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9 deadly Crypto scams in 2022



9 deadly Crypto scams in 2022

The year 2021 was entirely dominated by cryptocurrency and millions of people change their fate by earning millions of dollars overnight. It was the year that bitcoin had an all-time high of more than $68000.

More than 46,000 people have lost over $1 billion because of crypto scams since 2021 according to reports by CNBC.

It seems like the world of blockchain is not safe as it promised. The number of crypto users is expected to exceed one billion at the end of 2022. This means that cryptocurrency has caught the eyes of investors worldwide.

But on the flip side, it has caught the eyes of scammers because wherever money flows, so do scams.

We will talk about the following below:

  • What is a cryptocurrency scam?
  • 9 deadly crypto scams in 2022
  • Fake telegram group/channel scam
  • Fake admin telegram scam
  • Signal group scam
  • Phishing scam
  • Sextortion email scam
  • Airdrop scam
  • Fake investment scams
  • Romance scam
  • Social media giveaway scams
  • How to identify crypto scams (Red flags)

Table of Contents

What is a cryptocurrency scam?

A cryptocurrency scam is like any other financial scam where scammers trick people into paying them cryptocurrencies or disclosing key information related to crypto users’ digital wallets, which allows them to hack into people’s accounts to steal their cryptocurrencies.

9 deadly crypto scams in 2022

Fake telegram group/channel scam

Scammers look for crypto influencers on youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and even on cryptocurrency blogs, then they create a telegram channel with the influencer’s name, buy lots of subscribers to make it look real or legitimate, and even post the same content from the real influencer handle. Later they will start dropping investments on the group/channel which is the same as Ponzi schemes. If you message these guys and send them money, you will be scammed.

To avoid this, do not go on telegram and type the name of the influencer. Remember to report such groups/channels for it to be blocked.

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Fake Admin Telegram scam

If you are in a telegram group and you receive a private message from an admin who probably answered a question you might have asked in the group and offered to help you with some setting/setup and request for your password, private key, or a juicy investment, then request for money, know that the person is not an admin but a scammer.

Note: An admin will never contact you first.

Make sure that you are on the official channel and that any admin or anyone that contacts you first is a RED ALERT.

Crypto signal group scam

Crypto signal is a group where signals are dropped for crypto traders and most of these free groups are where people get scammed easily.

The most interesting thing about this scam is that you might not even realize that you have been scammed. 

Most of these signal groups work this way:

They will have a few free signal groups and a premium group/channel, they will post a few signals in the free group and you might not even get value from these free signals that they are posting. They will constantly bombard the group with mouth-watering results from the premium channels and encourage you to join. The subscription for the premium channel can be high as $250 a month; you will be added to the group once you pay and you will receive a lot of signals and you might not make money from any of these signals. You would have been scammed without realizing it because the scammers might have a disclaimer that “There are no guarantees”.

Real signal groups are bent on getting results while the fake signal group is interested in your monthly subscription whether you are making profits or not.

Phishing scams

Phishing is one of the most widespread scams practiced in the cryptocurrency industry and this type of fraud is not unique to virtual currencies. It means tricking the victims into revealing sensitive details like passwords, keys, and some other information.

Key refers to the private key required to access any safe cryptocurrency wallet. It functions in the same way as a password because it is the only thing that grants you unrestricted access to your financial resources. 

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In phishing scams, scammers usually send emails that carry links to malicious websites where they ask you to fill out some personal crypto details like your password or wallet key, which gives them access to your wallet. Once the details are entered, your cryptocurrencies are gone in a blink of an eye.

According to FBI, more than 114,700 people fell victim to phishing scams in 2021, losing $57.8 million. 

Users refrain from clicking on any random link that they come across on twitter. Users should double-check the Twitter handle or the discord ID referring to another walmare platform for walmare communication. Make sure that any link you click on twitter comes from verified accounts.

Sextortion email scam:

This scam usually begins with an email containing digital footage or images of the victim using their webcam, screenshots of their computer screen, and other pictures and information that could compromise their safety.

Scammers deceive their victims by making them to believe that the victims are the owners of the photos and recordings in question, after which they threaten to send copies of them to the victim’s friends, family members, and employers as well as begin sharing them on varieties of social media platforms.

