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How to build emergency funds even when you’re on a low-income earnings



How to build emergency funds even when you're on a low-income earnings

It can be difficult for low-income earners to try to raise emergency funds, but it is quite possible. In this modern age, you must never allow your income to be an obstacle between you and your emergency funds. 

There are several creative methods you can use to build these funds instantly. In today’s article, we share some important tips to help you save more money and build the emergency funding account you need. 

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Create a budget 

If you don’t have much money, the budget may seem much more intimidating than its value, but it helps to accumulate enough savings over time. Budgeting and following it can help you save money even with a small budget. It’s one of the most important parts. One of the benefits of the budget is that it helps you adjust as needed. This will help you build emergency funding. When you do, you need to be honest with yourself. 

Some areas where budget costs can be reduced are: 

  • Think better when you go to the nearest grocery store 
  • Reduce spending at restaurants and eateries 
  • Be careful about your shopping, strategically plan, spend more time on your budget and cut out unwanted items, and notice how you’ll definitely be rewarded for seeing a surge in the amount of emergency funding. 
  • Keep your housing and transportation costs low 
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Many housing and transportation costs are two major costs for people, with higher monthly and annual costs. According to the report, Africa has the highest transportation costs in the world and the lowest incomes require rethinking and limiting the speed of travel from one location to another. 

High resident housing costs can cause some problems and prevent you from focusing on building emergency funds. The solution to getting out of this is to cut the coat to match your outfit. Provide a shelter to build your funds based on your income. 

  • Starting small, regular contributions 

Contribution levels should start small in order to grow and grow over time. This allows you to easily streamline abandoned savings without wasting cash flow. 

Save regularly, daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly

You need to make this a habit, not a recurring struggle. 

  • Automating Savings 

The easiest way to save money is to not touch it. To automate your savings, you need to open another account just for emergency funding and choose a donation level that you can meet. Use a savings account or another type of account that is not easily accessible. 

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Emergency Funding is exactly what it says, for emergencies. 

  • Set economic dreams When it comes to savings, financial will is the most important factor

Think about what you’ll need in three to five years and break down your financial commitment into weekly or monthly plans. These dreams aren’t too complicated to achieve when checked from scratch. Then, with one saving habit at a time, you can pave the way for those desires. 

  • Promote items you don’t use now 

People are happy to find clothes and used items that look and function well these days. Now it can also be called a “pre-purchased” device. 

In fact, most people have enough clothes. Wash your closet for anything you don’t normally wear and get ready for the sale. It’s not difficult now. You can use your existing social media to spread the phrase, which will definitely generate some income. 

  • Living friendly life save (frugally) 

Spend money on paper before spending money in real life. Leaks need to be blocked very well in order to keep cash on a low win. 

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To avoid temptation, always make a list of everything you need, in addition to the rates specified. This will help you confirm at the time of purchase. Also, focus on buying what is absolutely important and avoid spending money right away. Ignoring needs can be harmful now, but if you plan and follow them, the higher days will come. 


Finally, being on a low income doesn’t give the excuse of not saving for unexpected situations. Prevention they say is very much better than cure. 

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Apps you need for your Whatsapp TV business



Apps you need for your Whatsapp TV business


WhatsApp Business/TV/Media creates value by entertaining or educating their audience through their WhatsApp status by regularly posting memes, relationship posts, marketing tips, and valuable videos and content gotten from the internet; recreated by them or content created solely by them.

This cannot be done by the mere WhatsApp application, rather it can only be done by some specific applications which are required to be downloaded and utilized by WhatsApp Businesses/Media/TVs.

These apps are necessary for content creation and information marketing. They are also used to add business tags to the content created.

Note: Always add your trademark or tag to all your content.

This article is explained under the following topics:

  • Why a WhatsApp business/TV needs some essential apps to function
  • Apps you need for your WhatsApp Business/TV/Media 

Why a WhatsApp business/TV needs some essential apps to function

These apps are needed to make their business strive, save time, money, energy and also and enhance creativity.

Apps you need for your WhatsApp Business/TV/Media

WhatsApp tool

This is an app that is available on google playstore. With this app, you can send messages to different contacts at the same time. You can send as many as 500 contacts messages at the same time and can also download status videos and images to your phone.

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WhatsApp bulk sender

You can use this app to save all group contacts and message all of them at the same time in a very short period of time and it does not take time.


