEC. We can tell from the traffic they’re receiving to their website. They’re are attracting huge American audience and anyone who is offering a financial investment scheme which would be securities in America, they are very strong.

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The CEO Michael openly admited that they don’t have any regulations and they wouldn’t get it either even though it is clearly an investment scheme. We can all see clearly that this is a ponzi scheme and nothing more than that.

Red flag 7

This is a logical red flag, the interest which Metafi Yielders offer does not stack up at all, let’s go to a compound calculator and actually run through some numbers, numbers which are realistic according to Metafi Yielders. Check the image below.

Compound calculation for Metafi Yielders

You can do this yourself by visiting and I’ve said we are going to start with an initial balance of 3.50. Now, that’s actually less tha you can put in with Metafi Yielders but I’ve chosen this number just to demonstrate the ludicrousy of what is going on here. So, if you could start with just 3.50 dollars and you have a daily interest rate of 3.3% you could compound that for 36 months that’s just 3 years and remember Metaphy had said they’ve been going on for 10 years now.

The compund calculation for 3.50 initial investment for 36 months is $257,297,352,437.72. That’s insane. This is actually the networth for the richest man on earth.


Protect your money from scammers like these at all cost, find legitimate platforms and processes where you can make perfect chance of good returns of your money.

Average Trust score


Average weighted score: 37%


Is Metafi Yielders legit?

Metafi Yielders is not a legitimate platform, stay away from this poor scam, you have to be very careful with it.

Is Metafi Yielders a scam?

Due to the obvious Red flags, we’ve exposed in Metafi Yielders, we have no option but to conclude that it is a scam, do not invest in it.

Thank you for reading our honest review on Metafi Yielders, If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them below in the comment section.

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Top finance niches for Blogging & YouTube



Top finance niches for Blogging & YouTube


If you want to be a successful blogger this year or in the coming years, then the personal finance niche is one of the finest options. Most of us desire to blogging after hearing about it but we have a hard time deciding on the niche for our site.

Finance niche google search trend

We’ve all been told that starting a financial blog is a good idea because there is more money to be made in this field, but there’s a lot of competition in this industry.

The purpose of this post is to break down the finance niche into numerous evergreen financial sub-niches that will help you succeed by lowering the competition.

What is personal finance niche?

First of all, let’s discuss what is the personal finance niche, What is the finance niche? Niche means topic and the meaning of finance means is the area where you get knowledgeable content to solve each query related to the finance field, it can be textual or video content.

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Check: Top Crypto Niches for Blogging & Youtube

Best finance niches to work on

Now, let’s know the best niches to work on, so here’s a list of 16+ personal finance niche ideas to get you started.

1. Financial planning

2. Personal finance for beginners niche

3. Budgeting

4. Reducing debt or getting out of debt

5. Savings as a student

6. Retirement

7. Creating a new stream of income

8. Money management

9. Banking advice

10. Startup Ideas

11. Financial tools and how to use them

12. Surviving bankruptcy

13. Working within a budget

14. Investing

15. Jobs

16. Trading


You may simply establish a blog based on these sub-niches and cover all the questions relevant to your chosen micro-niche to make money with a blog.

Thank you for reading this article, kindly share.

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