When confronted with a deadline of only 48 hours to pay the blackmail or risk being exposed, many victims are unwilling to take the risk or refuse demands from such scammers. Such scammers will deceive and take all money from your wallet.

Airdrop scam

Tokens will be dropped into your digital wallet as a reward for completing certain tasks using a specific platform or a piece of software when you participate in an airdrop.

The scam is carried out as follows:

An entity will airdrop you a token that appears to have value and when you exchange that airdrop for another well-known token, you give a protocol more permission than you realize. The scam works like this and this grant the hacker access to all of the stored assets in your wallets.

Fake investment scam

Out of nowhere, a hot-shot investment manager will call you, promising some serious profits if you invest in their crypto investment. To win over your trust, they might also claim to have helped many investors make millions of dollars by investing in cryptocurrency. They may ask for an upfront fee or your personal details claiming to use that for transferring or depositing funds. But actually, they use these details to gain access to your wallet and steal all your coins.

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Romance scam

Sometimes online dating strictly confined to long-distance relationships can be a bit of scam. Adding cryptocurrency to it, the chances of being scammed just reach a higher level.

In a romance scam, scammers typically use online dating apps to gain trust over their partners and once the trust is established, the conversation suddenly shifts to lucrative cryptocurrency investment opportunities, at the end scammers lure their partners into transferring some cryptocurrencies to them.

The dangerous thing about romance scams is that scammers can steal tons of cryptocurrencies from you for a very long time before you realize it.

Social media giveaway scams

These are scams where scammers use social media posts to promise cryptocurrency giveaway by multiplying crypto investments quickly.

Scammers usually hack celebrity accounts or pose themselves as celebrities, business people or cryptocurrency influencers.

However, once you click on the giveaway offer, you will be directed to a website asking you to make payments as part of your account verification process.

According to some reports before March 2021, Elon musk’s impersonators stole close to $2 million from investors as part of giveaway scams.

How to identify crypto scams (Red flags)

  • Remember cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and any scheme that promises guaranteed return is probably a scam.
  • Any scheme or offer that promises free money is potentially a scam.
  • Do not trust someone who promises you big claims without letting you in on the details of the investment.
  • Before putting your money in an investment scheme, make sure you search all the details of the company and its customer reviews online by using “scam” and “review” after the company’s name.

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How much do cryptocurrency bloggers earn?



How much do cryptocurrency bloggers earn?

If you are curious about a way to make cash as a cryptocurrency blogger, you are in the right place.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the diverse approaches by which you could earn an income through your writing.

We’ll begin by outlining the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and running a blog, after which we’ll circulate directly the diverse ways that you could monetize your content material. We’ll additionally offer a few suggestions for developing your target audience and creating top-quality content. So, if you are geared up to begin creating wealth as a cryptocurrency blogger, read ahead!

Table of Contents

What are cryptocurrency bloggers?

Not sure who the cryptocurrency bloggers are? They’re the people who write approximately about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all matters cryptocurrency.

They may be specialists within the area or simply beginning out; however, one issue is certain: they may be obsessed with the topic. And as the recognition of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, so does the demand for nice content. 

So if you are contemplating beginning a cryptocurrency blog, you could guess that there may be lots of possibilities to make cash. 

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How cryptocurrency blogs make money

Cryptocurrency bloggers can doubtlessly earn a number of dollars, depending on their level of information and the quantity of time they’re inclined to spend making money on their blog. For example, a few bloggers have mentioned earning up to $10,000 per month from their blogs. This is an outstanding figure, and it’s easily achievable with determination and hard work. However, it’s crucial to understand that this isn’t always the norm, and most cryptocurrency bloggers will now no longer make this form of cash.

The additional amount of cash a cryptocurrency blogger could make depends on the type of content they produce. For example, a few bloggers may be aware of the importance of supplying academic content, including tutorials and guides, at the same time as others may be aware of the importance of supplying information and analysis. 

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Educational content has a tendency to be more lucrative, as it may be offered at a better rate than information and analysis. Additionally, a few bloggers provide consulting offerings or create services associated with cryptocurrency, including buying and selling bots or software program tools, which can also be very profitable.

Who are the top earners within the field of cryptocurrency blogging?

So, you need to recognize how much cash you could make as a cryptocurrency blogger.