This is an awesome app that helps to schedule whatsApp messages to your audience in groups and on status, acting like a virtual assistant and putting your communication on autopilot.

Whatsapp autoresponder

You can set auto-reply messages for your audience coming to make inquiries from you on WhatsApp. You can also teach in more than 20 WhatsApp groups at the same time using this app.

Google contact

With this app, you can organize your contacts using labels and these labels can be exported as excel, while you can import them to other social media WhatsApp messaging apps to use them to create bulk SMS contacts.

Google contacts help you save your contacts to Gmail so that if anything happens to your phone, you will not lose your audience contacts.


Is an android video editor app in which primary functions like trimming, cutting, adding themes, music, etc. can be easily performed, beautifying your video.


This is an image and video editing app suitable for WhatsApp businesses/TVs/Media. InShot has the following features:

  • Image editing
  • Video splitting
  • Video trimming
  • Merges video clips
  • Import photos and images
  • Applying various filter effects
  • Adds music or sound effects
  • Adds voice-over effects
  • Adds animations, stickers, or text to videos

How to use InShot:

  1. Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play. 
  2. Import and edit videos and images.
  3. Add sound effects, voice-over effects, or music to it.
  4. Add text to your edited image or video.
  5. Add custom animations and stickers to your videos.
  6. Choose a suitable video resolution (480p, 720p, or even 1080p).
  7. Save and share on social media channels.
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This is a photo and video editor app basically for graphic designs, where you can design social media posts, videos, flyers, photo collages, etc. and this app has a lot of professional templates to help you edit your photos.

Steps on how to use canva

  • Create an account on
  • Select the design type of your choice or choose your design custom size.
  • Design from scratch or choose a design template.
  • Edit the design.
  • Download your design when you are done.


This is one of the best video editing apps that enables the drag-n-drop technique in order to import different media files with ease. KineMaster provides certain levels of control when editing to create quality videos. Different transitions can be added in between video fragments, or insert blocks of text or subtitles.

KineMaster has the following features:

  • Several video layers, stickers, text, and images.
  • Keyframe animation tool to add motion to layers.
  • Voiceovers, voice changers, sound effects, and background music.
  • Create beautiful effects with a blending mode.


This is an advanced photo editing application designed to be operated via touch first, offering a near-desktop experience in terms of editing.

Snapseed features include:

  • Enhance structure and sharpening.
  • Advanced color curves.
  • Advanced white balance controls.
  • Crop and rotation with guides.
  • Perspective changes.
  • Expanding feature.
  • Brush and selective edits.
  • Healing feature.
  • Double exposure feature.
  • Text support feature.
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How to use Snapseed:

  • Download the Snapseed app and open it on your device.
  • Open Snapseed and give the app permission to access your photos.
  • Tap the plus (+) sign to open your photo library within the Snapseed app.
  • Scroll through your photos and choose one to edit. The photo will open on your screen with an editing menu below.

Sticker maker

Sticker maker is an app needed for WhatsApp TVs in order to create and send personalized stickers on WhatsApp. 


This app crops and shortens images to fit your social media profiles and also supports manual adjustment of size and rotation while uploading or sending it on WhatsApp. 

The WhatsCrop app automatically adjusts the image size to be the maximum size without losing any part.


Direct chat app allows users to create chat heads for any app or messenger, providing users with a convenient conversation experience without interrupting their current tasks on their devices.


WtsAppy is the essential Android app needed for WhatsApp users who like to save time and dive into WhatsApp chat without saving a number to the contacts.

Go to call logs and select an unsaved number, then click on share “Share to WtsAppy” to start chatting with any unsaved number directly from call logs or directly copy/paste the number into WtsAppy App.


In order to run a successful WhatsApp business/media, the apps listed above are important to have in order to be able to leverage the business, giving your audience the appropriate and required values.

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Secrets to how to reduce your debt – even in this down economy



Secrets to how to reduce your debt - even in this down economy

Have you ever heard the saying, “I’d rather go to bed hungry than wake up in debt”? 

Add nothing if you’re looking forward to reducing your debt. Debt is a core problem that many of us have faced since becoming an adult. If you don’t do anything to get out of debt, you’ll be in debt for the rest of your life and it could end badly. 

A debt is money that one person owes another. 

To reduce your debt and get rid of it faster, do the following: 

– Get an Emergency fund 

They are the funds allocated for the settlement of unexpected expenses and events that may occur in life’s journey. Emergencies can be medical bills, car damage, unemployment, etc. 

Having an emergency fund gives you a safety net to get you out of massive debt. All you need is three to six months off to do your savings. Alternatively, you can increase the amount based on your income and earnings. It took time to acquire the debt you owed, and it will take time to repay it. So make those sacrifices today and get rid of that debt. 

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– Look for opportunities to earn extra cash 

From offline jobs to online jobs, there are many opportunities that most people are unaware of due to lack of information. You can improve your skills by taking in-demand online courses like digital marketing, data analysis, social media management, or becoming a freelance writer. Find out what you can learn and get the knowledge you need or get an offline job that could pay you from time to time. 

Many companies and industries are looking for good professionals in various fields and when you are armed with the technical know-how, you can get out of debt in no time. 

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– Create a budget tracking 

Tracking your budget helps you see how you divide your expenses into sections and how you manage your funds. Plan your budget for the day, week, month, or even year. 

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With detailed budgets created, you know exactly how much you’re spending, your variable costs, and your fixed costs per hour. 

Once you have a budget, stick to it. 

– Stop accumulating debt

 The first step to getting out of the debt trap is to stop accumulating more debt. There are several ways to stop the accumulation of debt. It’s about avoiding unnecessary spending, going to the grocery store at all times, buying in bulk when you don’t need it, and being online all day long. This is counterproductive. 

You can start living debt-free today by staying away from things that can get you into debt. 

– Stop credit card spending 

If your spending is excessive and extravagant due to your credit card, ban it from your account immediately. To do this, you need to instill discipline so that you won’t regret it later. 

– A change in mindset about expenses 

As individuals looking for ways to get rid of hung debts, refine yourself and buy only what you need until all debts are paid off and promise not to buy anything that isn’t of necessity to you. 

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Needs are your essential requirements and necessities in your life journey, and Wants are your desires, but it is more likely that you can actually live without them. So will you keep the promises you made now? 

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-Living under your means 

According to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s 50:30:20 rule, 50% to meet your needs, 30% your desires, and finally 20% will meet your savings and investments which sums to 100%. 

Living below your average will help you not spend more than you earned and thus will help you cover more expenses and basic needs, thereby getting out of more debt and eliminating the possibility of incurring. 

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Don’t be a fast-borrowing, slow-paying person. Remember that debt is like a child. The smaller the debt, the louder the noise.

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What they don’t teach you in business schools: Kickstarting your career right



What they don't teach you in business schools


You’ve graduated — now what? Business is such a broad topic that you’re not entirely sure what path to pursue, what’s your ideal job, or if you’re going to be able to live up to society’s expectations. Eventually, you find yourself fine-tuning your CV, applying to several positions, and taking your first interviews.

You get plenty of “nos”, you have emotional ups and downs, you learn to deal with rejection, move on to the next interviews and finally get your first job offer. Now it gets real—how can you maximize your odds of success?

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Kickstarting your career right

Forget about salary, there are 3 things that really matter in your first 5 working years. Do this right and build the foundation for a successful career.

1. Specialize in a function or a sector, depending on your ambitions. 

Coming out of a business school, it’s fairly easy to fall under the “generalist” umbrella and do a bit of everything. In fact, should you aim to become an entrepreneur, grow your business, and aspire to high management positions, it’s great to be knowledgeable about many things. However, for the common mortal, being a generalist can be a very dangerous trap.

Specializing in the right function will help to increase your market value. Become an expert in a field that has enough market demand and won’t become obsolete any time soon (i.e. not easily automated with technology). Your employer will have more trouble replacing you and other employers will chase you.

It will cost your employer more to find and coach talent for that function than to increase your salary. Keep an eye on other job openings for the same function and level of experience, know your market value, and leverage good personal momentums to negotiate better conditions.

Cross-sector employers whose experts have left will need to find a skilled and experienced workforce to keep up with the quality standards they’re used to. This is particularly true in functions related to critical business processes. They know the cost of finding and coaching talent from scratch and they won’t be shy to offer attractive packages to experienced externals who can bring fresh ideas from other organizations.

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In a nutshell, specializing in a function will enable you to increase your market value and your bargaining power with your existing and external (cross-sector!) employers.