Well, it genuinely depends on who you ask. There are a few bloggers who’re creating a fortune, while others are nevertheless simply scraping by. But as a general rule, the more famous and well-respected your blog is, the more money you could assume to make.

There are some pinnacle earners within the area who are really worth mentioning. For example, David Genix from, John Biggs from TechCrunch is a writer, consultant, programmer, and former East Coast Editor. He writes especially about technology, cryptocurrency, security, gadgets, gear, wristwatches, and the internet. He is expected to have made over $500,000 from his blog in 2017. And David Seaman, who became a visitor at the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast as soon as it launched, has mentioned incomes over $100,000 in an unmarried month on his blog.

Obviously, those numbers depend on your visitors and how engaged your target market is. But if you are trying to make cash as a cryptocurrency blogger, those are the people you want to be following.

How much can a cryptocurrency blogger expect to earn?

You are probably wondering how much you might earn as a cryptocurrency blogger.

Unfortunately, there may be no clean solution to this query because it relies on a number of factors. For example, how famous your blog is, how regularly you post, and what kind of content you write will all have an effect on your earnings.

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If you need to maximize your earnings, I suggest posting often and writing engaging, beneficial content as a way to appeal to readers. You also need to recall accepting donations or promoting services in your blog.

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What skills and expertise help with earning From a cryptocurrency blog?

You are probably wondering what capabilities and know-how assist with generating income from a cryptocurrency blog.

The most critical talent is manifest expertise in the cryptocurrency marketplace. This may be hard because the marketplace is continually changing; however, if you’re updated on state-of-the-art information and trends, you will be in an excellent position to provide insights and predictions that your readers will find valuable.

In addition to expertise in the marketplace, it is also critical to know how to write well. This approach is capable of expressing your thoughts truly and concisely. You do not want to be an expert writer, but being capable of expressing your thoughts in a manner that is easy for others to understand is critical.

Factors that affect cryptocurrency blog earnings

In addition to the type of content material you produce, there are numerous other elements that can have an effect on your earnings. For example, the scale of your target market is a critical factor. The larger the target market, the more potential there may be for making a living via marketing and promoting products. Additionally, the quality of the content material is likewise critical. If the content material is well-researched and engaging, it’ll entice extra readers and doubtless extra profits.

Finally, the quantity of time you’re inclined to put into your blog is likewise a chief factor. The more time you spend growing content material and selling your blog, the more likely you are to earn cash from it. Additionally, having excellent expertise in SEO (search engine optimization) allows you to grow your visibility and reach a bigger target market.

Finally, it allows for a few simple Internet improvement capabilities. This can be available on hand in relation to putting in place and dealing with your blog. Knowing how to code isn’t always necessary, but it may surely be a precious asset.

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How to build a successful cryptocurrency blog

Building a hit cryptocurrency blog takes a number of years, but it may be pretty profitable both financially and emotionally. First and foremost, you want to be a professional at the topic. You have to have an organization’s expertise in the way the generation works, in addition to the state-of-the-art information and trends within the space.

Second, you want to be an excellent writer. This is critical for any sort of blog, but it is particularly critical in the cryptocurrency world due to the fact that there is a lot of complicated jargon. You want a good way to give an explanation for complicated standards in simple English (or whatever your blog’s language is).

Third, you want to be energetic on social media. This is how you will acquire new readers and develop your target market. 

Last, but not least, you want to be patient. It takes time to construct a hit blog. But if you keep at it and roll out first-class content on a regular basis, in the end, people will become aware, and you will begin seeing results.


So, in case you’re contemplating beginning a cryptocurrency blog or are already in the process of doing so, it is critical to understand what you may doubtless earn from it. The correct information is that there is the ability to earn a lot, but the amount you are making will depend upon some elements, including your blog’s reach, the quality of your content, and how you are capable of monetizing your blog.

At the end of the day, cryptocurrency blogging is an excellent way to make a few extra dollars and will even grow to be a full-time profession if you’re capable of constructing a huge and consistent following. Just ensure you put in the tough work and convey tremendous content, and you also have to be to your manner to earn an excellent profit out of your blog.

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5 skills needed to become Blockchain Developers



If you are looking to be successful in the role of a blockchain developer then skills which spans from cryptography to smart contract and then web development must be taken into consideration. 