Specializing in a sector can be highly valuable as well. However, this might take longer to be monetized and might not be the best move in the beginning of your career. It depends on your ambitions. Let’s look at the pros and cons.


If you’re in a business development position this can be extremely fruitful. Why? You will develop a valuable network of contacts from customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues that can help you make different moves within the sector — to competitors, suppliers, or other players within the ecosystem (in the internal market, or even abroad).

If you’re in a marketing position, you will understand very well the market, the personas that buy this type of products and services, what ticks them, how to please them, how to acquire them as customers, retain them, as well as up-and, cross-sell them. This can be very valuable.

If you’re in a strategic position, you will have a very good helicopter view of market trends, challenges, opportunities, barriers, competition, and positioning. You will know what has worked/hasn’t worked when launching new products and services, when tapping into new markets, when creating new departments, teams, etc. You will have many learnings, and a personal view on several topics, and your experience will be highly valued by management teams in the sector – especially if you’ve done this type of work for different companies.

If the sector is not in a good shape, not growing, or even getting obsolete, your experience won’t be as valuable when you decide to move to different sectors. In those cases, it’s useful to be very good at a function.

If you don’t aspire to management positions, it might be a waste of time to become an expert in a given sector, as those positions are usually where you can more easily monetize your experience. Unless you’re very good in a function within a given sector. In that case, particularly if that function is technical, the odds are that your profile is scarce and your salary is high. However, you might be stuck to that company and that function for a long time (depending on your contractual non-compete clauses). It really depends on your ambitions.

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Your network and expertise might become constrained to a given sector, making your decision to move somewhere else more difficult. But that’s the sunk cost trap — don’t fall for that. If your sector is in decline, better move on to healthier sectors, even if that means starting from scratch.

2. Build and nurture a strong network.

Never underestimate the power of a strong network. Why? Networks are valuable sources of knowledge that you can always learn from, their career moves might inspire your future career moves, also they need trustworthy and loyal people to work in their teams (you!).

They might become your future customers, partners, or suppliers, they can connect you with someone you need to connect with. Never take your network for granted.

Know who you can really count on during tough times, don’t take the lack of answers personally, everyone is busy. Be patient and give your network compelling reasons to answer you back.

Give content to your network. Give them good reasons to think about you. Be proactive in contacting them (without asking them for favors but rather providing them with information that might be relevant for them).

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3. Control what you can control.

During the first 5 years, your career path will start to unfold, you will learn a lot on the job, and there will be many uncertainties as well as things you won’t be able to control — a boss you don’t like, a boring project, lazy team mates, unfair lack of promotions, you name it. However, there are 3 things you can control that will massively improve your odds of success in any organization.

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A) How engaged you are

Always be proactive and understand the bigger picture when performing your projects and tasks.

Be curious, ask questions and show interest in company-wide initiatives, the work of your colleagues, the overarching company goals, etc. Offer help to your colleagues and take initiative in leading different projects. Take notes, listen, and contribute timely with your ideas.

B) How open you are

Be approachable, show receptiveness to feedback and give constructive feedback to your peers — pick the right words, know what style to apply to each person, and you shall earn their respect.

Be respectful but straightforward. Say what you’ve got to say. Don’t be just a Yes Man. Challenge the status quo but don’t be just a negative person — bring solutions.

Sharing is caring. Share your learnings, your thoughts, your ideas. Help your peers. Embrace collaboration.

Be open to new challenges, new initiatives, and new lines of thought. Understand that the world is changing and you also need to change with it. Be adaptive, resilient and you shall survive.

C) How educated you are

Seek knowledge 24/7. Learn from your colleagues, your boss, and your company’s leaders.

“Google it,” read newspapers, magazines, and articles. Listen to podcasts. Read books. Write your own notes. Never settle for average.

Share your knowledge with your peers and leverage it to contribute with new ideas in brainstorming sessions and workshops.

Have your business on top of your mind when learning new things. Think creatively — how can those learnings apply to your company? Think outside of the box.

To sum it up, kickstarting a career will rarely be smooth and it’s an ongoing learning process. However, I’ve learned that the above-mentioned 3 points can substantially maximize your odds of success. Keep those in mind and the rest will come naturally.

Specialize in function or a sector.

Build and nurture a strong network.

Control what you can control — be engaged, open, and educated.

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