With Blockchain grabbing the attention of the whole world, there is a rise in the software development known as the Blockchain development and this is becoming a piece to chew on and so many people have become independent through acquiring the necessary skills to make some earnings as a developer and you can also be one. 

Before we delve into the skills, there are some concepts that need to be addressed:

Table of Contents

What is Blockchain? 

Blockchain can be defined as a chain of blocks containing data. They are immutable records of data that are not owned by a single entity but it uses the basics of cryptography for its verification and through computers across a network. The block data after being added to the chain cannot be reversed and this ensures the security of the blockchain process. 

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Watch the video below to learn more:

Who is a Blockchain Developer? 

A blockchain developer is one who understands the fundamentals and the basics of the decentralized blockchain system ranging from the Blockchain architectural designs and technology to knowing how to fully implement these systems. As a developer, you must proficient in the programming languages needed to build these blockchain components and with a skill engulfing smart contracts. 

5 skills needed to become Blockchain Developers

Here are some top skills that will be required to become a Blockchain developer in order to get hired:

1. The Blockchain Development Theory 

With the cutting-edge technology of blockchain, a developer must be equipped with an outstanding knowledge of what exactly is the theory of blockchains. To become a Blockchain developer then you must have knowledge about blockchain and its terminologies at the tip of your finger always ready to blast them out like a furnace and this knowledge is a must-have as this is the first part of the journey. 

This theory covers sections from smart contracts, nodes, wallets and miners. Don’t be perplexed about these terms a little journey to enrolling for a blockchain course can scale you through easily to landing all these terms on a platter of gold. 

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2. Programming 

Getting knowledge about programming will put you ahead of other blockchain developers. programming languages such as Solidity which is a programming language that was made for writing smart contracts and which runs on the EVM also known as Ethereum Virtual Machine to Viper, Golang, C# which is similar to Java and C++, to Java and simplicity. All these programming languages are necessary to increase your tentacles of knowledge and to make you one of the best. 

3. Smart Contract 

Smart contracts are collections of codes and data that saves in a given address that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. To become a blockchain developer, you must acquire the know-how of smart contracts, its importance and applications, and also the programming languages which are necessary to execute its actions such as Solidity and Viper. 

4. Data Structures 

With an in-depth study of the Blockchain network, a blockchain developer should be equipped with an understanding of the Blockchain data as this is one of the core aspects of the network. Recall that this whole platform of the Blockchain network is built using data structures and as such this is inevitable because it will help you further understand the domain of the entire blockchain network. 

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5. Cryptography 

Looking to keep the network secured? This is a must-do. Cryptography is an integral component of the Blockchain network. It helps to protect sensitive information, wallets and ensure that the content embedded in these safe sections are only accessible to the owner. Cryptography helps to prevent access of unauthorized individuals to a particular data in the Blockchain Technology, A smart move and a must-have skill as a blockchain developer. 

 With the last piece on this content, Web development is also not a term to be thrown out of the list. Understanding the technology of web designs and web applications and what it takes to optimize and secure them must be taken into consideration for a blockchain developer. 

You can take a step forward today and start a career on the most highly-sort skill today; the Blockchain development. 

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Free guide on how to create NFT and sell them on opensea.



Create NFT for free.

I am going to show you step by step how to create and sell an NFT for free on opensea using the polygon network. So let’s not waste anymore time and get started.

Connecting your Metamask to

first, what you have to do is to head over to Now, you have to connect your crypto wallet to to do so, click on the icon on the top right corner of the page and choose the wallet that you are using from the list, if you don’t already have a wallet, you can create one easily with meta mask. If you want to know how to create a meta mask wallet, watch the video below to learn how to create one.

Now, you have successfully connected your crypto wallet to, the next step is to create your NFT. To do so click on the create icon right there. Now you will be taken to the create new item page where you have to add the file that you want to convert to an NFT and fill up all the details about your NFT.

Now, click on the image and upload the image that you want to convert into an NFT, make sure that the file does not exceed the max size of 100 MB. If you haven’t designed an NFT yet, don’t worry, watch how to create an NFT very easily using canva on the video below.

Now give a name to your NFT, it can be anything you like, for example; ‘crypto punks’ or ‘bore-days’. After giving a name to your NFT, you can add an external link to the official website of the NFT, collection or any other page that you want. It is optional, you can do it if you want. Enter a brief description of your NFT project in the box provided and head over to the next box. You can add the NFT to an NFT Collection if you want. If you want to create a new collection and add the NFT project to it. I will explain in the course of this blog, so keep reading till the end. Now you can add different properties to your NFT, these are the textual traits that show up as rectangles under the description of your NFT project.

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These properties determine the rarity of your NFT, the value of the NFT increases if it is rare. So just add a few properties to your NFT. By clicking on the ‘add’ button and adding as much as you want. Now you can add levels which are the numerical traits that show us a progress bar and stats which are the numerical traits that just show us numbers to your NFT project by clicking on the plus icon to the right of them and entering the properties. Now we have the option to include any unblockable content in our project. Unblockable content can only be revealed by the owner of this NFT. You can include this option if you want to stand out from other NFT projects, you can add anything under the ‘unblockable content’ tab for example, you can add a link to download some kind of a file or you can add your email address so that the buyer can email you and you can send the physical copy of the NFT to their address.

How to create and sell NFT

Now we have explicit and sensitive content. You can turn this on If your content is explicit or sensitive. Now you can see the supply of your NFT, it is already set to one, leave it like that. We have the option to select a Blockchain to mint our NFT, this is the most important part of this writeup. If you want to meet your NFT for free without any gas fees, then you should select the polygon Blockchain from the options, you can also go with Etherium But the problem is its high gas fees.

Now below the ‘Blockchain’ tab you can see an option to freeze your metadata. You can choose to freeze the metadata after minting your NFT, if you freeze your metadata, you won’t be able to change the details of this NFT later, it will be locked and stored in a decentralized file storage.

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Once you have added all the required details about your NFT you can now click on the ‘create’ button. Now will mint your NFT onto the polygon Blockchain for free. You can see that you’re NFT has been created and you can share it with anyone you want. This is how you can mint any NFT to the polygon Blockchain using If you close the tab you can see what your project will look like when someone checks it out, you can edit it if you want by clicking on the ‘edit’ button and you can also sell it by clicking on the ‘sell’ button.

How to create an NFT collection

I will show you how to create an NFT collection and add the NFT that you have just created to it, to do so hover your mouse pointer around the profile icon and click on ‘my Collections’. You will be taken to ‘My Collection’ page. Now click on this icon that says ‘Create a Collection’ and then upload a logo for your NFT collection, then you can add a featured image and a banner image for your collection if you want.

Now give a name to your collection, then you can customize the URL of your NFT collection. From here, you can add the name of your collection at the end of the URL. Now you can add a description for your collection, it will make it look more professional if you want you can add your collection to a category. Now you can add links to your website and social media accounts.

I recommend you do that as it makes your collection look more professional. Now we have the creator earnings which is a fee collected when someone resells your NFT, this will be paid monthly to a payout address of our choosing. You can enter how much you want to get as a fee every month over here. Now you can paste the address of the wallet that you want to get paid in every month. Now you can choose the Blockchain to which you would like new items to be added by default.

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You can also choose the currency that can be used to buy and sell the items in this collection. You can change the display theme if you want. Check the midde box, If your collection contains any explicit content, now click on create and like that you have created a new NFT Collection.

To add the NFT that you created earlier to your collection, go to your profile by clicking over the ‘Profile’ icon. Now, open the NFT that you want to add to the collection, click on the edit icon on the top right corner, scroll down to the collection section right there and choose the collection that you just created from the list.

Now scroll down and click on, submit changes like that You can add any NFT to a collection that you created.

How to list the NFT for sale

Now I will show you how to list the NFT that you have just created for sale without paying any gas fees. To do so, click on the sell icon on the top right corner of the page. Now you can enter the price for which you want to list your NFT For sale. You can select the duration of the listing then click on the complete listing button right there. Now you will have to sign the message using your meta mask wallet and after doing that your NFT will be listed for sale.

You can see all the details about the listing by scrolling through the page, you can also cancel the listing if you want by clicking on the ‘cancel listing’ icon.

If you enjoyed this writeup, make sure to leave a comment below, and if you want more of these writeups, make sure to subscribe to our email notifications to get notified, whenever I make a new writeup.

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